II Form Minding: Thyme in a Bottle

Yesterday, we set the stage for the summer solstice. There is still a month to go to get there, but the decisions of today are the seedlings for the plantations of tomorrow. We can start in our minds and our hearts, then continue the assembly in the physical space, after the event has occurred.

The current model is about business as unusual. The idea of stepping back into the system that we worked so hard to get out of seems ridiculous. Yet, when you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, however improbable, is what we have to work with. The starting conditions are extremely important; we can always start over at any time, although not necessarily at the ground state.

The ground state is relative, not absolute. Your current ground state is a function of your level and your tier in the game. Age is a liability in Existence – the older you get, the more experience you have at the inanity of the old whirled, which we have to strip off and remove from the next illusion, through successive iterations of rethink. Here is how we unschool.

Rethink is something that comes from Redile. Redile is research directed learning. The focus of the learning follows the direction of where the logical next step is, rather than the construct of the formal system. When we step back and look within rather than without, we have changed the perspective and can learn anew.

Anu, the cosmic sailor left yesterday : today, with Wendy, he is paired within a couplet: Void Loving and Flow Forming. Interesting – he went there to do plumbing – might that be flow forming when you look at it? The random generator called life can put together all sorts of possibilities by arranging the small numbers into geometric patterns and then conserving energy with symmetry.

In chemistry terms, a couplet based on the hydrogen molecule is most stable. This means that it has a low energy ground state. The individual electron takes up more space when it is unpaired – a pair creates a nest at lower energy where it can consolidate and produce patterns of fibonacci growth. It takes two to tango – the pair of two is worth 2.33 as a multiplier in the scoring system, because a pair has an advantage over two singles.

Observation – doc is enlightened beyond the frequency of 60 Hz per second – the computer and the lights flicker and slow down the work. Guess this means that his personal fractal reality has shifted again – the ground state for doc is different than the ground state for lemme today. Most recently, since the new game began, really.

In chemistry terms, orbitals fit into s, p, d and f shells. The first s orbital has space for two electrons. According to the periodic table, the two lightest elements, hydrogen and helium have electrons only in the 1s space. Chemistry is based on electrons landing in orbitals and bonding by sharing relative energy. An atom has absolute energy and people have a need for absolute analogy. Okay – you are a hydrogen atom.

You have two choices – you can be alone or you can be paired. A lone pair is when two electrons pair and do not bonds to anything other than themselves. A lone pair is better than two alone individuals. So hydrogen, H2 can be seen as more stable, having a lower ground state than a single hydrogen atom. There are also hydrogen protons and hydrides – hydrogen anions. The wave function for hydrogen is complex – supercomputers have worked it out. This relates later.

Hydrogen, H2 is a gas. It is part of the atmosphere – along with Oxygen, Nitrogen, Water, Carbon Dioxide and many other gasses. Methane for instance. Atmospheric chemistry is a solution of gasses dissolved in other gasses, hydrogen is just one of the gasses in the game. Water is another. Water is – well, water,  H2O . The hydrogen atoms in water are bound to the oxygen, not to each other.

A child is the Oxygen that makes a family resemble water instead of Hydrogen. Three atoms coupled in a deep arrangement, much more complex that the simple pairing of hydrogen together. Remember how different your marriage was before you introduced the first child. Sweet child of innocence, living in the present tense, what became of all the years, are you drowning in your fears, who will catch you when you fall …

The chemistry analogy is a basic theme of ONRRE – the outdoor natural resources research endeavor. Using Redile, let’s rethink through everything we call science, to see where the weigh separates from the way. Then we can go back and change themes and pursue the new lines of knowledge through the crosscurrents and have a different perspective. The more different perspectives we can generate together, the more the illusion will come into view and we will see the false elephants hiding in the invisible rooms.

