Void Sounding: Knew Rules

Holographic reality implies that we are part of a simulation where our brains together create a reality that, by consensus, is what we live in. We talk to each other and set our pace-clocks into resonance. The illusion of reality is that we believe what we were taught and react that which we really know.

Truth seekers are now truth speakers. Jimmy from Bright Insight and Rex from Leak Project join Jordan from Destroying the Illusion in winning LEME’s as this week’s top three alt news sites. The metric criteria is count of You Tube vids watched by doc and the level of interest generated from the point of view.

(LEME’s are lemme and doc’s emmy equivalents)

Discernment requires you believe some things and do not believe other things. The mixing and matching allows you to create a single unique orientational perspective. Humans want other people to share our perspective and we attempt to influence each other through our actions and interactions.

What is saving a life? Life does not end when we stop breathing – maybe our belief system takes us into our next cognitive reality. I have the privilege of having taken two vision quests in my lifetime – without grokking what they were at the time, both were near death experience, NDEs.

My guess is that you violated terms of the game and were eliminated, then your character is recreated in its own image and then life goes on in a different fractal reality game with the starting conditions the same as the ending conditions where the prior game was terminated. You might not get to come back as you – you might end up being somebody else with your brain – that is movie candy right now – Nicholas Cage did one of those wake up in another life, instant family flicks.

Doc did his for real. He can tell the second story, from 2007, but the 1980 vision quest is going to need some assistance with the extraction. Speaking truth to power is the knew weigh – a measured attempt to determine what reality can and cannot do. Space and time are Speights and Thyme – parameters of a questioning of everything we think we know.

The game of Existence – IV is going to begin at the next Mass Massing. The mini-goal is to create a catalog of Alt-Space where people who wish to go down rabbitholes can have the experience of following the footsteps of others in said rabbit hole. There is depth to the structure, many Plato type caves, where the shadows still rule.

I noticed quite a bit of change in the Word-Press blog from the Blogger blog. I like the ability to scan a topic by entering a keyword and having old posts come to life. As doc, i write in series and have much wisdom buried within. As lemme, i have a lot of early anger mitigated by love. Asbergers’ has served me well to be a functional idiot – a child who had to think real quick and made up things to fill the holes while growing down, not growing up.

Five year old lemme watched Kennedy die on television and grew up instantly at that moment. They interrupted Concentration with Hugh Downs. Game shows like What’s My LIne taught critical thinking – we learned outside of school such that school set us aside into a different category. I look around at some of my peers and i think – where are we. Thyme has come, to get Howdt.

First order of business is to create media. The blog here is nice, but … people need to be able to switch forms and get the same correct information from the news. Cognitive dissonance has given us words that can be interpreted differently from the common meaning. Are we really bound to Black’s Law Dictionary? Contract law claims so, i beg to differ.

Taxation is theft. I tried to find Nina Paley’s cute cartoon and the meme has been sunk in the memory hole by the wolves circling the ewe tube corral. Every ‘I agree’ that we agree to on our computers to use a product is a detailed legalese commitment to their fine print – your option is not to use the service. A bit coercive, eh?

As alka seltzer used to say, I can’t believe we ate the whole thing. Hook, line and sinker – we believed in what we were taught. The knew weigh is to become a resident expert in something and dig that rabbit hole deeper, with the help of the drop-ins. Drop in, turn on, tune out. Remember. Use cognitive dissonance to put together your own personal history timeline, then we can all compare notes.

I think time passes at a different rate for each of us, depending on the vibration of our internal light. The higher frequency wavelengths give us more moments per second in the now, whereas a second of time in sheeple whirled is a slow methodical slog through the long dark abyss. Thank great spirit for opening the door to photoshopped reality.

Now realize that started in 1948-1951, right Jordan? Was Kennedy really shot, or did they photoshop the Zabruder tape? Did the towers really fall? Did man land on the moon? Was O.J. guilty? Did the Mets really win the 1969 World Series?

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF. Near death experiences are the video equivalent of a restart for good players with a game upload of cheat codes, because you won the game under the prior circumstances and you need to move on to a new different experience.

Current experience – electric universe – holography – science fiction – create a new world – Eckardt Tolle – Krishnamurte – David Icke – Cynthia McKinney – Jesse Ventura – Ron Paul – Robert David Steele – David Seaman – Carol Rosin – These are a few of my peers that give me guidance through the Knew – the part of the game where we must sift through what they taught us and question truth – then tease that truth back through what we know. To weigh is to measure and compare to a reference

We do that by develop a meritocracy with an inverted hierarchy – an upside down pyramid so to speak. Down is the new up. You are at the base of your own pyramid, the ultimate arbiter of your own truth. Your baseline vibration is your ground state. Once you settle, start fixing your house around personal truth, developing nuance.

When we talk about truths, they are relative to each other. We do not have to believe to listen, but we do have to listen before we speak to argue. Let’s question our terminology and see of our apples are apples or oranges. Mixed metaphors can be cleared up – English is deliberately the language of the tower of Babel. Existence is a role play game to develop a new governance for real life.

Each person has a personal domain and can start a personal guild. The scribe guild is established to collect data for scoring the big picture, but the individual scored the little picture based on their own criteria. Different persons can score the same game differently. We participate in Events – which have rules for scoring that are specific to the event.

Experience is gained in the meritocracy by the results of the sums of the measurement of criteria at events. Players in the game earn Hour Cards, which can be place in the Grid of 64, to play a significant role in staging the event and thus earn more first hand experience.

Camp4Us is a 36 acre campus located in southern Oregon that will be the home of the metal center and the 48 hour embedded Existence game – held each weekend from friday noon to sunday noon and scored to develop a specific model – based on the cooperativity and excellence of team sports applied to a new set of knowledge parameters.

Each guild is a mini-meritocracy – run by you or joined by you where you cooperate to build a larger entity in a fully organic manner. The structural models for the game come from the compost of empire society – the first and foremost being Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.

The vehicle will be equipped to ride during the next Treei 64 day cycle. We also have fields to plant, food to grow, experiments to conduct in both science and mysticism, plus the creation of many tiny housing structures to fit our needs in the film based on Ecotopia – Callumbach’s 1980 novel of the secession of the pacific northwest from the USA.

wow – ran long today. Thank you, Jimmy.

Namaste’ … doc


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  1. our twitter feed is @LennyThyme, current count is a follower. I need a twitter lesson – will trade within a Mondragon cooperative. If you wish to learn to scribe – let lemme know. Hermits are tough to socialize – no skill sets in required areas. doc

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