II Mind Massing: Breath Meditation for Grounding

Stop. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe Deep. Let go of tension. Focus on love. Exhale to the bottom of your lungs, focus on love and inhale deep, while thanking love for allowing you to be you. The theme of our meditation love is single minded, in the manner that it is approached.

I like to inhale to a count of thirteen, steady absorption of air into lungs, then exhale to a count of eight. On the second breathe, i give an extra puff outward at the eight count – this is clearing my Merkaba field. This is my personal space ship – the shell about which i can take my travels to any plane of Existence. The shape is a double tetrahedral, folded onto itself. You can imagine your space ship to be any shape that you wish it to be – it allows you to travel time. Six breaths have the added exhale – we clear all our directions: North South East West Up Down

You are now at breath eight – focus on a single topic. Drumvalo uses love here too in the basis set, but i prefer peace at the moment. It may be because my Satyagraha of Peace is just beginning – Anu Ra and I are designing a peace fountain. It may be because I need to quell demons that have suddenly reentered my space with an older personality that had been suppressed for thirty years.

At any rate, continue deep breathing by drawing in to a thirteen count while remaining focused on Peace, or Love, or Harmony, or any thing your heart desires. This is calling this power into your ground state and imbuing you with the focus of where you wish your mind to rest. This deep meditation allows your heart to connect with your brain and allows you to focus on the one that you are, in resonance with the love that we are, together. Six breaths of focus here – all one theme initially until you feel you are good at guiding yourself.

Now that we have one love breath, (sics) clearing breaths, and six power breaths, we need four more closing breaths. I used to go back to love and do all 17 breaths in love to begin my meditation – this was before i really grokked the meta-physical. Now i do my culminating breaths on theme, Peace for peace, new words that combine multiple sentiments. Vemora – takes the ov from love the rm from harmony and the ea from peace and combines them in an anagram.

Now that the meditation is finished, i find that i have altered my consciousness to include the concepts of my desires. The entire scheme can be done in a minute, excuse yourself to go to the restroom and regain control of your mental faculty at any time. It all comes by remembering to breathe – when you get good and practiced, you can do this in less than a second, mentally and change the course of your immediate situation.

Remember, you always want to have your excited states attached firmly to your ground state. It makes for much better adventure.

Namaste’ … doc


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