II Mind Powering: Chemistry Talk 001

Summer Head Count – 2 chickens, 8 geese, 15 adult ducks, 18 ducklings and 1 izzy the wonder-dog for an animal population of 44, plus two human animals. Built a new pit toilet for summer use and buried a skunk carcass in the spring pit before closing over the top. The amount of buried animal carcasses on site is growing – the old goat compost is ready for spreading, or at least a good turning. Bio-dynamic composts need no turning … we shall see.

The diaspora is beginning as people check out from where they are and move to where they wish to be. My friend Bridgette is setting up a move to Montana. She helped me set up my growing areas last year and i am working hard to become a food grower. Chemists doing biology are dangerous.

Here is Bridgette putting some realistic spin into the new age ascension discussion. She will be doing bio-dynamic classes this fall – and filming them while working at a Steiner Waldorf school.

While I do not agree with the entire discussion, I support the big reality issue – I am not going anywhere off the surface of this planet. People who describe reality in terms of the future being different from the past and the present had better roll up their sleeves and make plans to be here now. We can be the change, if we change our own minds.

Thyme to occupy the ground state. We tend to think about extra-terrestrials, when our focus should be on inter-terrestrials. There are so many scales of life already here in the planet space of earth, outside human wave length comprehension. Our audio and video ranges are narrow and our self focus makes them narrower still.

As i working the gardens, i am developing an appreciation for bugs. I have already spent time doing aquatic macro-invertebrate collections, so i grok the method of study. Spend time outside with your eyes and ears open. Track down sounds that are not recognizable, and suddenly you have a new entertaining insect group to follow. Ants make no noise, yet build terrific structures.

What if all animals have a human mind? Not so far fetched, when you consider all humans have an animal mind. Plus we share DNA with everything. Yet DNA is a carbon framework lattice structure and requires water to work properly. Biological and chemical sciences treat water as the solvent, or medium and focus on the metabolism of the particulates that comprise the body. That is like playing chess with a team of only pawns and one king, against the entire opposition force.

The human system currently works to handicap all merit. If you have an advantage of any sort, then you must be broken for the profit machine. If you don’t play the game, there is no way to support yourself. You have to buy groceries and fill your car with gas to go to work and earn enough to pay for your stuff. Why? Because that is the way it is. Duh !

Duh ! The Bart Simpsonization of society in one three letter wordlet. DUH ! Walk away as soon as you can … use diaspora to go somewhere else – to the place you wish to be. This is a mental construct, not necessarily a physical construct. Place yourself deep into your personal space and let go of what they tell you. Let go of what i tell you. Let go of what you tell you. Clear. Clear your mind, feel your breath, think for yourself.

Now if you want to go somewhere else to be in a different life-style than you have, with different people around you, you should make a physical move. If you like where you are, or have already moved to where you will be, just do what you are called to do. Grow food and others can join you, but you have to start at one. Just you.

If you have a partner, the pair of two can combine to be one. This is the chemistry of free radical electrons – they keep going through partners until they find another free radical to form a stable bond pair. Two electrons have a lower ground state than a single individual, which is why an orbital holds two electrons. Chemistry is a good model for life, no wonder they teach it in a way that nobody can grok it.

Thyme to change the whirled by teaching a bit o chemistry.

Namaste’ … doc

II Mind Forming: Frankenskies Movie Review

Matt Landman’s new movie Frankenskies is a must see. The information provided demonstrates criminal intent – David Keith and Al Gore need to be prosecuted for mass genocide. As a professional chemist, I participated in Michael Murphy’s movie What in the World are they Spraying? The information still holds up – the Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are not normal biological entities. Careless disregard for life is a way of business in the current death culture.

Today, too many scientists make their living at government expense. We are beholden to our paychecks – academia has become a chorus for the politically correct. The game is rigged and people have no access to chemicals, while corporations can spew their waste with reckless regard. If we cannot pull the plug today, we should stop participation.

Ghandi suggested Satyagraha and led the salt march across India that brought down the British Empire. If we no longer cede our sovereignty to criminals, then this form of governance go away. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop deliberately attacking others for disagreeing with you. Listen and reason and disagree if you have a reasonable argument. But be at peace, first within yourself, then with others.

The chemistry of biology that is taught at university level is mostly wrong. Scientists are too busy building their personal reputations than exploring the unknown. School is telling us half-truths – we need to look deeply into our own fields to see if what we know is actually true. The true scientists like Gerald Pollack and Rupert Sheldrake are suppressed and attacked by trolls and gatekeepers alike. Personal abuse through intimidation is common in the dog eat dog world.

