Void Flowing:

Ground State – the place where energy is at a current minimum. Some people believe that ground is the lowest state. We do not concur. At human scale, ground state is where we live at night, asleep. This is our position of rest – we still travel ‘time and space’ on our vehicle earth. Gaia does something by holding this ground state together for us. Gaia is the upper limit of human scale, which we might call the current universe.

Much of the action here takes place in the waking state. More energy flows here, and inputs include food and drink in addition to air. There are plants and animals that also have waking and sleeping states here. The scale/time relationship remains somewhat consistant and may be assumed to be constant – for the moment. When it begins to matter, this dynamic will have to be explored.

So, my dog has seven years to my one year – as she is almost four, i have a lovely twenty-eight year old associate who misinterprets communication and tries to be helpful. She is a terrier pretending to be a working dog, because she wishes to please her human. I wish to please her too, so love and affection flows and the borders of interspecies love are crossed.

In Genius, a tv docudrama, Uncle Albert asks his secretary to live with him, asks if he can love the alps and the sea, why can’t he love two women, his mistress and his wife. Tis a good question – who determined morality for us? In a personal sense as opposed to a religious sense – since we all have our own differing belief systems.

There is a major problem with intellegence today. Too many people have ceded to lower capability. When you stop using your mind, it atrophies. Logic becomes more difficult because the keys to interconnecting ‘unrelated’ event have not been explored separately. We watch a show, but do we discuss it. Do we question the morals and ethics, indeed, our own morals and ethics relative to that of the characters in the show?

This is your Truman Show. Anything you feel has become real, but what you think is irrellevant – the game goes on without your input if you swim against the waves of consensus, the waves of linear time, the thoughts of other persons. Rather than work hard to make your way through this medium, you take the shallow path and stop critical thinking in order to go with the flow. Undercurrents rise and ebb currents pull and suddenly, you are lost in the muddle in the middle.

Gone … gone … gone. When you can no longer believe in the images that you see, you give up and surrender – the beginning of a rebirth, a catharsis, an allowing of to be, to be. There is too much false data flowing in the house of cards, but when you withdraw, you may build a domecile of any material. Sticks and Stones work well, domeciles of ideas are more difficult to enable. Yet, we all have to start somewhere.

We are all free agents in a strange knew whirled, where charmed and strange are alternatives of one – if you get one the first time, you invariably get the other then next, such that yin meets yang. Sometimes you get two of the same in a row – but there are only four permutations of two – both on, both off and one in either state.

Sixtyfour is permutations of four by three or two by two by two by two by two. The grid is open to be stacked, processed and transformed – it only takes grokking the human ground and excited states. We are all atoms seeking to become parts of molecules. When the sum is greater than the whole, the fractal level shifts and the game is back to one, at a different scale. Growth and ungrowth are the methods – direction is set by a wave form.

To deal with wave forms at human scale, one requires a cosmic surfboard. Intelligence guides the surfer along the top of the water, such that you are looking down from the top rather than up at the looming tsunami. The alternatives of action become greater as you watch what was, swirl into the vortex of what is no longer, and yet we humans, at human scale get a chance to start fresh. How much baggage do we wish to carry?

None. The eye of the needle in the haystack, set in the eye of the storm, at the center of the sand timer where one grain goes at one time – each grain one at a time, through the opening and into the void – a place where ground has yet to be determined. First peepholes there get to set their weigh, but morph of measuring will occur as tools are developed to learn to count. Nothing gets carries along – just nekkid peepholes who develop into arseholes or pieholes. We have enough of each. Just be you and don’t be too attached, because it can all change again in the blink of an eye. The needle or the storm or the you.

Bee well and try not to think too much, bee well and try to think enough. Dream of the future different from the quarrels of the past. You can change you, but when you do, you will see the change in you in everybody else. Reality always enhances from a new perspective.

Namaste’ … lemme



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