II Power Massing: Bug Zones

There is much to do. The ground state provides a current baseline. If you are aware of the surroudings, you have noticed a shift – your sense of place has either resonated or evaporated. You either have to get out of Dodge or settle down for the long run. Diaspora is coming.

The cult of personality has taken hold of the US population. I can see how the media focus on people rather than ideas has individuals thinking about trivia. The nonsense spewed forth requires an extremely sharp knife to cut through the bullshit, piled higher and deeper by folks with ‘earned degrees’.

Remove the current and you stop the flow. The order of persons requires chaos as a foil. Theory is something different than practice – neither is actually what you do when you do what you do. The flow of things in the moment when action is taking place is what life is about.

I have a problem with how the media has sounded off recently. The idea of people versus people is encouraged and the idea of people getting together uniformly and all teaming up to cause change is complete and utter nonsense. Anyone who says we all have to do anything is trying to steal your time and effort in their behalf. You have to do what you do.

But now the loyal opposition is not respecting the ability of the people to make their own decisions about what we discern. We are allowed to offer our points of view and by having enought POVs, we gain perspective. One POV is not perspective – truth is what truth is. Truth rings true like the peel of a bell.

So, if I am alone in my truth, or others share my perspective, doesn’t really matter in the absolute – the truth is there to take or leave. If you leave the truth, you get yourself into a morass of deceit, where you have to remember what you said to whom, to keep the story straight. Or you can lie to yourself.

What i believe falls into different categories, depending upon my knowledge of the area of interest. I would like to share an observation that seems to limit the discourse of conversation. The media has created buzzwords, that instantly take people’s mind away from alternative definitions of the word used. The left and the right have both parsed the meaning of language, that they can speak the same words with opposite meaning to their clientele.

This means that nobody groks each other any longer. I would explain to get you to understand, but really – when you under stand something that somebody tells you, they take it as tacit agreement. This is bad and wrong and insane – yet it happens in virtually every conversation of relevance.

People hear what they wish to hear, based on selective listening. They hear what you say up to the point where you use the buzzword, then they shut down their mind and think about what they are going to say when i stop talking. The under standing is that i agree with their point of view and my one statement, out of context, is used as a jumping point off from logic.

Logic, and reason, are both superfluous in current america. Everybody needs to join together en masse by refusing to join together en masse. Your leader is you. If you cede your leadership to somebody else, are you then playing omega to an alpha?

Leadership is a learned skill. People who are natural leaders shine in their own light. When you find a person who can lead you in an area, you need to have their back and make certain that you have a channel to express your valid opinions. Your leader needs these, because they have to weigh the decisions from all input sources. You help them weigh.

The leader needs you to be you, honest, forthright and mostly present in the moment. The next phase is skill transfer – but we are not there yet. If you need to learn a skill, what skill would you like to have. Your personal toolbox of skills are things where you can then say,’ been there, done that’.

Experience is collected by doing the work. Your mind goes where your attention is, and learning requires watching and observing and repeating and watching and observing and repeating and watching and observing and repeating and watching …

Back in 2001, we began Redile. Redile stands for research directed learning. We rounded up local rural high school freshmen and sophomores by inviting them to the local zoo for a saturday morning course in entymology. Bug Zone. We got a grant from the BLM to hire a consultant for five weeks of four hour presentations – showing pictures and giving descriptions and accounts.

We learned about Mayflies, and Stoneflies and Caddis flies and benthic ecology. Our conduits were the docents – retired adults that had an interest in being with kids. My friends, like Claude and Neal, Donna, Bob and Jim. We took the protocol for collection, purchased nets and buckets and waders, and went into the streams.

Nancy was the driving force, the BLM biologist who wanted to collect bug data. People today like to rag on federal employees – the government in the trenches in a non political system. When there is work to be done, somebody who can follow the protocol has to collect data. Bug data is extensive, using ARIMS protocols.

We started with 23 kids, 13 finished the five week class and 9 went out with Nancy on at least one volunteer collection day. I went on five. The kids submitted a sample of their work (oh – i didn’t mention , collecting was only half the game – collecting the bugs out of the sample – with tweezers and microscopes for identification and counting was the other half). They scored an 83%.

One of the more awesome kids said to me -‘i thought we did better than that’. We recounted one of the samples and contested the Arims report – which had some obvious mistakes that the kids found. The recalculation gave the kids a 92% score. Seven of these kids continued public service to agencies through high school and received college scholarships. The other four weren’t interested. Marvin, our token senior, just wanted to learn to tie better flies for fishing. He even had his own waders.

A rural/urban partnership is required to give peace a chance. Thyme to bring back our Bug Zone – in many different forms – to learn what we think we know.

Namaste’ … doc

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