II Love Voiding: Journeys

Welcome to the knew world, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, welcome to the new whirled. All that is, is and all we are is dust in the wind.

I went away to pay respects to a pair of friends and learned a lot about manipulating the illusion. Two wizards demonstrated the effusion of higher consciousness and my imbibed spirit soars with the eagles – i’m gonna fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle where my spirit carries me. Funny, #Leah, how the corpse gets to wear color to the funeral, iffin he so chooses. I choose a wake.

And thus I got to play the role as personal undertaker on a trip trough the bardeau. The macabre illusions of death fade away to reveal a whole world of beyond. Morticians bring a wry sense of humor, the Addams Family crossed with the Muensters. I like them.

Community today harbors many different types of people, each individual in their outlook on life and death. The death culture that Americans live in has inured us to the sadness of the loss of life, we should honor the joy of the life that was lived and express our sincere appreciation for the comfort of passing. You get to choose your moment, everywhere except where your work is not done.

What is your work? Work evolves from the perspective of what you wish to accomplish. Your higher soul decides that before arrival, your consciousness may not leave here if your mind is not mentally ready for the passing. Sudden or planned, you don’t know it is your time to go, because you only go in other people’s reality. In your own reality, it is always a near death experience.

You have had them. I have had them. A near death experience is nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong.

So, let’s say your consciousness exists as you on this world here in the now. You make a key decision, like asking a girlfriend to marry with you. In your world, she says no and you go on in life. But because life is about experience, another replica world is generated on a different scale. All the people in the microcosm are duplicated and a consciousness generated that is part of their continuing act.

Most of the time, the duplicate world does not change much from the reality world and the worlds blend back, they are on the same relative timeline and the blending is seamless. Every so often, the duplicate world goes off on a tangent. The players in the roles that were there when the duplicate was formed go on with their normal lives and never know any different, the key players in the new drama develop secondary consciousness and have the ability to create more of their own worlds too.

Nature uses fractals to separate worlds. You can never run into yourself, because the Fibonacci sequence expansion – there is always more room in the room at the next level down. If you get to 34 or 55 duplicates, it becomes impossible to negotiate. Sometimes, when you become noted or famous, you get 144 or 233 or 377 or 610 duplicates. To clear the air, you die.

If you are on 610 worlds and you pass away, you have a near death experience on a few worlds, where your consciousness is relevant in the development of the historical timeline. You get back to the original you, who takes a big hit in the force, but doesn’t pass in the timelines where your work still has to be done.

So you wonder how you didn’t die when you got a sliced throat, Micah, it was because you still have work to do here, but a thousand other Micah’s get to be the martyr in the worlds where Taliesan still has his work to do. And we honor you three mates, because we know that if our number had been called, we each may have stepped up (or not, you never know til you are there).

The lesson is to be here and be you, unique in what you can do and to seize the day – carpe diem – to be the person who you are and do the work you came here to do. My step up to the plate here now is to empower you with the gratitude to thank all the folks who will oppose you, before they yield, so that we can empower each other to change our attitudes.

I have a mission to make us better by listening to you, then reflecting on what i see and hear here as a journalist, and using my abilities to guide us all on paths not chosen in recent times. Think of Yoda crossed with Data via a mind meld by Spock.

Join our Satyagraha of peace in the 2017 summer of love. Ya gotta Believe!

Namaste’ … lemme

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