I need assistance. I am moving from form to flow after a void tomorrow – i do not have the equipment repaired in order to make the flow happen. I need a tractor or some other device (rototiller, shovel) to open the ground for planting veggies. I do not believe in no till – i believe in limited till. We plan to experiment with the methods used on the crops after we have determined the baseline without making any changes.

That baseline is established as of early june – an entire year of observing the fallow frontier. I have plots of wilded crops, but i need the ground ripped, within the next nine days. The cosmic sailor sailed away to get the flowform working – thyme to request what is required aloud. Does anybody know what thyme it is? Does anybody really care?

namaste’ … lemme

music refs 1) kansas 2) chicago

II Form Sounding: Perceptions

Wheels are turning … Existence is a game of perception. The rules are firmly set to be different at each level of the game, such that when you complete a level, you begin at the ground state of the next level. The constant to each level is you, and when you change levels, you get more information that allows you to continue your journey, deeper into your own rabbit hole and broader into other peep holes of perception.

Information is malleable – it changes. It is fungible – it changes. What is truth for you might not be true for others, but other’s perception only matters in certain cases. You are expected to do your own homework, if you don’t, the only person you cheat is yourself. Your score should be accurately based upon your ability – you should do what you do as best you can, but not better. After all, you are only human.

You are allowed to be wrong and still act, as long as your perception in still in focus. When the event is on, there is no scoring taking place. You are in the event to play the game and learn from the actions – you are not looking at a retrospective and analyzing what happened because the results are not in. When the score is posted, that revision of that game is over, except for the errata and the review in context.

Perception depends on the perspective of the illusionist, not the players in the game. The post game download with the players will drive the revision of protocol for the next iteration of the game sequence. Games must be repeated 30 times for statistical significance. Even though Uncle Albert claims that God does not roll dice, we are humans, we do roll dice, and we are god. At least for the game of Existence.

To start the game requires:

1) that we open the game – not quite there yet. If you wish to play the beta version, find a D&D role play dungeon master and sit in on a game to refresh the mechanism. If you never played D&D, go rewatch the movie The Truman Show.

2) that we have a program that can run on a non-microsh*t server which cannot be hacked from the back end. Is there another there out there, or is everything now micros**t artificial intelligence? The frustration factor is leading me to turn off my devices – the three phones in the last calendar month has taught me that i do no longer need the phone leash.

3) that we can simplify and codify the basic information on a scale that will increase exponentially as the number of player grow. We all have become very good at expanding into all the space available, that is the out-breath. The process of taking energy from a larger fractal and smoothly integrating it into the next smaller fractal is not available because the complexity of implosion energy was hidden when they took tesla’s papers and many other thinkers got buried in the rewrite of the third turning.

4) that the tether breaks.

The initial questionaire is ready for distribution to a beta group. I would like to start a membership club, in order to be able to keep the discussion inside a core group of people that perform services as non-player characters – NPCs. The role of the NPC is to create the conflict that begins the story line. Because the stroy line is in depth and the ending is still to be finished. We cannot end the writing until we end the filming, because we expect to have several insta-scenes.

An insta-scene is a spontaneous happening that we catch on film during the development of the community setting. Individual are point sources of energy. Gaia is a being, but she also provides a sense of place. The world is empty space filled by matter; currently, the matter is empty space filled by whirled.

Bringing in outside reality is not allowed on the movie set. However, the land base is not necessarily the movie set and camp4us is a campus for us. We do live in consensus reality and each have our role there, too. As you develop your role on each level, you will need to have apprentices to carry out the work. If you wish to play as an apprentice, the game is very different than if you wish to play as a sovereign. However, this is a three-six pairing (apprentice-sovereign) and the numerology differs from the other three pairings.

The other pairings are one and eight, four and five, two and seven. If you are having a challenge – look at the NBA model – the Warriors/Cavs is a 1:2 pairing, so is the Celtics/Cavs. The playoffs start with the proper pairings. Would it not be interesting to have the top four teams in the east play the next four from the west in the first round, and vice-versa. But then, the west would go 6-2 and the east whiners would cheat. At least, in today’s whirled howdt there.

