II Power Flowing: Time Dilations

They are at it again. Disinformation does not require analysis to decide it is disinformation. The problem with analyzing nonsense is that it gets us off course in thinking about things of importance. Any time somebody says you must do something, ask what are their motives. Your time is precious, don’t waste it on black holes.

What is important is whatever you consider important. If you play video games, the time spent is constructive in learning the logic of how to beat the game. When you win, you retire the game and move on to something new. On-line gaming has taken people in and given them a whole different set of strategies and tactics for beating the design of the game.

Nature does not work the way nature has been explained. Life and death do not depend on people, life and death depend on events. When we die, we leave the presence of the people in this moment – and everyone that we have effected mourns our presence and grieves for us. We thank them, but they don’t disintegrate – the spirit of their memory acts here, to guide the sequence of events.

However, on the timelines where your personal work is not finished, you do not pass away. You wake up from the event, learn from experience and go on with all the same people on the timeline that you were already on. The illusion continues and you continue onto other things, including all the things you were doing with all the people that you were doing them with. The scale of this timeline is different than the scale of other timelines, so we never will interrupt ourselves (never say never, thyme travel demonstrates time travel).

Time dilation exists when people are spread too thin, the process of death removes dozens of souls from your perspective, in places where your representation exists, but the consciousness is not there. On worlds where we are not active and have completed our tasks, death is the freedom that we have earned to move on – to integrate that fractional soul back into our unique interdimentional reality.

The way i conceive of the system, there are 13 strands of DNA – twelve that are active and one that serves as the backbone. Changes in any specific cell DNA have to somehow be communicated back to the control strand which keeps track of the places that partial souls are. Each decision point creates a new soul – the opposite decision not made actually is made and a world in another cell at another scale is created.

As we grow, the two strands of active DNA that make up the unique us change throughout portions of our lives. The infancy strand is short and sweet and cedes to the early childhood development strand. When hormones start to flow, a new strand replaces the old one and behavior changes, along with the physical development of the body.

Our fear of sex and sexual relations contibutes to the misery of modern day earth. The effort to procreate versus the fun of raw sex mean that our lives change again as a function of pregnancy. Even though only the woman’s body changes, the fathers change too – a situation lost on all americans and a main reason for situational fuckupedness. Sex should be free, not AIDS and morality dependant. It is a release form of energy that humans, and indeed all life forms, require.

I learned tantric yoga in Ashland about 7 years ago. When i broke up with that partner, i went celebate. The fun of the play was lost in the depth of the love that tantra brings – your personal control of self in order to please your partner is the full expression of sharing.

Yet men and women are on different wavelengths – especially here in modern ‘merica. The need to nest and create a comfort zone has always been the  woman’s world. Only it hasn’t – that is just a bias of the way that i was brought up. I am fearful of saying anything to anyone any longer – the interpretation of meaning leaves my lips and never gets to the other source. Depth brings isolation, breadth establishes connection.

Existence is  game unlike other games. Once you begin to grok the game, your focus changes from here now to here now. The division of the population on the old whirled is a timeline that we no longer have to hold. Yet, unless we can move mentally into a different space, unity cosciousness, we are embedded in the history that cannot be changed from within, but can only be changed from within. Interesting paradox.

Only it is not a paradox – there are two ones in the fibonacci sequence. They are not the same number, but they are both one. If you can tell the difference, you are no longer on the timeline where the history of what we know matters at all. It is fun to keep track of, yet the cult of personality will keep dragging you back to places you don’t want to go. When you go back, you get stuck on a lower frequency and your reality is at a different tier of the old game, same level.

Tiers are present on all levels, levels are signals of depth, while tiers develop new aspects of each successive level. If you like to build your own story, this game is an experiment in testng the future realities that we can have. We have to imagine those realities first – the role play comes by embedding yourself in a different cultural reality.

Numeronomy and numerology both play deep roles in the game of Existence. The number sequences used in the collection of data for measurement are quantitative and measure all aspects of individual performance – in order to integrate ourselves with each other to become more effective in small working groups. The qualitative aspect of the numbers bring a whole new picture – we have to accept both the sequential and the random together and embrace the oppotunity to look again at something we have already looked at.

One duck can change the workings of a flock of 15 ducks. The safety of numbers left when the skunk started stealing young-uns and then eggs.  And possibly even chickens, although i think the rooster could have mauled a skunk. A lot of animal husbandry is feeding wild critters – they have a right to inhabit our earth too and their health is an indicator of our ability. The one duck – now named dear Prudence – won’t you come out to play? – well Prudence found a berry thatch two acres away and moved out.

I followed her into the tall grass the other day and watched her lose me. I made notes and watched again in the morning when she came out to interact for breakfast. She does not like the gaggle of geese nor the other ducks. She may be fond of Maxwell – he is the youngest male and low end of the pecking order. I will keep a protection sphere over Prudence and Maxwell and see if our Beatle-dux can make Beetlejuice into an old movie. It would make a good theme for a weekend game.

To play the game of Existence here on-site is likely three years out. The idea is to have a learning vacation and pay to play to learn a skill from the resident experts that we keep within our unique community. As a scientist, I have a keen sense of what i don’t need. I do not need people still stuck in la-la land and caught in the money chase.

We cannot avoid money, but the FTU requires that you not use money here. The merchantile is an exchange – money coming in from outside in exchange for goods and service will provide capital for infrastructure and supplies – payment will be distributions at the end of a particular play scheme.

SOE – solstice or equinox – these are the key dates for the scribe guild to function. The winter results will be released on the 21st of june – active promotions in level, rank and tier placement will function and four new guildmasters could be vetted, if the scribes receive their application before the target date.

May 27, 2017 was deflation day – the pathweigh changed and the ability to straddle timelines became very much more difficult. I am here, now, where i am, yet by thursday, i could be in a differnet place – where i am going is a different path than where i have been going on for quite a while. I got out of the system, so i do not know if i can walk back in or not. I do not wish to, i may not have the personal choice.

All i need is love ....

Namaste’ … doc

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