II Mass Flowing: Satyagraha Thyme

Early morning rain before the world awakens – cleansing showers that bring aluminum, barium and strontium raining down from above. Chemtrails are geo-engineering gone mad – let’s pull the plug before desertification puts us into de Nile – sand, sand everywhere.

Something is set off askew, such that the things that should be are not being and things that should not be are being. To escape off the edge is to leave the flat earth behind, leave the round earth behind, and reside at the holo-earth. Many worlds theory, a new bubble appearing every blink – how do we reference the scale?

Fractal scales are embedded in fractal scales. The imprint is self-similar when adjacent, but not required at a distance. Quantum mechanics puts everything at a distance and couples it all. Thus, ground state may be a coupled pair – the energy of a single unpaired electron is not dampened by anyone.

Watching people got boring – watching animals is more structured. Izzy the Wonder Dog is teaching me the ropes of being a zen pit bull. Her attention span of 10 seconds does not allow her to play the role of sheep dog. She groks english and asks permissions – and gives me that dopey smile that sets well with doc and bashful.

There are seven dwarfs and five guilds. How many people can name all seven dwarfs? Doc, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful and Snoopy. We are on a Wellness campaign and had to let Sneezy go. The plan was to downsize, but everyone should be owned by a dog. Especially one that plays shortstop.

I get data to crunch from sports – the performance of athletes is one of the few highly accurate measurements available for consumer display.  Sports are a distraction – we all need something to relieve the pain. Why can’t we grade kids in schools on metrics similar to grading professional athletes? Why can’t we get rid of schools – they are teaching the deth kulture.

No more monsanitized whirled. The Citibank Mets need to change managers – Terry is insanity squared. He blew thru the entire bullpen yesterday and then got blown by an overused closer – one who threw an inning in a 6-1 win the night before. Argh. Bad baseball. NO Terry Collins hour card for yesterday.

I earned an hour card by mapping the strategy for the five guilds for the next six weeks. The scribe guild develops scoring models. The water guild installs the pump and the watering system. The earth guild starts the gardens and the air guild looks after the needs of the people showing up. And finally, the fire guild scorches the earth – well, creates bio-char for water filtration and compost integration.

The count is four humans, one dog, 15 geese, 15 ducks, 5 chickens and a ferret. The count diminishes this weekend – the ferret is leaving. The sequence of events is such that we have our calendars set up on the wrong frequencies. Caesar was stalled at his inception for five years before he ascended to oversee the destruction of the roman empire. Then the calendar started. The chords play the same songs in astral conjunction – the true date appears to be May 27, 2017 – er, coming soon to a theater near you.

The day breaks, your mind aches You find that all her words of kindness linger on you When she no longer needs you.  She wakes up she makes up She takes her time and doesn’t feel she has to hurry She no longer needs you. And in her eyes you see nothing No sign of love behind her tears Cried for no one A love that should have lasted years.

Until the day breaks, we are watching and waiting, with baited breath, as the holographic illusion plays out to the next segment – the reward and penalty stage of the game. Realize, you can check out any time you want, but you may never leave.

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping … into the future. The Eagle, the hawk and the egret have all appeared recently – one of the ducks was lunch for a big bird – feathers strewn in a manner where you could tell the battle was fierce. It may have been a different predator – the human scale aspects of life howdtside da baax will not revenge kill predators – they have to eat too. The weigh of life changes and we are clueless to move until … until …

Until we wake up and stop the charades. Pull the plug on industrial insanity. Doc declares satyagraha – effective as of May 27, 2017 – where we develop the secret society into the open and stop pretending that we are ruled by the corruptest of the corrupt. I volunteer for the truth and reconciliation committee – with Catherine Austin Fitts, Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, Robert David Steele, Jesse Ventura and every other American that wishes to take part. States rights over federal – county rights to self-govern over state rights and total sovereignty – individual autonomy with reason in a meritocracy.

A flock of Canadian geese just flew over – I take it as a sign that nature supports this effort. Cleanse the soul by confronting real – with the knew weigh of measuring everything using criteria established by guilds, based upon reason. Other folks may attempt other methods – everything is possible when you remove the artificial limits of time and space.