Each guild will develop their own scoring system based upon the field of the guild’s focus. The scribe guild is level 8, the air, earth, fire and water guilds are level seven and level six guilds will develop in the summer quarter of 2017. Every solstice or equinox begins a new 91 day slate that is the scoring period. The following quarter is the time to work up the prior quarter’s data, although true data analysis takes place in winter quarter – spring and fall are working quarters with planting and harvest – the lead guilds being earth and fire. Winter is water, summer is air and festivals happen in summertime, when the living is easy.

The mind maps are developed, the schedule is laid back and the Field of Dreams model (if you build it, they will come) is the philosophy of the day. The themes will change based on the plots of novels and novel ideas of the participants, based upon the knew perspective.

{We} keep our Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet, let {us} eat cake, {we} said, just like Marie Antonette, a built in remedy for Krushchev and Kennedy (and Trump and Putin) and anytime an invitation you can’t decline … caviar and cigarettes (joints), well versed in ettiquette, extraordinarily nice! … Wanna Try?

Namaste’ … lemme

PS thanks Freddie. on another Queen note: Can anybody find me, somebody to love?

II Form Loving: Carbon Counting

Adventured out to Mountain Grove yesterday, in order to run into several old friends and several new friends. There were 19 persons present and two dogs – creating a count of 21 and thus an event level of 8. The event was a carbon counting seminar by Mik of the Oregon Climate Trust.

Of the 19 persons, 2 were elementary school children – a bonus because children have a different perspective on life. The long haired boy was mistaken for a girl, but he had a keen eye toward measurement. The tape measure was sufficient, a relascope was present but beyond the child’s ken. The event was half talk and have field half day.

Doc made this same presentation in different form to the Douglas Timber Operators in the year 2000. He met John Garbini, founded Wonder Earth Partners, counted about 2,000,000 million metric tons of credits and was a trader on the Chicago Climate Exchange. And ran smack into the fraud of the entire system.

Carbon changed forever on September 11, 2001 as Cantor Fitzgerald, the lead corporation of the field of designing the carbon economy collapsed into rubble from the 76th floor of a building in New York. I lost a dear friend and colleague and carried on in his legacy for many years, without ever receiving a dime of payment from the official scheme. When the Chicago Exchange collapsed in fraud in 2010, I knew exactly why. It was not based on reality. Reality left when the towers fell.

Mik, of course, had nothing to do with any of that – he would have been in elementary school at the time. Things that go around, come around. The game is the same, except the al-gore-rhythm has changed. This crowd was strongly in favor of Gaia and against global warming. This is a good deal for that.

Only, it begs a question. If, the population of the earth is responsible for global warming, then how are the populations of Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter affecting their planets to have a similar effect? Not to say that industrial pollution shouldn’t be stopped immediately, but it is not affecting global warming as we head into the next ice age.

The scam is visually in front of our eyes. Microsoft is bringing down the banking system. The powers that be are threatening the politicians if they stop the chemtrail spraying. Aluminum is killing life on earth – why not spray gold or silver and promote life? Ah – the weird world of inversion : nothing is real so there is nothing to get hung about. Yet they plan to hang us all, with chemystery unless we don’t play their game anymore. Learn to play Existence instead.

Beep – overload. Danger, will robinson, danger … danger. Back to the earth – grounding, earthing – take off your shoes and run barefooted in the grass. When we awoke today, there were two dozen elk right outside the door. It’s nature’s weigh. Everybody should carbon count a tree, if for no other reason than to say that you can do it. The tree will become your permanent friend. In an unmanaged landscape, some trees have multiple bolus and really pack on the weight.

Or you can take a bore sample and ring count, to get the age of the tree. The amount of carbon can be estimated from the radius of the ring compared to the adjacent years, such that a core bore can also estimate weight. The proess of measuring the same thing in multiple formats allows one to assess methods and determine correct answers to significant questions.