Let’s talk about biological chemistry. The mechanisms of enzymes and proteins depend upon the geometric spacial relationships of functional groups. Enzymes are proteins and proteins are chains of amino acids. The folding of these chains is conserved through biology – the genetic code accounts for the initial order of attachment of each amino acid.

If I have lost you, then you do not know enough basic biochem language to really grok what I am saying. So let’s talk about space chemistry rather than the details of overlapping sciences. The way nature works chemistry is by using all the elements to perform their specific functions. Each metal center is surrounded by soft non-metal elements. These include sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus. By soft, I mean polarizable – the electrons can be shared with the metal readily, as opposed to hard, which means attracts electrons. Oxygen and the halogens are hard, carbon provides the lattice framwork.

Carbon is comparable to an erector set. When I was a kid growing up, the erector set had all the parts to build machines, metal bars, nuts and bolts, screws and tools. A kid with an erector set could create any structure – similar to legos prior to plastic. I guess today, a makers lab would be the equivalent – a kid can learn to program a device to behave in a fixed way – to do a calculation task. I digress.

Let’s think about the space around the active site a metal – say iron. The iron likes sulfur, so the sulfur arranges itself in a cube around the central iron. The Fe4S4 cubic cluster is the basis for hemoglobin. Each iron bridges three sulfurs in the cube and has three outside attachments. Two of these three are holding on to amino acid backbones and the last is available for oxygen uptake. So, we have a tetrahedral shape around each of the four individual iron atoms. Fe S3N2O. Each of the sulfurs has three covalent bonds as a corner of the cube. The nitrogen are part of the amino acid backbone, these could be thought of as amino functional groups.

Chemistry has a sub field called group theory that explains all this using math tables and symmetry arrangements. The sacred geometry that nature uses is based on the Fibonacci sequence. The phi ratio guides the placement of elements such that the fabric of nature folds fractally into itself. Look at a nautilus shell or a sunflower. The arrangement is a fractal of the biochemistry, with similar mathematics surrounding the phi ratio, 1.61.

Elemental disruption causes the geometry to move away from this number. The substitution of a different element in a biological system causes a change in the bonding. There are two types of bonds – covalent and ionic and they have different purpose. Covalent bonds are structural, ionic bonds are charge based. Cations have positive charge, anions have negative charge and opposites attract. Substitution of one element for another causes major disruptions in the force.

On a side note (MIT: Seneff video) – if glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor and is substituted for glycine in protein chains, then a potential solution is to flush your system with a strong phosphorus collator like manganese, while in the presence of a redox center that can cleave the phosphate-nitrogen bond that disrupts the enzyme folding. To attack a nitrogen phosphorus bond – a small nanobot could be designed to creep along the path. Enzymes tertiary structure fits the golden mean ratio.

Spraying the skies with aluminum, barium, strontium, nano-particulates and other things adds a whole lot of variables to the game. Iff (if and only if) … if you watch the movie with this little bit of chemistry background – then the criminality of the elites in this measure is beyond anything that we have imagined. We need to #unrig the system and do a biological flush – to chelate out the fluorides, and metals that impinge biology for Monsanity profits and prophets. Thyme to Stop it! The spraying, the industrial pollution of the commons, the insanity of a legal structure that is the death culture, all of it. If you choose life, turn off your electronic and walk outside in nature. Observe the difference, then watch the Frankenskies.

The collection of people interviewed in Frankenskies really bring up good points. Water is the key chemical in life – the structure at the chemical level for EZ water is tetrahedral, similar (iso-electronic) to quartz. Each perspective is valid and the movie revolves around people telling personal stories. We can relate, let’s work together and not play their games until they stop spraying us.

If you wish to quit, I have invented a role-play edjutainment game Existence, that could use a few reel life play testers. The game is set up to form guilds and build a community setting for a movie idea that I think could challenge the Hunger games for ideological change. If you wanna try – send me a player character sheet that introduces your personal guild – izzy the wonderdog42 at gmail (no spaces)

Namaste’ … Eljay

II Mind Massing: Breath Meditation for Grounding

Stop. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe Deep. Let go of tension. Focus on love. Exhale to the bottom of your lungs, focus on love and inhale deep, while thanking love for allowing you to be you. The theme of our meditation love is single minded, in the manner that it is approached.