One more note: thank you to the three twitter followers! much appreciated. The twitter metric is going to signal me as to where we are in the grand scheme of things – any random measurement can be used as a metric guide – as long as you know the exponent of the natural logarithm. If that exponent is 0.61 or any multiple (1.61, 2.61, 3.61, etc), then you get the golden mean and more natural mass flow occurs.

Namaste … lemme

II Mass Forming: Existence Game Basics

Each sixtyfour day cycle is a new personal Existence game. The game starts at Mass Massing and continues through Void Voiding. These games are experiments in designing scoring systems and are set to establish a crude baseline for later comparison. If you wish to play the game – request a number.

If you already have a number – you are grandfathered into the game. There are currently 20 pages of assigned numbers – for groups of one or two. Individual couples are counted as a group weighing 2.33 rather than two. This extra third is a correction factor for added efficiency of two coordinated people working together.

Physical presence here in the land of Az is a major score factor. Time spent on-site is counted as value in our Faith and Trust Union. This accumulation of community hours is a basis set multiplier for scoring the game. Everybody is responsible for self-reporting – the scribe guild has sole responsibility for scoring. Scores will be posted at regular intervals – on campus. Each level of score will earn a player a unique hour card.

An hour card is like a baseball card. It has a picture of the player or her avatar on the front and statistics on the back. The statistics are relevant to demonstrate the ability of the player. The card is a showcase for the individual and typically come cheap in a package with a stick of stale gum. At the very least, the card is useful as a noise maker between the spokes of a bicycle, held on by a clothes pin.

If you design a nice card, it can be used to trade with other people. If the card is worth an hour of your time, upon return to you, then we have a source of cheap currency that only requires a little but of time and a printer. When you earn eight unique hour cards at a 48 hour event – you then have the means of using the value of your time here on campus as part of our learning endeavor. If we invite you to stay.

To come together, right now, over me – you have to play by my rules. My rules are: 1) you have to be honest with yourself 2) you have to leave the outside world outside when on campus 3) you have to assist your guild in setting up protocols for the work to be done 4) you have to be willing to immerse yourself in the concept of role-play. Obviously, these rules are not in order.

The game of Existence is my rules for me. I am schizophrenic and have multiple personalities – the dysfunction is documented in 15 years of journals and many more years of raw unbridled enthusiasm for number crunching. The game changers have occurred gradually – this blog (as the Zone) has been on the net now for 15 years.

As of yesterday – there is a new game domain open – the d shell. The level of pretense is over – the work that has to be done is now starting to form. Yesterday – the mass massing began with grounding – I fasted. No coffee – just a couple cups of tea with lemon and otherwise water. Structured water. Water is the basis of life, the seat of intelligence. We are water.

Water is the key ingredient in growth. Water is the inorganic component that works with the carbon scaffolding to enable this form of being. You are what you eat. No more glyphosate in my diet. The water guild needs two people to set up the Rife RAM pumps and start filling the containers. We also need to design a water structure device for the pump outlet or the container inlet.

Weekly Awards: Informational websites

The gold LEME for this week goes to Farmwars – the best information sourse on the monsanity of governance. The silver LEME goes to Geoengineering Watch – the leader in the stop spraying our skies game. The bronze LEME goes to LewRockwell – a libertarian, austrian economic news perspective site.

The metric of accumulated LEMEs will give us criteria for ultimately deciding what we as individuals and we as a collective believe. The collective of individuals does not have to believe the same thing as any one individual – there must be consensus. From experience, consensus minue one works better and any measurement at human scale has to have an error of at least plus or minus one.

So – if you disagree with an otherwise unanimous consensus, you have a one time, one meeting hold where you are given a fixed amount of time to pursuade one other person to leave the consensus. If you can the vote is not unanimous and you stop the action. However, if you cannot get at least one other person to agree with your reasoning to stop the action – you must join the consensus. Or leave – because the argument is over. It has to be that way, or else we would never really ever agree.

Leaving is not necessarily banishment. If we have many participating existence groups, leaving one group allows you to either start a new group, join an existing group or leave the game entirely. Your guild is a representation of you and we would really prefer not to drive away players, but we cannot accept existing american life into this role play game. Mind set is on building from the compost, not fixing the old ways.