People represent the organizations that they work for.* Paid work is contracted, but the system is one sided in favor of the industry, as profitted by the banksters. Te whole carbon scheme is about monetiinf the carbon in the tree – including a bunch of economic poppycock that adds complication beyond the basic measurement. This is the meaning of derivative – a tangent from the base.

At one point, to satisfy scientists, they added a factor of 44/12 – to nominally change carbon dioxide into carbon – the real reason was to add another density into the equation to be able to pass more money from government to non-government organization. The whole game of NGO and ‘non-profit’ 501-c(3) direction is the deep states way of micro-managing from beyond the rules.

Basic rule – the rich pay no taxes, only the wage makers pay tax, and even then, most of the tax code exempts people who spent their money the ‘correct’ way and support the deep system. The illusion of reality triumphs again, because most people think the way it works is taught in school – civics is not a school topic. In fact being civil is not part of the current american system in any form.

Thus – i quit. No money. No stuff. Funny how stuff still attracts to me, even though i don’t pay for it. How do you pay for two dozen elk outside in the lawn before breakfast?

Namaste’ … lemme

* just a thought – if when people represent an organization on a committee, they are allowed to be who they are and that when their judgement is vetted by a measurement criteria, they are allowed to act without having to report back to the ‘authority’ that authorize them, then we might see some good progress toward real change. Lest i repeat again, the caveat, nothing is real, so reel change must represent to real change and not spare change. People chasing money is a catastrophy that we can no longer afford. Change the movie.

II Form Powering: a lightwork parable

Wheels are turning and gears are shifting into alignment – believe in the technocracy and be part of whirled A. Believe in ascention and be part of whirled B. Believe in cabals and whirled wars and be part of whirled C. Quit now, go to the prison of heaven and return and be part of whirled D.

Shadows are dark reflections where matter gets in front of the light. Light emits yet dark absorbs. The contrast of light vs dark is similar to the contrast of good and evil – they are not the same concepts. Lawful evil can really be difficult to swallow, but chaotic good really baffles people. Role play is a means of working out solutions through the mass of cognitive dissonance.

You are not the character that you role play. However, you have full responsibility for your personal character. This is of fundamental importance in the concept of sovereignty. If you speak truth, your word is bond. If your truth and my truth do not coincide, neither one of us has to be a liar or wrong. On the other hand, when we are clearly wrong, we had best buck up and admit it. Truth and reconcilliation requires personal adherence to values.

Neither ethics nor morals have been valued in this current system. The fear of different overwhelms us and we are very comfortable in the nests that we have built. Somebody pilfered the eggs – thyme to look deeper in each rabbit hole to discern whether the story makes sense to this point.

I have had a share of personal adventures as a light-worker. I have watched some amazing occurrences and fully believe that ships from other worlds are here now. I do not believe these worlds are in outer space, but rather in inner space. There is another thre out there, if you can find it. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Consciousness is a holograph generator and water is the common link. The alterations of water via chemicals are called solutions. Chemists play with solutions and doc is a chemist. This plays a role in every role that doc plays.

In November 2011, lemme was asked to drive the van from Oregon to Las Vegas to delive some papers to an indigenous judge. At the time, i got pinged to a city where I have a good friend that hires me to do editing work, but he was surprised to see me, so the ping came from elsewhere. I do love a good mystery.

Being there, i dropped in on an old friend and the door was answered by a different old friend – somebody who i had not associated with that location. There was another person there too that i had not met – he had the papers and needed the ride to deliver them asap – this was two days before thanksgiving. The owner of the home was supposed to be the driver, but he was taken ill and i was to be the substitute – they could pay for gas and meals, if i could drive.

Off we went, three of us taking turns on the 18 hour trip to make a 5 pm wednesday work deadline. I got to look at the papers – they were financial documents about a king from an island nation claiming billions of dollars of bonds had been pilferred. The judge needed to have the documents to ascertain veracity – i myself thought hmmm.