I like to inhale to a count of thirteen, steady absorption of air into lungs, then exhale to a count of eight. On the second breathe, i give an extra puff outward at the eight count – this is clearing my Merkaba field. This is my personal space ship – the shell about which i can take my travels to any plane of Existence. The shape is a double tetrahedral, folded onto itself. You can imagine your space ship to be any shape that you wish it to be – it allows you to travel time. Six breaths have the added exhale – we clear all our directions: North South East West Up Down

You are now at breath eight – focus on a single topic. Drumvalo uses love here too in the basis set, but i prefer peace at the moment. It may be because my Satyagraha of Peace is just beginning – Anu Ra and I are designing a peace fountain. It may be because I need to quell demons that have suddenly reentered my space with an older personality that had been suppressed for thirty years.

At any rate, continue deep breathing by drawing in to a thirteen count while remaining focused on Peace, or Love, or Harmony, or any thing your heart desires. This is calling this power into your ground state and imbuing you with the focus of where you wish your mind to rest. This deep meditation allows your heart to connect with your brain and allows you to focus on the one that you are, in resonance with the love that we are, together. Six breaths of focus here – all one theme initially until you feel you are good at guiding yourself.

Now that we have one love breath, (sics) clearing breaths, and six power breaths, we need four more closing breaths. I used to go back to love and do all 17 breaths in love to begin my meditation – this was before i really grokked the meta-physical. Now i do my culminating breaths on theme, Peace for peace, new words that combine multiple sentiments. Vemora – takes the ov from love the rm from harmony and the ea from peace and combines them in an anagram.

Now that the meditation is finished, i find that i have altered my consciousness to include the concepts of my desires. The entire scheme can be done in a minute, excuse yourself to go to the restroom and regain control of your mental faculty at any time. It all comes by remembering to breathe – when you get good and practiced, you can do this in less than a second, mentally and change the course of your immediate situation.

Remember, you always want to have your excited states attached firmly to your ground state. It makes for much better adventure.

Namaste’ … doc


II Sound Sounding: Media

What is media? Seems a lot like a barking dog – lotsa noise and little value. The true media can be found by going back in time to a point prior to the adulteration of written knowledge. This thyme journey unfolds …

Welcome back to the early 20th century. We are not far enough back, but this is a good starting point for determining when things really went off skew. The banksters began the federal reserve in 1913, the Creature from Jekkyl Island. Within a few years, wars were making big money for those who invested in both sides. Current currency is all blood money.

It costs money to do anything in America today. However, if you do not touch the stuff, you get by with a little help from your friends. If everyone gave up money, we could have a peaceful world. But – fat chance. I can watch anyone act, we all sleepwalk the real show.

Notice how only humans use secondary values for primary purpose. We can buy anything – shopping is the cure for whatever ails us. Only it’s not – we just get more stuff that we don’t need. I watch other people try to shop for me, they bring things that i have no use for and expect my thanks.

I would rather watch a chick hatch out of an egg, than travel off to visit a group of whining adults who have run their personal ships into the ground. Yet – life is interacting with the negative rather than the positive until you realize that the world’s a better place when its upside down.

So … day 3 on Existence 4 and the first 48 hour rage. The cost for the weekend is 1$ – I will use goopy money. I was gifted some hash oil and i wrapped it into a dollar bill, folded it into my wallet and forgot it for a year. OOPS. Somewhat unspendable – a good representation of cash. Vegetables are the new dollar.

My day plans are going to alter. I no longer feel like participating in things that have no personal value. The circular reasoning on what is value is personal – i know what i like. Like likes like. I like what likes me. At this frequency level, nothing much can keep up.

Everything stops at the zero point. The zero point is an unachievable limit on the bottom end. Molecular motion freezes at absolute zero. This limit is an inversion point between scales – the opposite side works in mirror image to this side, using symmetry to conserve energy.

The way that we think is learned behavior. The observer watches the outside and attempts to detach from the incidence of action – we cannot dissociate ourselves from anything – we are quanta.

I am one quanta of human. You reading this are also one quanta of human. If the game is played at human scale – the smallest operational unit is one human. You can make the case that kids are not full human – until the brain engages and they can think for themselves. It’s only you and me and we just disagree.

All animals have a human type thought pattern. All plants have a human type thought pattern. All humans have a human type thought pattern. Human is a designation of biological intention that is very misleading. We are going to go deeper.

On another note, Microshit has conspired to take over our computers. They are eating my gigs because i refuse to upgrade this backup computer – better get off-line until i get the primary back – it had a power cord challenge. Industry creates immediately obsolete product to keep the false economy churning. Need to leave that game entirely.

Namaste’ … Eljay

Ref: Griffin, Beatles, Cilmi, Mason

II Sound Loving: Game On

Now that I have gigs, the main computer is in the shop. Thyme to walk howdt of the general consensus – Existence is currently manifest. I wish to thank all those player characters that work through the game – the experiential learning should benefit all of us.