If you are ready to step howdt – my thyme is valuable. I am willing to share. If the Wizard of Az accepts your offer – camp4us is starting this grow season and the tilling is set for soon. May 15 is the last frost – so the chemtrail game is crossing the lines on destroying harvests and hence must be stopped. The agenda is clear – Beatles lyrics! Movie scripts! Science Fiction Novels! Role-Plays! Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about.

Oh – by the weigh – ding/dong the witch is dead – which ole witch? – the wicked witch – ding/dong the wicked witch is dead. Where comey goes – shitstorms follow… are we there yet?

Namaste’ … lemme

Void Voiding: Clarification

Kudos to Justin for coming clean in support of one human working on human scale. Since doc takes his void voiding seriously, this truth is important to his world view. Others truths either coincide or contrast – we only know what to think from within our specific fields. (Late add – ref book – McTaggert – the Field)

Doc does not watch other people. He watches other people’s behavior in situations, but the american focus on personality is completely lost on him. Everybody present in the moment deserves absolute attention and we all need to listen before we talk. However, discourse between two people is highly informative in the need to download both information and perspective. Discerning requires filters.

I have never ‘watched’ Corey Goode speak. I have never watched Gaia television – but i have read David Wilcock’s books and listened to Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu specific videos. The ideas are more important than the messenger. To me, anyway the wind blows, free!

Ideas have been placed into our forebrains by the system at large – and each individual develops perspective depending on their uptake of knowledge from informed sources. The ‘truth’ depends upon what we already believe, but how we know what we know is not really questioned. Have you every pulled a string on a knit sweater and seen the entire piece unravel?

Baseline knowledge depends on perspective. Our perspective draws upon information provided to us from sources we trust. This means that they turned out after our experience to be valid as interpreted. We reject false beliefs, but true and false absolutes have a lot of relatives in the between space – the muddle in the middle.

Quantum Mechanics develops the concept that there is no between space. Everything is connected in a unique form that depends upon coupled spin states. What is a state? We have been talking about ground states – the baseline where your energy is zero. On human scale – the sleep state.

Dream a little dream for me. Or Supertramp it: Well can you put you hands on your head on no – what a day, a year, a life it is. You know that you have it coming to you, now there’s not a lot you can do. Or is there? You can change magick.

Magick is a belief system – what you believe you can do, you can do. What you know you cannot do, you cannot do. In between, it is all about how you present the illusion. A belief system depends upon the foundation of knowledge and the basis of fact. Bonding in chemistry terms is a lot the same as bonding in human terms.

People are all human. Americans are inhuman, in that the neurological make-up is ‘cyborg trance’ – most of the sheeple listen to other sheeple. Most of the awake listen to other awake. Few awake bother to listen to sheeple, except to resist. Few sheeple even know awake exists as a state. They live in the dream. Some call it the Matrix. You are not Neo.

You are you. Now try this one. I am you. You are me. We are altogether. See, how we run, like pigs from a gun, see how we run. You now grok, the philosophy of Popeye, I am what I am. You can be anything that you wish to be, except that you cannot not be you. So, who are you? Tell me, tell me, tell me, come on tell me the answer. Well, you may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer.

Cartoon physics is the new believable reality. The whirled has become Wile E. Coyote in the first seconds over the cliff. Beep, Beep. Cosmic Surfboards are required for the next phase – Scotty, beam me up. Jim Beam – straight up, no chaser. Music. Acapella – Queen – Pentatonix.

I like the couch – i have two currently under a tarp in the field. When the rain stops, the reign stops. When we have a bit of information that changes a lot of things, due diligence suggests that we put in the thyme to figure things howdt from a different logic perspective.

Formats change … visions depth defy. The quest for vision is what each of us seeks – now we have to close our eyes and let go and see what sticks when we change our ideas of everything, based on the things we really know being looked at from a different perspective – the knew weigh. A New Way. Using an old way – the Tao. The weigh of the way and the way of the weigh. Cognitive dissonance – which weigh way will you choose?

Namaste’ … lemme


Void Minding: Lings!

The netizens are playing games – they rotated these pix. Turn your screen.

Gooselings – with Ducklings to come. Enjoy outside today!

Namaste’ … lemme

Void Sounding: Knew Rules

Holographic reality implies that we are part of a simulation where our brains together create a reality that, by consensus, is what we live in. We talk to each other and set our pace-clocks into resonance. The illusion of reality is that we believe what we were taught and react that which we really know.