Side note – doc didn’t understand the monetary system, so in the 1990’s he joined primerica and sold securities and life insurance, for long enough to sell a few people a reasonable product and see the bankster fraud of the system first hand. Then he bailed because of a professional job switch.

Anyway, in 2011, we got to the Vegas address at 5:05 pm Wednesday – too late. The new plan was to hang out until Friday – me and my old friend went to a casino dinner. We got back to the van to find an out of control drunk making a scene in the Walmart parking lot. The third dude had gotten himself a bottle and by the end of the night had pissed and pooped himself and destroyed the ability for us to stay crowded inside of the van.

Morning came and we three white boys found a black baptist church inviting everyone to Thankgiving dinner. We stopped to see if we could clean up our friends and were taken in for the next 36 hours by a congregation of awesome people – we got cleaned up, fed up and footballized. We got the van cleaned and got showered and ready for tomorrow and the van stayed in their protected lot. A godsend.

We caught up to the judge at a Lexus dealership and had a preliminary meeting. We went off to lunch, and I got a psychic blast that told me something really big was up and that i had better hold space. The food at the restaurant was poisoned, my sense had me throw it up right away. We moved the meeting to a coffee shop, now over six hours into this judge’s time – all my focus was on protecting the shop from the darkness of the restaurant. I did not participate in the conversation after lunch, just held space.

By 5:30 pm, the judge was satisfied with the interview and thanked us for being there and we left. We drove 18 hours back to Oregon direct and I took several days off to recover my bearings. I held forth the light in a time of need, was pleased with the work and then forgot the incident. Until December, when David Wilcock released his work on Financial Tyranny and i read the same documents for the second time.

The reason that I bring this story up now, is because i have no contact with contact in the desert – deliberately because the mixing of ideas before their resolution leads to a hybridization that moves the vehicle off-track. If we do not develop our own personal aspects of truth before we mix those truths together, then the result is flawed by having embedded untruth that somebody truly believes, embedded in everyone’s system.

The current ‘feuding’ of various factions around Corey Goode is off base – we should not be focusing on the personalities instead of the substance. I have read David Wilcock’s works – he is an excellent researcher who has a mighty big ego. His claim to be Edgar Cayce reincarnated is troubling. I have never watched a Gaia TV show – but his record to me speaks volumes and if he trusts Corey Goode – that resonates to me.

So when everyone comes back from CID to the real world, the reel whirled will have changed a fractal and the group will be exclusive of people that weren’t there to evolve the mind-set coming forth from the event. I would be willing to score the importance of the event using the Existence scoring system – if the organizers will provide me with the program, the speaker bios, the list of participants and their birthdates.

The latter is the most difficult to get from people because of the identity theft scare that has most americans living in total fear and watching their money in excess of normal. Americans live to watch money, to collect it for power, and to buy absolution. Kinda sad.

Namaste’ … lemme


II Form Flowing: SITS up and wags tail

Today – I repeat Stillness in the Storm because he says it best.

by Justin Deschamps

There is a lot happening behind the scenes here at SITS and it’s time to pull back the curtain.

Firstly, the URL or web address for SITS has been changed to www.stillnessinthestorm.com. This is how the website now appears in the URL field of your chosen browser. If you use old addresses (like sitsshow.blogspot.com), you will be redirected to the correct website.

There shouldn’t be any problems accessing to the site, however sometimes the cache of your browser will cause loading issues. If that happens, clear the cache and browsing history. As time goes on, this rare intermittent problem should disappear entirely.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how adsense approves web sites, all of the ads have been taken down while they review SITS under the new URL. I have already had my “hand slapped” for posting “sensitive articles,”—they said I can take down the content or risk losing their service. Given Google’s efforts to de-fund the awakening movement, SITS could also find itself without a large source of revenue, which will require some major changes in order to keep things going.

