II Mind Powering: Chemistry Talk 001

Summer Head Count – 2 chickens, 8 geese, 15 adult ducks, 18 ducklings and 1 izzy the wonder-dog for an animal population of 44, plus two human animals. Built a new pit toilet for summer use and buried a skunk carcass in the spring pit before closing over the top. The amount of buried animal carcasses on site is growing – the old goat compost is ready for spreading, or at least a good turning. Bio-dynamic composts need no turning … we shall see.

The diaspora is beginning as people check out from where they are and move to where they wish to be. My friend Bridgette is setting up a move to Montana. She helped me set up my growing areas last year and i am working hard to become a food grower. Chemists doing biology are dangerous.

Here is Bridgette putting some realistic spin into the new age ascension discussion. She will be doing bio-dynamic classes this fall – and filming them while working at a Steiner Waldorf school.

While I do not agree with the entire discussion, I support the big reality issue – I am not going anywhere off the surface of this planet. People who describe reality in terms of the future being different from the past and the present had better roll up their sleeves and make plans to be here now. We can be the change, if we change our own minds.

Thyme to occupy the ground state. We tend to think about extra-terrestrials, when our focus should be on inter-terrestrials. There are so many scales of life already here in the planet space of earth, outside human wave length comprehension. Our audio and video ranges are narrow and our self focus makes them narrower still.

As i working the gardens, i am developing an appreciation for bugs. I have already spent time doing aquatic macro-invertebrate collections, so i grok the method of study. Spend time outside with your eyes and ears open. Track down sounds that are not recognizable, and suddenly you have a new entertaining insect group to follow. Ants make no noise, yet build terrific structures.

What if all animals have a human mind? Not so far fetched, when you consider all humans have an animal mind. Plus we share DNA with everything. Yet DNA is a carbon framework lattice structure and requires water to work properly. Biological and chemical sciences treat water as the solvent, or medium and focus on the metabolism of the particulates that comprise the body. That is like playing chess with a team of only pawns and one king, against the entire opposition force.

The human system currently works to handicap all merit. If you have an advantage of any sort, then you must be broken for the profit machine. If you don’t play the game, there is no way to support yourself. You have to buy groceries and fill your car with gas to go to work and earn enough to pay for your stuff. Why? Because that is the way it is. Duh !

Duh ! The Bart Simpsonization of society in one three letter wordlet. DUH ! Walk away as soon as you can … use diaspora to go somewhere else – to the place you wish to be. This is a mental construct, not necessarily a physical construct. Place yourself deep into your personal space and let go of what they tell you. Let go of what i tell you. Let go of what you tell you. Clear. Clear your mind, feel your breath, think for yourself.

Now if you want to go somewhere else to be in a different life-style than you have, with different people around you, you should make a physical move. If you like where you are, or have already moved to where you will be, just do what you are called to do. Grow food and others can join you, but you have to start at one. Just you.

If you have a partner, the pair of two can combine to be one. This is the chemistry of free radical electrons – they keep going through partners until they find another free radical to form a stable bond pair. Two electrons have a lower ground state than a single individual, which is why an orbital holds two electrons. Chemistry is a good model for life, no wonder they teach it in a way that nobody can grok it.

Thyme to change the whirled by teaching a bit o chemistry.

Namaste’ … doc

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