Void Voiding: Clarification

Kudos to Justin for coming clean in support of one human working on human scale. Since doc takes his void voiding seriously, this truth is important to his world view. Others truths either coincide or contrast – we only know what to think from within our specific fields. (Late add – ref book – McTaggert – the Field)

Doc does not watch other people. He watches other people’s behavior in situations, but the american focus on personality is completely lost on him. Everybody present in the moment deserves absolute attention and we all need to listen before we talk. However, discourse between two people is highly informative in the need to download both information and perspective. Discerning requires filters.

I have never ‘watched’ Corey Goode speak. I have never watched Gaia television – but i have read David Wilcock’s books and listened to Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu specific videos. The ideas are more important than the messenger. To me, anyway the wind blows, free!

Ideas have been placed into our forebrains by the system at large – and each individual develops perspective depending on their uptake of knowledge from informed sources. The ‘truth’ depends upon what we already believe, but how we know what we know is not really questioned. Have you every pulled a string on a knit sweater and seen the entire piece unravel?

Baseline knowledge depends on perspective. Our perspective draws upon information provided to us from sources we trust. This means that they turned out after our experience to be valid as interpreted. We reject false beliefs, but true and false absolutes have a lot of relatives in the between space – the muddle in the middle.

Quantum Mechanics develops the concept that there is no between space. Everything is connected in a unique form that depends upon coupled spin states. What is a state? We have been talking about ground states – the baseline where your energy is zero. On human scale – the sleep state.

Dream a little dream for me. Or Supertramp it: Well can you put you hands on your head on no – what a day, a year, a life it is. You know that you have it coming to you, now there’s not a lot you can do. Or is there? You can change magick.

Magick is a belief system – what you believe you can do, you can do. What you know you cannot do, you cannot do. In between, it is all about how you present the illusion. A belief system depends upon the foundation of knowledge and the basis of fact. Bonding in chemistry terms is a lot the same as bonding in human terms.

People are all human. Americans are inhuman, in that the neurological make-up is ‘cyborg trance’ – most of the sheeple listen to other sheeple. Most of the awake listen to other awake. Few awake bother to listen to sheeple, except to resist. Few sheeple even know awake exists as a state. They live in the dream. Some call it the Matrix. You are not Neo.

You are you. Now try this one. I am you. You are me. We are altogether. See, how we run, like pigs from a gun, see how we run. You now grok, the philosophy of Popeye, I am what I am. You can be anything that you wish to be, except that you cannot not be you. So, who are you? Tell me, tell me, tell me, come on tell me the answer. Well, you may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer.

Cartoon physics is the new believable reality. The whirled has become Wile E. Coyote in the first seconds over the cliff. Beep, Beep. Cosmic Surfboards are required for the next phase – Scotty, beam me up. Jim Beam – straight up, no chaser. Music. Acapella – Queen – Pentatonix.

I like the couch – i have two currently under a tarp in the field. When the rain stops, the reign stops. When we have a bit of information that changes a lot of things, due diligence suggests that we put in the thyme to figure things howdt from a different logic perspective.

Formats change … visions depth defy. The quest for vision is what each of us seeks – now we have to close our eyes and let go and see what sticks when we change our ideas of everything, based on the things we really know being looked at from a different perspective – the knew weigh. A New Way. Using an old way – the Tao. The weigh of the way and the way of the weigh. Cognitive dissonance – which weigh way will you choose?

Namaste’ … lemme


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