Level One of Existence is designed to feed the data base. Each potential player takes the Existence survey and reports the results to the scribe guild. Doc reformatted the survey to Ubuntu, but then did not follow through on the program. Looking at how things go, he decided that the path was wrong and it was better to stop rather than forge ahead.

Let’s discuss how the game of Existence forms the shape of things to come:

Existence is a learning system to build viable communities of sovereign individuals. The game starts with an individual wishing to accomplish a goal. There are two directions of play – ascending and descending. There are also two level ones – the entry level and the final level – you can get there from both directions.

The play of the game takes place on a grid of 64 – a chessboard. There are four orientations – making a total of 256 units. This grouping sets an upper limit on the system, in reality, any group over 144 is going to begin efforts to divide in a fractal manner. The game is based on chemistry group theory – the goal is a whole knew weigh of site. or a whole new way of sight.

The vision has eight levels and eight tiers  – thus the eight by eight grid. The individual player opens the game at level one by taking the survey and being assigned to either level two or level six. The results of the survey will be placed into an algorithm to set an initial starting avatar that is your character. You then role-play yourself to earn hour cards, which hold value through the faith and trust union.

Nothing is as it is in the real world. The levels of the game each have distinct rules under a Mondragon economic model. The initial game format is to build a world from scratch by building civilization advances from human scale. We start with minimal resources and tools, but as the game develops, each verification of knowledge will lead to new guilds (level 5) that develop projects.

Players are guild masters and acolytes, verifying knowledge and working together to develop plausible scenarios of community development within constrained limits of theme. The roles we play will change depending on the theme of the week – with a 48 hour scoring event capping each week. This event is designed to bring in tourists, teach a concept and return them home with an additional skill. This is estimated at two years out.

Early development is to establish the campus at level six and begin the investigation of knowledge at level two. Acolytes on level two apprentice in a guild with a level six guild-master. Assignments will be based on tasks at hand – with the air, earth, fire and water guilds being available. The study of nature is the function of this summers work – getting the site started.

We need two dozen middle school students – ages 13-15 (+/- 1) – to help film the background and early life of the characters in a movie. Since adult casting in two years off, a diversity of types of youth is necessary. To this end, anybody who knows a bright, bored child might wish to contact doc. To this end, a new public e-mail for the game is established – izzythewonderdog42@gmail.com . If you wish to take the level one survey, the cost is one hour of your time.

The rules of the game change at each level, the individual is empowered to learn about their interest by inventing their own personal guild. This level 3 guild guides the personal formation of education program – collecting hour cards from the best mentors in the field, by working with them on high level resource research. The tier of each player is the experience from a knowledge base – this is distinctly separate from the levels. Players at every tier play at each level.

The fourth level is the bridge between the generations and the key to the game. We do not know what is there, because it hasn’t been invented yet. This is no space in no time. There are a few people there, now, but you cannot get there from here. You have to go into that depth from your starting level and direction and create, using the compost of the muddle in the middle – the decaying ruins of the capitalist system.

Meanwhile, acolytes learn from guild-master 2/6 and advance to join a project guild 3/5. Once the projects get completed, this will open up space and time (new land, new ideas) that will be seen to fruition. A level six guild-master advances to level seven by passing his guild’s control to another player. A level seven sovereign may add expertise to any level five project. When you pass off your personal guild, you advance to level eight and win the game. Or you can descend from level two to level one and win the game.

There are many other quirks and pitfalls – the game has a subset of training people to role play to become actors in our movie. The child actors will build the sets while filming each other and programming the algorithm as it develops. The movie set is at level four – the 36 acre campus where we have established the camp for us – camp4us. This is rev four of the game – Ashland was rev two.

The game plays quarter to quarter and FILO holds – first in, last out. The date you join the game matters, especially for the player characters. You earn hour cards by spending hours working in a guild. The work you do must be tangible, but the guild master has say in their own guild and you have a personal guild once you are above tier 3. Scores, reported to the scribe guild are processed during the next quarter and posted the following quarter. Thus, winter score advances in tier and level get posted this week.

To get into the earth/air/water/fire guilds, you must complete the initial survey. The cost is one hour and no money – there is a buy in for level six, there is no buy in for level two.

Namaste’ … Eljay


II Love Voiding: Journeys

Welcome to the knew world, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, welcome to the new whirled. All that is, is and all we are is dust in the wind.

I went away to pay respects to a pair of friends and learned a lot about manipulating the illusion. Two wizards demonstrated the effusion of higher consciousness and my imbibed spirit soars with the eagles – i’m gonna fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle where my spirit carries me. Funny, #Leah, how the corpse gets to wear color to the funeral, iffin he so chooses. I choose a wake.