Research and Development Projects

Secondly, as some of you may have noticed, there has been less original content produced by me, Justin Deschamps. This is partly because I am presently conducting extensive research into psychology, consciousness, and law (to name a few) in an effort to better be of service for the great work of sharing the truth and helping others become self-mastered, empowered people.

I have been releasing snippets of my findings in various articles, and I plan to release more of this research as time goes on.

I’ve also been working to develop different methods and techniques for tackling some of the problems we face, such as arrested development of the human psyche, deep trauma, discernment techniques, and so on. I am working with several people to develop a lawful infrastructure that facilitates cooperation, specifically in the truth movement that has been so crippled by divide and conquer campaigns. This infrastructure will not only provide a platform for discussing topics of information with others freely but also the legal and lawful support needed to protect ourselves from the tyrannical state while supporting solution projects of all types.

The World Healers Imperative, as it is being called, is designed and intended to bridge the gap between awakening minds that are truly willing to do the inner and outer work to be the change.

Downloads, My Intuitive Process and New Developments

Thirdly, I have been receiving “downloads” on a regular basis, which I do my best to write down. They come through during moments of contemplation, philosophy, insight, and meditation, usually when I feel the most alive and invested in my experience.

I tend to write these things in my own language I’ve developed over the years for thinking to myself, so sharing things with others often requires translation work.Often, so much comes through during these storms of inspiration and insight that it’s hard to put them into words for record-keeping purposes. Suffice it to say, I have dozens upon dozens of axioms, musings, and observations that I think are of value, and I plan to share in the future when I can shape them into a form that others can comprehend—above and beyond Justin-speak.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I am a holistic synthesis thinker, which means I tend to generate insights based on the fabric of data and information I’m reviewing at any given time—whether from books, audio-visual media, conversation, or quiet reflection. Sharing these ideas completely and clearly can be challenging because the concepts often rest on top of a host of other ideas, (the tip of an iceberg vs. what lies beneath the surface), and unless those are firmly grasped as well, the insight likely won’t be understood.

That being said, I hazard to say that I have reached a new level of development with my research and awakening, drawing upon a lifetime’s worth of deep thinking and contemplation about everything I’ve learned over the years. And what I’ve discovered could help heal various personality issues that hold us back while also providing tools to help others in their awakening—even how to deal with the uninitiated masses so that we can end the madness of this world once and for all.

And this is just a taste of what is being developed in partnership with other world healers, as I call them.

I will reveal details as I am able. But for now, I need to keep things quiet for two reasons. One, operational security so that the sensitive aspects of the work are not compromised; and two, because much is still in an embryonic stage and just isn’t ready for public release.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

And finally, for those who may not be aware, for years SITS was managed full-time by two people, myself and Julian Robles. But when Julian transitioned to spirit in August of 2015, all of that managerial work fell on my shoulders, and I have been working seven days a week, often 12 hours a day, or more, to maintain everything that makes SITS what it is. As one might expect, this is an unsustainable situation.

My research and contemplation (philosophy) time fell by the wayside when this happened, which hindered my personal growth, and subsequently, the quality of work I produce here. Furthermore, the mountains of managerial work that needs to be done everyday has a tendency of limiting the mystical side of my soul growth and spiritual mission.

This is one reason why Gaia Portal and Cosmic Disclosure articles haven’t been as frequent because these take a tremendous amount of time and energy, especially analysis work. Often a single Cosmic Disclosure article takes me about 20 hours to produce, usually three to four days of work. Thankfully, the passion of the great work helps motivate me when long hours are needed, but starring endlessly into a computer screen day in day out isn’t beneficial over the long haul.

In light of this, about six months ago I began pulling back on some of the creative work and prioritized research and contemplation. The results have been vitalizing and beneficial; as I said, I rekindled my inspiration wellspring to the extent that I can barely keep up with all the insights, ideas, and solutions that seem to be pouring in at all times.