Truth seekers are now truth speakers. Jimmy from Bright Insight and Rex from Leak Project join Jordan from Destroying the Illusion in winning LEME’s as this week’s top three alt news sites. The metric criteria is count of You Tube vids watched by doc and the level of interest generated from the point of view.

(LEME’s are lemme and doc’s emmy equivalents)

Discernment requires you believe some things and do not believe other things. The mixing and matching allows you to create a single unique orientational perspective. Humans want other people to share our perspective and we attempt to influence each other through our actions and interactions.

What is saving a life? Life does not end when we stop breathing – maybe our belief system takes us into our next cognitive reality. I have the privilege of having taken two vision quests in my lifetime – without grokking what they were at the time, both were near death experience, NDEs.

My guess is that you violated terms of the game and were eliminated, then your character is recreated in its own image and then life goes on in a different fractal reality game with the starting conditions the same as the ending conditions where the prior game was terminated. You might not get to come back as you – you might end up being somebody else with your brain – that is movie candy right now – Nicholas Cage did one of those wake up in another life, instant family flicks.

Doc did his for real. He can tell the second story, from 2007, but the 1980 vision quest is going to need some assistance with the extraction. Speaking truth to power is the knew weigh – a measured attempt to determine what reality can and cannot do. Space and time are Speights and Thyme – parameters of a questioning of everything we think we know.

The game of Existence – IV is going to begin at the next Mass Massing. The mini-goal is to create a catalog of Alt-Space where people who wish to go down rabbitholes can have the experience of following the footsteps of others in said rabbit hole. There is depth to the structure, many Plato type caves, where the shadows still rule.

I noticed quite a bit of change in the Word-Press blog from the Blogger blog. I like the ability to scan a topic by entering a keyword and having old posts come to life. As doc, i write in series and have much wisdom buried within. As lemme, i have a lot of early anger mitigated by love. Asbergers’ has served me well to be a functional idiot – a child who had to think real quick and made up things to fill the holes while growing down, not growing up.

Five year old lemme watched Kennedy die on television and grew up instantly at that moment. They interrupted Concentration with Hugh Downs. Game shows like What’s My LIne taught critical thinking – we learned outside of school such that school set us aside into a different category. I look around at some of my peers and i think – where are we. Thyme has come, to get Howdt.

First order of business is to create media. The blog here is nice, but … people need to be able to switch forms and get the same correct information from the news. Cognitive dissonance has given us words that can be interpreted differently from the common meaning. Are we really bound to Black’s Law Dictionary? Contract law claims so, i beg to differ.

Taxation is theft. I tried to find Nina Paley’s cute cartoon and the meme has been sunk in the memory hole by the wolves circling the ewe tube corral. Every ‘I agree’ that we agree to on our computers to use a product is a detailed legalese commitment to their fine print – your option is not to use the service. A bit coercive, eh?

As alka seltzer used to say, I can’t believe we ate the whole thing. Hook, line and sinker – we believed in what we were taught. The knew weigh is to become a resident expert in something and dig that rabbit hole deeper, with the help of the drop-ins. Drop in, turn on, tune out. Remember. Use cognitive dissonance to put together your own personal history timeline, then we can all compare notes.

I think time passes at a different rate for each of us, depending on the vibration of our internal light. The higher frequency wavelengths give us more moments per second in the now, whereas a second of time in sheeple whirled is a slow methodical slog through the long dark abyss. Thank great spirit for opening the door to photoshopped reality.

Now realize that started in 1948-1951, right Jordan? Was Kennedy really shot, or did they photoshop the Zabruder tape? Did the towers really fall? Did man land on the moon? Was O.J. guilty? Did the Mets really win the 1969 World Series?

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. SFF. Near death experiences are the video equivalent of a restart for good players with a game upload of cheat codes, because you won the game under the prior circumstances and you need to move on to a new different experience.