And thus I got to play the role as personal undertaker on a trip trough the bardeau. The macabre illusions of death fade away to reveal a whole world of beyond. Morticians bring a wry sense of humor, the Addams Family crossed with the Muensters. I like them.

Community today harbors many different types of people, each individual in their outlook on life and death. The death culture that Americans live in has inured us to the sadness of the loss of life, we should honor the joy of the life that was lived and express our sincere appreciation for the comfort of passing. You get to choose your moment, everywhere except where your work is not done.

What is your work? Work evolves from the perspective of what you wish to accomplish. Your higher soul decides that before arrival, your consciousness may not leave here if your mind is not mentally ready for the passing. Sudden or planned, you don’t know it is your time to go, because you only go in other people’s reality. In your own reality, it is always a near death experience.

You have had them. I have had them. A near death experience is nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong.

So, let’s say your consciousness exists as you on this world here in the now. You make a key decision, like asking a girlfriend to marry with you. In your world, she says no and you go on in life. But because life is about experience, another replica world is generated on a different scale. All the people in the microcosm are duplicated and a consciousness generated that is part of their continuing act.

Most of the time, the duplicate world does not change much from the reality world and the worlds blend back, they are on the same relative timeline and the blending is seamless. Every so often, the duplicate world goes off on a tangent. The players in the roles that were there when the duplicate was formed go on with their normal lives and never know any different, the key players in the new drama develop secondary consciousness and have the ability to create more of their own worlds too.

Nature uses fractals to separate worlds. You can never run into yourself, because the Fibonacci sequence expansion – there is always more room in the room at the next level down. If you get to 34 or 55 duplicates, it becomes impossible to negotiate. Sometimes, when you become noted or famous, you get 144 or 233 or 377 or 610 duplicates. To clear the air, you die.

If you are on 610 worlds and you pass away, you have a near death experience on a few worlds, where your consciousness is relevant in the development of the historical timeline. You get back to the original you, who takes a big hit in the force, but doesn’t pass in the timelines where your work still has to be done.

So you wonder how you didn’t die when you got a sliced throat, Micah, it was because you still have work to do here, but a thousand other Micah’s get to be the martyr in the worlds where Taliesan still has his work to do. And we honor you three mates, because we know that if our number had been called, we each may have stepped up (or not, you never know til you are there).

The lesson is to be here and be you, unique in what you can do and to seize the day – carpe diem – to be the person who you are and do the work you came here to do. My step up to the plate here now is to empower you with the gratitude to thank all the folks who will oppose you, before they yield, so that we can empower each other to change our attitudes.

I have a mission to make us better by listening to you, then reflecting on what i see and hear here as a journalist, and using my abilities to guide us all on paths not chosen in recent times. Think of Yoda crossed with Data via a mind meld by Spock.

Join our Satyagraha of peace in the 2017 summer of love. Ya gotta Believe!

Namaste’ … lemme

Talking Heads, Kansas, Steve Miller Band, Spirit, Star Wars, Star Trek(s), Ghandi, Tug McGraw

II Power Loving: Who Dat?

Equality. Equity. Conceptually, i am lost on this. Equivalence is when one thing is roughly the same as another thing. We use the phrase, ‘all things being equal’, to imply a leveled playing field. The concept of a fair, even playing field of life, as we know it, makes no sense, even less when we bring in Darwin. Human life is not about survival of the fittest economically!

When games are designed, the idea is that each player should begin with an equivalent chance of winning or losing. A game like chess confers an advantage to white to open the game, but the initial set up of pieces on the board is total equivalence.

When scientists put a rat in a maze, they do not design the maze to be fair to the rat. They have a set of criteria that they put the rat through and measure her performance by timing the event. One of my first science projects was why mice like cheese – i was third in the entire science fair. My conclusion after playing with mice in a home built maze – mice dont like cheese, they like lettuce.

What we think we know is based on our experience relative to the world view that we were taught. Our value systems come from our parents and our upbringing, as modified by our personal interaction with reality. However – reality changes based on your preference, based on the POV of your mind at the moment you make a key decision.

When you spend time thinking in depth about a topic, your mind surrounds the material to the exclusion of other happenings in the world. The you that is extremely focused can lose track of time and spend a short period enjoying something asleep – upon waking you find that hours have been lost.