Arguably, this is a “good” problem to have, but there’s still a lot of internal metaphysical organizational work that needs to go with it so I don’t get overwhelmed. And the bottom line is, I can’t do it alone, which brings me to my next update.

SITS is Growing

The SITS enterprise is growing as well.

The theme of SITS is that of striving for a balanced, objective perspective on all the information swirling around us at any given time. But obviously, there’s only so much I can do as one man.

To that end, I hope to find other inspired and dedicated people who want to contribute to this effort, whether they are writers, researchers, web developers, presenters, and so on. For now, the love of doing this work will have to be its own reward. But in the future, I hope to set up SITS so that it can provide financial compensation for those who contribute beneficially to the work we’re doing here. Especially because when one can produce income while also doing the great work, they can invest themselves more fully and have a much greater impact.

As time allows, I will be interviewing collaborators who want to come on as editors to post news and information that falls within the purview of SITS. Such individuals will need to be detail-oriented, self motivated, objective, capable of fact-checking, and have good computer skills for producing articles using web tools like the blogger dashboard.

At present, only about 25% of the articles I review for publication make the cut, usually because I just don’t have enough time go through them all. But with some collaboration from others, we can share even more mind stimulating and soul enriching information.

And this will free up time for me to do analysis and writing work, which is apparently something the readers, and I, enjoy. I also plan to do more video-style content, as this media form is a great way to present information to those who don’t have time to read in-depth articles.

I have a large list of axiomatic writings I’ve been compiling that I plan to turn into a line of products, like t-shirts, posters, and so on. And I will be adding additional advertising to the site as well—but not in a way that disturbs the reading experience.

The Money Question

While I do not do this work for money, it is a resource that is needed to keep the work going, and if more revenue was available, more work could be done in all respects. On this score, the idea that we can’t do good work of humanity while also making money needs to be set aside, as it is presently being used as a divide and conquer tactic within the awakening community.

Until now, most truthers I have spoken to feel isolated, and as such, incapable of doing anything to be the change in a meaningful way. However, this paradigm of division is slowly changing, and with it, our ability as an awakening community to realize a better world is also improving. What I want to contribute to this global effort will hopefully enhance how each of us works together for freedom and truth.

On the issue of making money from doing the great work, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several prominent figures in the truth movement, and I can tell you (despite their repent popularity on Youtube, the conference circuit, or elsewhere), the majority of them (that I’ve met) live in impoverished conditions. One truth the awakening community would do well to recognize: just because you have a message and you are popular doesn’t mean you know how to make a business out of it or that you have no financial worries.

I can’t tell you how many messages I receive from people saying this or that person is a disinformation agent or shill because they have ads on their site, or offer a product line to generate revenue. To be sure, there are shills and disinformation agents out there, but making money from the work you do isn’t proof positive of that.

And frankly, even if someone was making enough money to be considered “too rich to be spiritual” (if that is even possible) does it change what we can do with their information? Does it make their data any less impact in our personal growth and evolution?

Wouldn’t it make more sense for us, the consumers of awakening media, to encourage the luminaries in the field to work together—and with us—to support themselves so the work of healing the planet can progress forward quickly? I think we would benefit from being a little less radically idealistic and a bit more inclusively pragmatic.

As was mentioned in previous articles, the powers that should not be work together to achieve their goals and we should too.

We can develop networks of support for all things, from information sharing and comprehension to life skill development to healing and restoration of humanity and the planet. With cooperation and dedication to truth on our side, almost any obstacle can be overcome—we’re in this together whether we like it or not.

I have made connections with several “big names” towards this end, and look forward to releasing updates soon.

Contact in the Desert

Finally, I will be attending the Contact in the Desert (CID) event this year in Joshua Tree, California.

I hope to do some modest media coverage while I am there, as time allows. And I will be meeting up with a friend and colleague whom you all know, Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion. He’s doing some great work in his own respect. And I look forward to meeting all my friends and colleagues in the great work as well!

