Void Massing: How to start being the change

This was written last year, perhaps more timely now than when written. Namaste’ … lemme

How to start being the change.

And a new day will dawn For those who stand long And the forests will echo with laughter ”

The first day of 2016 and the plan is to not plan, just to do. I have a purring kitty cat resonating in my personal space – a matter of trust developed in a four day span – the first half of a consolidation of ownership that has me watching a friends place. I enjoy the hot shower and the full kitchen, two amenities that a homeless waif misses during the prolonged journey. Keeping spirits high and moving to intention are both liberties that are accentuated by convenience.

‘Nothing is sacred’ was the motto of an old D&D role play troupe called Cannite’s Crew. The whirled of today is moving out of the ordinary and dissolving boundaries. The false limitations of all that we were formally taught is being revealed in a span of time that is a blink in the whole of circumstance. It is the true dawning of the age of Aquarius.

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars … harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derision, golden living dreams and visions, mystic crystal revelations and the mind’s true liberation … we just gotta not let our Hair down.

That means starting fresh and starting local. I am a group of one and confident in my own personal ability to carry forth any task that I begin. I trust what I know, with continual revision of learning in the terms of what I find going on around me. I am open to debate issues; facts are things that I know by the knowledge that I have gained in a lifetime of learning. Each fact is a tool – it may not be the correct tool for the experience that you are about to discover.

If I can be self-sufficient to produce the work that I do when I do it, then I am competent enough to become a member of a larger group. Humans like to think in terms of humans; my kitty here is a second being that resonates with me as a first being and we make a good pair of two. Having a fond relationship with an animal is a prerequisite to having a mate and kids – you learn to accept the commitment of a relationship on unequal terms. Life is not fair, but your pets never seem to complain about it and are always there for you.

I like to borrow other people’s pets. The animals are truly surprised that some humans can resonate on their frequency and they are thrilled to have a companion from the normal droll routine. Larson in the Far Side has two iconic cartoons about what our dogs and cats hear when we talk to them. When we learn the frequencies of their language and talk to them with our heart, they respond immediately with enough forethought that tells me that they know quite a bit more than they let on. They serve us well, better than we serve them back.

The one major change to bring this year is to take action on being the solution, rather than the precipitate. We will learn together to grow local by thinking smaller and using our abilities to be uniquely creative with what we have. The days of global exchange are over – what we have is exactly what we have and nothing more or less. We can learn from the land like every other system that has not had the benefit of fossil fuels, or we can perish in the collapse of technogizmoism. The choice is ours on a personal basis.

Being ahead of the curve has enlightened me in a number of weighs. I use the term weigh rather than way because I measure what I learn against other things that I thought that I knew. If something I learn is different from what I thought, I suspend the old belief into a construct called the flux box. This is where I place the concepts that I have learned that I need to think about again. The ability to recognize truth from fiction is a learned skill based on many encounters with false facts. The facts, again, are only tools for building a case for a measure of thinking – we need ways of weighing our new facts against our old facts in new situations that we experience.

Experiential learning is really a form of research – where you ask a question about how something is and you take on the task of learning about it. The different places that you can acquire knowledge each say something different about the topic – as we gather information, we have to weigh the value of our sources. In school, we are taught that peer-reviewed journal articles are the only source of valid science. We have lost the ability to validate the science for ourselves, because the schools do not have the money to spend on cutting edge equipment required to do the experiments.

However, most ten year olds can do very good science. They experience a world that doesn’t quite fit with what they know and what their parents and teachers told them. They have learned from cartoons and programs and movies about how things work, without the detail of seeing for themselves the process of building from the bottom up and creating the pathways that bring technology to life. Most have had a life of pushing buttons and having things happen on screen – the days of a kid going outside and playing alone are way in the past. Or are they?

In developing local communities, we have the ability of changing the way things are to the weigh we need them to be. Coming together in the physical space that we happen to be in sets us up with the tools and abilities to create a whole civilization over from scratch. In fact, we can create thousands of these local groups, or millions, or billions; the population of Gaia stands at nearly 8 billion and that is not likely to be supportable without modern convenience … unless we do some things very differently.

Let’s collectively look at the realm of how we live and actively minimize our individual footprints. Let’s bring ourselves together in the fields and gardens and celebrate all of life by connecting with the outdoors and being part of nature, however remote that seems. Let’s turn yards into gardens and share our daily bread with whomever would like to join us in our quest, for cooperation over competition in a land of abundance. The further rambling in this blog format will share weighs of measuring progress as we regress from technogizmoism back to a simple life of learning and being by doing, rather than knowing by watching and regurgitating what we are told.

It’s a brave new world, rather than the same old, same old whirled being played by the corporate shenanigans of the dark cabal. It is a tough task to step back and start again, but with cooperative effort and many different ways of doing trial and error, we should be able to create new productive lifestyles that engage Gaia. We can start by creating games to play to learn and achieve, rather than just stealing resources and hoarding resources to corporate service. Our other water beings of the earth (plants, animals and minerals) would appreciate just our being cognizant of their welfare too, rather than using rivers as sewers and oceans for collecting oil spills and broken nuclear reactors. We humans can do better, just listen to your heart, and your pets.

DLT 1/1/16

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