The puter just pointed out another time slip. I was thinking so fast that i was typing faster than the puter could keep up – it took several seconds for the buffer to download the t in lost. When you vibrate at a frequency higher than the 60 Hz electric feed, you have the ability to mess with the electrical system. Anything plugged in is susceptable – it explains why i used to blow monitors all the time. I thought it was poor construction, until…

Until i was taken out of body for a vision quest on the mountain near the hot springs. I will maintain that I took no drugs voluntarily or knowingly before the emotional incident set things off, but it was several weeks before the frequency dampened – and i learned as above, so below by travelling the quanta that control DNA. I later figured out that I had been slipped some drugs. Imagine that.

That was 10 years ago –

Guess who just got back today
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven’t changed that much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

The Elvis that left the building returned through trauma and decided that going backward in time while going forwards makes more sense that continuing forward without interest. The multiple personalities of the characters of the blog suddenly had to look at each other and say – who dat?

The cult of personality is a broken record. As long as people focus on people, there will be strife and division, just what the elites want. I am not elite. You are not elite. I am you and you are me and we are all together. See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they run. What happens when you get the runs?

Image collapse. Laugh. Sit down on the pot and let all the insides go, as the liquid shoots out what is usual solid, rather quickly. Big Hint – the economy has the runs. We dont need no education, we dont need no thought controls. All we need is love!

There is nothing you can do that can’t be done. So, do something different – join Satyagraha. Instead of worrying about equality, work on your personal resonating frequency. Look at how you spend your time and ask yourself – is this how i wish to spend my time? If not – now is a very good time to change.

The system is imploding and we get to recreate ourselves with empathy for each other’s plight. If we can grip a high resonating frequency, like likes like, we will attract others that are resonating at our frequency. Peace has a very high frequency – we close out everything and return to our focus and find the quietest inner place to be.

Then we resonate love, for ourselves, our friends and loved ones, for our social circle and for their friends and loved ones and suddenly, we find everyone calms down, because we each individually hold love for them in our hearts while we lose track of time and go deeper into that space where we resonate.

To calm yourself down to quiet, try fibonacci breathing. Inhale to a count of eight and then exhale to a count of five, then inhale to a count of eight and exhale to a count of five, then 8/5/8/5/8/5 and by concentrating on your breathing you slow down your metabolism, raise your frequency and have more time in your moment.

You control your emotions. Learn empathy for others, wear their shoes. If we control our own tempers and learn to breathe, we can deflate negative energy and raise the collective vibration beyond the cult of personality. Then we can begin to approach the reel work ahead.

Namaste’ … eljay

Lit: Darwin

Music: Thin Lizzy, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Lennon

Science: Kellogg

II Power Powering: Politix

Diaspora is the flow of people to new places – like refugees. I live with an American refugee who cannot participate because he does not carry the required insurance. The concept of insurance is to protect the money – if something bad happens, you can get your stuff back free.

Except that by the time you calculate your time spent dealing with the insurance company and then the ramification of the hoops you have to jump through, you are better off paying out of your pocket and driving safely. The system compels you to have insurance, to protect the system, not to protect you.

So, if you have a safe community, with a place to live, food to eat and social activity – what you require to do your work are tools and stability. At the moment, ‘mericans have the luxury of shopping – that is the lure of the system. You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant (‘ceptin Alice). Change happens in many forms, we shall see where the flow of people goes.

The system pushes people from rural into urban. At every turn, the urban legislators push benefits toward cities and harm rural infrastructure by allocating dollars without respecting scale. Economy of scale in urban places happens because people all pay individually for shared services. This generates a lot of revenue. Meanwhile, rural residents have to pony up to be first to do something, then have stragglers attach as they can afford to share the cost.

We need a rural/urban partnership of the people. We have to find a way to exchange ideas between the youth of urbania and the youth of ruralia in order to stop 1984 from existing in 2017. The people who are embedded in the system cannot see the system for what it is worth – absolutely nothing. They are too caught up chasing money.

Kudos to Patreon – your marketing campaign is awesome. Every alt video mentions you, every alt blog mentions you, everybody chasing money mentions you, i can’t avoid mentioning Patreon. I do not want a patreon account – nor any account that slaves me to collecting something other than baseball cards.

I admit – i collected baseball cards forever, in my Existence. As a pre-cog child, my grandfather ran a Brooklyn NY candy store. As oldest child of the diaspora clan of Ellis Island emmigrants, grandpa’s hard life was dedicated to my soft life. I got malts and candy and cards. I was four when they created the NY Mets – instant devotion. The catch – i had to become a doctor.

When it came time to buy the farm, literally, my childhood baseball cards got cashed in for the down-payment to change life from urban to rural. The entire education that i received was from the urban perspective and my wife of four years grew up rural and hated, hated Boston with a passion. If I new then what I know now, i might never have traveled that pathway.