Current experience – electric universe – holography – science fiction – create a new world – Eckardt Tolle – Krishnamurte – David Icke – Cynthia McKinney – Jesse Ventura – Ron Paul – Robert David Steele – David Seaman – Carol Rosin – These are a few of my peers that give me guidance through the Knew – the part of the game where we must sift through what they taught us and question truth – then tease that truth back through what we know. To weigh is to measure and compare to a reference

We do that by develop a meritocracy with an inverted hierarchy – an upside down pyramid so to speak. Down is the new up. You are at the base of your own pyramid, the ultimate arbiter of your own truth. Your baseline vibration is your ground state. Once you settle, start fixing your house around personal truth, developing nuance.

When we talk about truths, they are relative to each other. We do not have to believe to listen, but we do have to listen before we speak to argue. Let’s question our terminology and see of our apples are apples or oranges. Mixed metaphors can be cleared up – English is deliberately the language of the tower of Babel. Existence is a role play game to develop a new governance for real life.

Each person has a personal domain and can start a personal guild. The scribe guild is established to collect data for scoring the big picture, but the individual scored the little picture based on their own criteria. Different persons can score the same game differently. We participate in Events – which have rules for scoring that are specific to the event.

Experience is gained in the meritocracy by the results of the sums of the measurement of criteria at events. Players in the game earn Hour Cards, which can be place in the Grid of 64, to play a significant role in staging the event and thus earn more first hand experience.

Camp4Us is a 36 acre campus located in southern Oregon that will be the home of the metal center and the 48 hour embedded Existence game – held each weekend from friday noon to sunday noon and scored to develop a specific model – based on the cooperativity and excellence of team sports applied to a new set of knowledge parameters.

Each guild is a mini-meritocracy – run by you or joined by you where you cooperate to build a larger entity in a fully organic manner. The structural models for the game come from the compost of empire society – the first and foremost being Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.

The vehicle will be equipped to ride during the next Treei 64 day cycle. We also have fields to plant, food to grow, experiments to conduct in both science and mysticism, plus the creation of many tiny housing structures to fit our needs in the film based on Ecotopia – Callumbach’s 1980 novel of the secession of the pacific northwest from the USA.

wow – ran long today. Thank you, Jimmy.

Namaste’ … doc


Void Loving: Fixing Medicine

Buenos dias para el cinco de mayo.

Doc read an article this morning that everyone needs to read on fixing the healthcare system. The article demonstrates good logic and would turn things around, except that the underpinning of all medicine is currently fraudulent. We really do not need the health care system, we need individual personal health care coming from source.

To really understand, we need to fix the interface between chemistry and biology. The academic system has entrenched bad information into the subjective learning system in such a way as to lead us off path from the start. This was not necessarily deliberate, but with information being revealed now thru wikileaks, i have my doubts.

Doc is a professional theoretical chemistry that was releaved of his five acre farm, wealth and reputation after a 2007 hospital visit. (Stop here and read this – or continue without some deeper context ). Never quite grokked the whys – if you follow the history of this blog and its forbearers, i bet the answers can be revealed to the wise.


The field of developing mechanisms for biological chemical processes is the field doc where cut his chemistry teeth. His appreciation for building blocks to be self-assembling led to finding a definition for the role of specific metals in biological settings. The answer is in the geometry – the configuration of the atoms depends on diffusion of energy, such that each of the atoms is in the lowest possible ground state.

The method to find the locations of the atoms is called x-ray crystallography. Patterns of light are analyzed by positioning crystals in a field and collecting backscatter data. Works like a charm and we get pictures of atoms fixed in space.

Houston, we have a problem! To grow crystals in a laboratory setting of biological materials, one must get the substrate to precipitate from the solution. In other words, we remove the water to allow the organic portion to crystallize in set patterns with itself, based on having an excess concentration of material dissolved in the water, then changing physical conditions. Cold temp tends to drop things out nicely.

Gerald Pollack – UW biochemist – wrote Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life to discuss this specific interface and it was the first book that i read from a biologist in 30 years that got the chemistry correct, by what was my understanding of chemistry at that time. The Fourth Phase of Water is a seminal work – it changes both chemistry and biology by defining the interface in different terms.

It also makes the old model moot. So natchelly, the scientists congregated to have the gatekeepers pull a Pons and Fleichman, assassinate the reputation of the messinger and obfuscate the importance of the discovery. Just so they could teach the same old, same old in the hallowed halls of academia, rather than have the integrity to redefine and explore reality. It’s only about their narrative, lies steeped in truth, swallowed by lies. What is real?

