Void Forming: Vortex

Coming around and going around

Everyone looking for solid ground

What comes around goes around

Never solid, our solid ground

lemme howdt 2017 creative commons

…  and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round.

The idea of taking thyme off, and filling the space with ancient wisdom, short circuited because there is too much going on.  I was going to post old blogs of relevance in the void thyme … however lemme wishes to speak howdt.

The depth of time as a constuct is meeting a brick wall. The video gave us the option of watching genius. Genius is a 10 part docudrama introducing people to the latest myth of uncle albert – Albert Einstein. Simplified cosmology for the viewership at large – the topic being space/time – here we deal with thyme/space – a very related different topic.

The show speaks geek – we grok that language. Coming off a DaVinci Demon marathon, we were all cooked up for looking at new topics in a knew weigh. Problem is – the one episode is the only one released. We watched it again, and the science is good – the propaganda is not very good.

BInge watching is an allowable vocation during the sub-vocation of elder care. As principal caretaker for a buddy for a few days, doc got out of the rhythm of isolation and made contact with hedronists of old and new standing. How we stand in each other’s eyes is important, but how we stand in our own eyes is where the game really plays. You have permission to be responsibly you.

Responsibility is a community concern. Glendale finally got the cops to evict the motel residents, with no notice because all the pretend notices before never worked. Within a week, the windows of the boarded up property were broken. The police worked against the people here – kicked them out of their homes and then allowed the property to be ransacked. Now, the city officials will condemn and seize the property and gift it to the woman who started the game of run off the deplorables and take what is theirs.

Also know as asset forfeiture. Look how many idle places are owned (?) by the banksters, boarded up and off limits for the ever increasing homeless population. To grok homeless, one has to become homeless – the way your day is spent has vastly different priorities when you have to look out for your stuff. How can you go to work, when there is no way of keeping others that you share with out of stuff that you didn’t wish to share. Share isn’t the right word – survival is a different game of life from theory.

Theory is what practice pretends to be. Practice is an attempt to do something you cannot do well, to get better at it. Except that liars and medics (aka lawyers and doctors), have practices. The BAR and the AMA are private clubs that are not working for normal people. However, individuals within these organizations are taught to believe that respect and lots of cash are necessary to live in their world.

This is no longer their world – this is our world.  We own our own consensus reality and have to take charge of our personal domains. Everything is going local, getting smaller. Up is down in the vortex. Cognitive dissonance ramps up to the point where what goes up must come down, spinning wheels, all around – talk about your troubles and you’ll never learn, ride a painted pony watch the spinning wheels turn.

Chaos begets order begets chaos, until the vibration dampens and life slows down to a new natural pace in a different ground state. The transition state requires lots of potential energy to be converted to kinetic energy to drive a reaction, which then releases all the energy and …

And then what?

Namaste’ … lemme




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