However, I did travel that path. I raised a hobby farm, compost and rabbits and five acres of getaway place to start my creative thinking. The system axed my job within a month of me buying the farm. I had time on my hands – in 1992. So I learned a bit about security.

Security is insurance – the perpetual fraud that has people paying monthly to satisfy created fear. We are all going to die – we never really die. The entire ‘merica lives in fear of death. The death culture is led by Monsanity, now Bay-Er, the pharma poison maker. They spray our skies with everything – industrial disease!

The work force is disgusted downs tools and walks
Innocence is injured experience just talks
Everyone seeks damages and everyone agrees
That these are ‘classic symptoms of a monetary squeeze’
On ITV and BBC they talk about the curse
Philosophy is useless theology is worse
History boils over there’s an economics freeze

I was asked if I was interested in a job in security and I honestly thought I was going to be a night watchman. I went to the Citibank pitch for Primerica – run by Sandy Wheel (sic). I sold insurance and got an SEC – Security and Exchange Commission – license to sell stocks and bonds. I watched how multi-level marketing worked and got my father in-law a hundred thousand dollar term life policy. He died within nine months, suddenly overnight.

As I was learning that game, I was also working as a functionary in the political system. The 1992 election saw Ross Perot melt down with a story about aliens at his daughters wedding. If an alt-media source wants to go down that rabbit hole – wow! He came back into the race, got 23% of the vote and established a real political party with ballot access.

And no people. Ross went back to Texas, the Perot-bots left and about a dozen of us started meeting regularly to begin working out bylaws for the Independent Initiative party of Oregon. We soon became the American Party and dutifly registered with the secretary of state. I spent 10 years working without pay as treasurer, delegate and functionary of the state party, traveling at my own expense and having enormous fun.

Harlis Gardner ran for governor of Oregon in 1994 and Lindy Anne Sarno and I ran his campaign. I learned Oregon on foot, on weekends. Scientist by day, political wonk by night. By 1996, we were rockin – then Ross returned. The Reform Party was building without his interest. Dick Lamm was recruited to run for president and suddenly Ross was interested. And so was Pat Buchanan.

After watching Buchanan be the right wing rightest of the Republican Party, I got to meet him in Dearborn, Michigan. The man was not at all what he seemed to be on television as part of the media farce. I liked him, i liked his message. I did not like the Nixonesque tricks that he pulled to help Ross beat Dick Lamm and then punt the election campaign.

I was Reform Party Treasurer and Oregon Delegate for several years there-after. I lost the heart to do it, so that when the game came to a close, I shut down the party because it was my fiduciary responsibility to do so. I wish i hadn’t in retrospect, but it taught me a lesson on how things work. The people had a party and the system took it back by bribery, by election tricks and by bad human behavior.

So, now i see #unrig – Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele and Jesse Ventura ( the original gubernator before Arnold) and Ron Paul. I push my poker chips onto the table and say all in. But !!!! The system is rigged and unrigging the system requires that everyone be honest to themselves and their work. I believe we can build a new better system – we need both directions of approach.

Your mission, Jim, if you should decide to take it … this tape will self distruct in five seconds, five three two one one …

Namaste’ … Doc

Music:  Guthrie, Dire Straits

TV: Mission Impossible

II Power Flowing: Time Dilations

They are at it again. Disinformation does not require analysis to decide it is disinformation. The problem with analyzing nonsense is that it gets us off course in thinking about things of importance. Any time somebody says you must do something, ask what are their motives. Your time is precious, don’t waste it on black holes.

What is important is whatever you consider important. If you play video games, the time spent is constructive in learning the logic of how to beat the game. When you win, you retire the game and move on to something new. On-line gaming has taken people in and given them a whole different set of strategies and tactics for beating the design of the game.

Nature does not work the way nature has been explained. Life and death do not depend on people, life and death depend on events. When we die, we leave the presence of the people in this moment – and everyone that we have effected mourns our presence and grieves for us. We thank them, but they don’t disintegrate – the spirit of their memory acts here, to guide the sequence of events.

However, on the timelines where your personal work is not finished, you do not pass away. You wake up from the event, learn from experience and go on with all the same people on the timeline that you were already on. The illusion continues and you continue onto other things, including all the things you were doing with all the people that you were doing them with. The scale of this timeline is different than the scale of other timelines, so we never will interrupt ourselves (never say never, thyme travel demonstrates time travel).

Time dilation exists when people are spread too thin, the process of death removes dozens of souls from your perspective, in places where your representation exists, but the consciousness is not there. On worlds where we are not active and have completed our tasks, death is the freedom that we have earned to move on – to integrate that fractional soul back into our unique interdimentional reality.