Water has intelligence. Beneviste’s work on homeopathy in the 1980’s was withdrawn from the literature after Nature and Science (journals = gatekeepers) decided that he falsified his data and it couldn’t be true. The suppression of science is continuous, the model of physics that is learned in university does not fit the universe in integrity. It is only a model, like Camelot in Python and the Grail.

Many of our cultural references point to the idea that we know the illusions that we held are no longer valid. People have to step up to the plate with their personal truths, such that we can grasp the real picture. To this end, I would like to embed a video. A story of the current way and why we need the Knew Weigh – forthcoming to a real theater to you. Casting call begins Tuesday.

Davey, Otr … are you guys in?

Namaste … doc Lenny

This video speaks an individual truth : your personal integrity is the most meaningful thing that you own. Reinvent yourself, as often as you learn and grow.

Void Flowing:

Ground State – the place where energy is at a current minimum. Some people believe that ground is the lowest state. We do not concur. At human scale, ground state is where we live at night, asleep. This is our position of rest – we still travel ‘time and space’ on our vehicle earth. Gaia does something by holding this ground state together for us. Gaia is the upper limit of human scale, which we might call the current universe.

Much of the action here takes place in the waking state. More energy flows here, and inputs include food and drink in addition to air. There are plants and animals that also have waking and sleeping states here. The scale/time relationship remains somewhat consistant and may be assumed to be constant – for the moment. When it begins to matter, this dynamic will have to be explored.

So, my dog has seven years to my one year – as she is almost four, i have a lovely twenty-eight year old associate who misinterprets communication and tries to be helpful. She is a terrier pretending to be a working dog, because she wishes to please her human. I wish to please her too, so love and affection flows and the borders of interspecies love are crossed.

In Genius, a tv docudrama, Uncle Albert asks his secretary to live with him, asks if he can love the alps and the sea, why can’t he love two women, his mistress and his wife. Tis a good question – who determined morality for us? In a personal sense as opposed to a religious sense – since we all have our own differing belief systems.

There is a major problem with intellegence today. Too many people have ceded to lower capability. When you stop using your mind, it atrophies. Logic becomes more difficult because the keys to interconnecting ‘unrelated’ event have not been explored separately. We watch a show, but do we discuss it. Do we question the morals and ethics, indeed, our own morals and ethics relative to that of the characters in the show?

This is your Truman Show. Anything you feel has become real, but what you think is irrellevant – the game goes on without your input if you swim against the waves of consensus, the waves of linear time, the thoughts of other persons. Rather than work hard to make your way through this medium, you take the shallow path and stop critical thinking in order to go with the flow. Undercurrents rise and ebb currents pull and suddenly, you are lost in the muddle in the middle.

Gone … gone … gone. When you can no longer believe in the images that you see, you give up and surrender – the beginning of a rebirth, a catharsis, an allowing of to be, to be. There is too much false data flowing in the house of cards, but when you withdraw, you may build a domecile of any material. Sticks and Stones work well, domeciles of ideas are more difficult to enable. Yet, we all have to start somewhere.

We are all free agents in a strange knew whirled, where charmed and strange are alternatives of one – if you get one the first time, you invariably get the other then next, such that yin meets yang. Sometimes you get two of the same in a row – but there are only four permutations of two – both on, both off and one in either state.

Sixtyfour is permutations of four by three or two by two by two by two by two. The grid is open to be stacked, processed and transformed – it only takes grokking the human ground and excited states. We are all atoms seeking to become parts of molecules. When the sum is greater than the whole, the fractal level shifts and the game is back to one, at a different scale. Growth and ungrowth are the methods – direction is set by a wave form.

To deal with wave forms at human scale, one requires a cosmic surfboard. Intelligence guides the surfer along the top of the water, such that you are looking down from the top rather than up at the looming tsunami. The alternatives of action become greater as you watch what was, swirl into the vortex of what is no longer, and yet we humans, at human scale get a chance to start fresh. How much baggage do we wish to carry?

None. The eye of the needle in the haystack, set in the eye of the storm, at the center of the sand timer where one grain goes at one time – each grain one at a time, through the opening and into the void – a place where ground has yet to be determined. First peepholes there get to set their weigh, but morph of measuring will occur as tools are developed to learn to count. Nothing gets carries along – just nekkid peepholes who develop into arseholes or pieholes. We have enough of each. Just be you and don’t be too attached, because it can all change again in the blink of an eye. The needle or the storm or the you.

Bee well and try not to think too much, bee well and try to think enough. Dream of the future different from the quarrels of the past. You can change you, but when you do, you will see the change in you in everybody else. Reality always enhances from a new perspective.

Namaste’ … lemme



Void Forming: Vortex

Coming around and going around

Everyone looking for solid ground

What comes around goes around

Never solid, our solid ground

lemme howdt 2017 creative commons

…  and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round.

The idea of taking thyme off, and filling the space with ancient wisdom, short circuited because there is too much going on.  I was going to post old blogs of relevance in the void thyme … however lemme wishes to speak howdt.

The depth of time as a constuct is meeting a brick wall. The video gave us the option of watching genius. Genius is a 10 part docudrama introducing people to the latest myth of uncle albert – Albert Einstein. Simplified cosmology for the viewership at large – the topic being space/time – here we deal with thyme/space – a very related different topic.

The show speaks geek – we grok that language. Coming off a DaVinci Demon marathon, we were all cooked up for looking at new topics in a knew weigh. Problem is – the one episode is the only one released. We watched it again, and the science is good – the propaganda is not very good.

BInge watching is an allowable vocation during the sub-vocation of elder care. As principal caretaker for a buddy for a few days, doc got out of the rhythm of isolation and made contact with hedronists of old and new standing. How we stand in each other’s eyes is important, but how we stand in our own eyes is where the game really plays. You have permission to be responsibly you.

Responsibility is a community concern. Glendale finally got the cops to evict the motel residents, with no notice because all the pretend notices before never worked. Within a week, the windows of the boarded up property were broken. The police worked against the people here – kicked them out of their homes and then allowed the property to be ransacked. Now, the city officials will condemn and seize the property and gift it to the woman who started the game of run off the deplorables and take what is theirs.

Also know as asset forfeiture. Look how many idle places are owned (?) by the banksters, boarded up and off limits for the ever increasing homeless population. To grok homeless, one has to become homeless – the way your day is spent has vastly different priorities when you have to look out for your stuff. How can you go to work, when there is no way of keeping others that you share with out of stuff that you didn’t wish to share. Share isn’t the right word – survival is a different game of life from theory.

Theory is what practice pretends to be. Practice is an attempt to do something you cannot do well, to get better at it. Except that liars and medics (aka lawyers and doctors), have practices. The BAR and the AMA are private clubs that are not working for normal people. However, individuals within these organizations are taught to believe that respect and lots of cash are necessary to live in their world.

This is no longer their world – this is our world.  We own our own consensus reality and have to take charge of our personal domains. Everything is going local, getting smaller. Up is down in the vortex. Cognitive dissonance ramps up to the point where what goes up must come down, spinning wheels, all around – talk about your troubles and you’ll never learn, ride a painted pony watch the spinning wheels turn.

Chaos begets order begets chaos, until the vibration dampens and life slows down to a new natural pace in a different ground state. The transition state requires lots of potential energy to be converted to kinetic energy to drive a reaction, which then releases all the energy and …

And then what?

Namaste’ … lemme




Void Massing: How to start being the change

This was written last year, perhaps more timely now than when written. Namaste’ … lemme

How to start being the change.

And a new day will dawn For those who stand long And the forests will echo with laughter ”

The first day of 2016 and the plan is to not plan, just to do. I have a purring kitty cat resonating in my personal space – a matter of trust developed in a four day span – the first half of a consolidation of ownership that has me watching a friends place. I enjoy the hot shower and the full kitchen, two amenities that a homeless waif misses during the prolonged journey. Keeping spirits high and moving to intention are both liberties that are accentuated by convenience.

‘Nothing is sacred’ was the motto of an old D&D role play troupe called Cannite’s Crew. The whirled of today is moving out of the ordinary and dissolving boundaries. The false limitations of all that we were formally taught is being revealed in a span of time that is a blink in the whole of circumstance. It is the true dawning of the age of Aquarius.

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars … harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derision, golden living dreams and visions, mystic crystal revelations and the mind’s true liberation … we just gotta not let our Hair down.