The way i conceive of the system, there are 13 strands of DNA – twelve that are active and one that serves as the backbone. Changes in any specific cell DNA have to somehow be communicated back to the control strand which keeps track of the places that partial souls are. Each decision point creates a new soul – the opposite decision not made actually is made and a world in another cell at another scale is created.

As we grow, the two strands of active DNA that make up the unique us change throughout portions of our lives. The infancy strand is short and sweet and cedes to the early childhood development strand. When hormones start to flow, a new strand replaces the old one and behavior changes, along with the physical development of the body.

Our fear of sex and sexual relations contibutes to the misery of modern day earth. The effort to procreate versus the fun of raw sex mean that our lives change again as a function of pregnancy. Even though only the woman’s body changes, the fathers change too – a situation lost on all americans and a main reason for situational fuckupedness. Sex should be free, not AIDS and morality dependant. It is a release form of energy that humans, and indeed all life forms, require.

I learned tantric yoga in Ashland about 7 years ago. When i broke up with that partner, i went celebate. The fun of the play was lost in the depth of the love that tantra brings – your personal control of self in order to please your partner is the full expression of sharing.

Yet men and women are on different wavelengths – especially here in modern ‘merica. The need to nest and create a comfort zone has always been the  woman’s world. Only it hasn’t – that is just a bias of the way that i was brought up. I am fearful of saying anything to anyone any longer – the interpretation of meaning leaves my lips and never gets to the other source. Depth brings isolation, breadth establishes connection.

Existence is  game unlike other games. Once you begin to grok the game, your focus changes from here now to here now. The division of the population on the old whirled is a timeline that we no longer have to hold. Yet, unless we can move mentally into a different space, unity cosciousness, we are embedded in the history that cannot be changed from within, but can only be changed from within. Interesting paradox.

Only it is not a paradox – there are two ones in the fibonacci sequence. They are not the same number, but they are both one. If you can tell the difference, you are no longer on the timeline where the history of what we know matters at all. It is fun to keep track of, yet the cult of personality will keep dragging you back to places you don’t want to go. When you go back, you get stuck on a lower frequency and your reality is at a different tier of the old game, same level.

Tiers are present on all levels, levels are signals of depth, while tiers develop new aspects of each successive level. If you like to build your own story, this game is an experiment in testng the future realities that we can have. We have to imagine those realities first – the role play comes by embedding yourself in a different cultural reality.

Numeronomy and numerology both play deep roles in the game of Existence. The number sequences used in the collection of data for measurement are quantitative and measure all aspects of individual performance – in order to integrate ourselves with each other to become more effective in small working groups. The qualitative aspect of the numbers bring a whole new picture – we have to accept both the sequential and the random together and embrace the oppotunity to look again at something we have already looked at.

One duck can change the workings of a flock of 15 ducks. The safety of numbers left when the skunk started stealing young-uns and then eggs.  And possibly even chickens, although i think the rooster could have mauled a skunk. A lot of animal husbandry is feeding wild critters – they have a right to inhabit our earth too and their health is an indicator of our ability. The one duck – now named dear Prudence – won’t you come out to play? – well Prudence found a berry thatch two acres away and moved out.

I followed her into the tall grass the other day and watched her lose me. I made notes and watched again in the morning when she came out to interact for breakfast. She does not like the gaggle of geese nor the other ducks. She may be fond of Maxwell – he is the youngest male and low end of the pecking order. I will keep a protection sphere over Prudence and Maxwell and see if our Beatle-dux can make Beetlejuice into an old movie. It would make a good theme for a weekend game.

To play the game of Existence here on-site is likely three years out. The idea is to have a learning vacation and pay to play to learn a skill from the resident experts that we keep within our unique community. As a scientist, I have a keen sense of what i don’t need. I do not need people still stuck in la-la land and caught in the money chase.

We cannot avoid money, but the FTU requires that you not use money here. The merchantile is an exchange – money coming in from outside in exchange for goods and service will provide capital for infrastructure and supplies – payment will be distributions at the end of a particular play scheme.

SOE – solstice or equinox – these are the key dates for the scribe guild to function. The winter results will be released on the 21st of june – active promotions in level, rank and tier placement will function and four new guildmasters could be vetted, if the scribes receive their application before the target date.

May 27, 2017 was deflation day – the pathweigh changed and the ability to straddle timelines became very much more difficult. I am here, now, where i am, yet by thursday, i could be in a differnet place – where i am going is a different path than where i have been going on for quite a while. I got out of the system, so i do not know if i can walk back in or not. I do not wish to, i may not have the personal choice.

All i need is love ....

Namaste’ … doc

Music: Beatles