That means starting fresh and starting local. I am a group of one and confident in my own personal ability to carry forth any task that I begin. I trust what I know, with continual revision of learning in the terms of what I find going on around me. I am open to debate issues; facts are things that I know by the knowledge that I have gained in a lifetime of learning. Each fact is a tool – it may not be the correct tool for the experience that you are about to discover.

If I can be self-sufficient to produce the work that I do when I do it, then I am competent enough to become a member of a larger group. Humans like to think in terms of humans; my kitty here is a second being that resonates with me as a first being and we make a good pair of two. Having a fond relationship with an animal is a prerequisite to having a mate and kids – you learn to accept the commitment of a relationship on unequal terms. Life is not fair, but your pets never seem to complain about it and are always there for you.

I like to borrow other people’s pets. The animals are truly surprised that some humans can resonate on their frequency and they are thrilled to have a companion from the normal droll routine. Larson in the Far Side has two iconic cartoons about what our dogs and cats hear when we talk to them. When we learn the frequencies of their language and talk to them with our heart, they respond immediately with enough forethought that tells me that they know quite a bit more than they let on. They serve us well, better than we serve them back.

The one major change to bring this year is to take action on being the solution, rather than the precipitate. We will learn together to grow local by thinking smaller and using our abilities to be uniquely creative with what we have. The days of global exchange are over – what we have is exactly what we have and nothing more or less. We can learn from the land like every other system that has not had the benefit of fossil fuels, or we can perish in the collapse of technogizmoism. The choice is ours on a personal basis.

Being ahead of the curve has enlightened me in a number of weighs. I use the term weigh rather than way because I measure what I learn against other things that I thought that I knew. If something I learn is different from what I thought, I suspend the old belief into a construct called the flux box. This is where I place the concepts that I have learned that I need to think about again. The ability to recognize truth from fiction is a learned skill based on many encounters with false facts. The facts, again, are only tools for building a case for a measure of thinking – we need ways of weighing our new facts against our old facts in new situations that we experience.

Experiential learning is really a form of research – where you ask a question about how something is and you take on the task of learning about it. The different places that you can acquire knowledge each say something different about the topic – as we gather information, we have to weigh the value of our sources. In school, we are taught that peer-reviewed journal articles are the only source of valid science. We have lost the ability to validate the science for ourselves, because the schools do not have the money to spend on cutting edge equipment required to do the experiments.

However, most ten year olds can do very good science. They experience a world that doesn’t quite fit with what they know and what their parents and teachers told them. They have learned from cartoons and programs and movies about how things work, without the detail of seeing for themselves the process of building from the bottom up and creating the pathways that bring technology to life. Most have had a life of pushing buttons and having things happen on screen – the days of a kid going outside and playing alone are way in the past. Or are they?

In developing local communities, we have the ability of changing the way things are to the weigh we need them to be. Coming together in the physical space that we happen to be in sets us up with the tools and abilities to create a whole civilization over from scratch. In fact, we can create thousands of these local groups, or millions, or billions; the population of Gaia stands at nearly 8 billion and that is not likely to be supportable without modern convenience … unless we do some things very differently.

Let’s collectively look at the realm of how we live and actively minimize our individual footprints. Let’s bring ourselves together in the fields and gardens and celebrate all of life by connecting with the outdoors and being part of nature, however remote that seems. Let’s turn yards into gardens and share our daily bread with whomever would like to join us in our quest, for cooperation over competition in a land of abundance. The further rambling in this blog format will share weighs of measuring progress as we regress from technogizmoism back to a simple life of learning and being by doing, rather than knowing by watching and regurgitating what we are told.

It’s a brave new world, rather than the same old, same old whirled being played by the corporate shenanigans of the dark cabal. It is a tough task to step back and start again, but with cooperative effort and many different ways of doing trial and error, we should be able to create new productive lifestyles that engage Gaia. We can start by creating games to play to learn and achieve, rather than just stealing resources and hoarding resources to corporate service. Our other water beings of the earth (plants, animals and minerals) would appreciate just our being cognizant of their welfare too, rather than using rivers as sewers and oceans for collecting oil spills and broken nuclear reactors. We humans can do better, just listen to your heart, and your pets.

DLT 1/1/16