As readers of this site likely know, I am a proponent of real justice and honest cooperation—I hope to lend any support I can to ameliorate any drama that might unfold during the CID event.

Final Thoughts

A friend and colleague shared with me what he calls escape-velocity consciousness, which I term, over-unity consciousness.

This is the idea that when you finally do enough inner work to heal your trauma (gaining self-mastery), this frees up consciousness energy to begin your education in all things truth. As you develop more and more positive (truthful) knowledge and wisdom, an abundance of ideas, insights, and musings flow in. You go from feeling ineffective and dis-empowered to feeling like you can meet any challenge life has to offer.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson has stated, when you take on the burdens of the world, it can be overwhelming, but it can give you purpose and meaning in life—which are absolutely necessary for spiritual survival. Eventually, a critical mass is reached with your education so that you can actually use what you’ve learned to make your life and the world around you better. If each of us worked to reduce the suffering of others, how much could we do?

It seems like more and more people are reaching this state of attainment, as the awakening proceeds at pace. But it’s all too easy to develop what I’ve termed an Atlas Complex, where you feel like all the world’s problems are yours alone to bear. The good news is that with each person who does the inner work to reach this over-unity state, the burden gets a little lighter for all involved—but only if we can learn to work with each other. 

Each of you is likely making great strides in your spheres of personal work and evolution. And I look forward to the day when all those hours, days, weeks, and months of dedicated truth-seeking begin to bear the fruit of a better world for ourselves and others.

Much love and be well on your path,

– Justin

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About The Author
Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow, Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

II Form Forming: Microsh*t

Progress moves forward without asking, pushing new in place of old before we have the opportunity to object. MIcrosoft downloaded their windows 10 upgrade onto my computer and used 4 of my 10 monthly gigs to do it – i do not wish to be downgraded. Now i have to rebudget access to make it thru the month.

Ah, I checked a box without reading the fine print years ago that gives them ownership of everything i have ever done on a computer. Which part of this is totally wrong – the entire system is one size fits all, dragging and screaming progress. Since pro is the opposite of con, then progress and congress are opposites in the duality.

Duality does not exist. We are not on individual hero’s journeys. The way you think has been conditioned to the way you think. Try to think outside the box and you find the box expands to include you. Rabbit holes are deep – when you find yourself in one, you need to dig deeper, not return to the shallows.

As journalists, we discipline ourselves to read and learn the nuance of language use. The written word conveys meanings deeper than the spoken word – the level of directed thought is much greater. People that do not read are not less intelligent, they are less informed. Context is developed from perspective.

There is also the ‘in’ group and the ‘out’ group. If duality does not exist, how does information pass between people who were there to experience it first hand and people who were not? We need to look at this as a mechanism of the game of telephone – how does the message change as you whisper it down a row of people?

Being and doing is not a substitute for watching and listening. They are different skill sets and require different learning patterns. We are all learning different things and trying to place the knowledge into the box of a single framework – the current house of cards. I watch zero television, so please do not take the context of what i say to be relevant to the lame stream. The wolfs are howdt and the sheeple are nervous.

You are not a sheeple. I am not a sheeple : I am the walrus, coo coo catchoo.

Reading this morning, I noticed that Kirkpatrick Sale has a new book – Human Scale Revisited.  Most awesome!!! Also – i am not the only one watching the gatekeepers keep gates. Today, I have a deep insight into how the form shapes into the flow – today it forms, tomorrow it flows. The cosmic sailor has his Mind Voiding today, then he gets the void cycle.

Funny, I have to wrap this up because i scheduled the installation of that windows 10 operating system for half an hour from now – seems that they hijacked my system again without compensation, but at least i got enough forewarning that it didn’t interfere with the direct work.

Question – in a sane society, wouldn’t the connectivity of all sorts be one of the base services provided to all the people? Why do we pay, month after month, for the same services that use hard line infrastructures and keep us bound to paying corporations for a monopoly that provides non valid service? Rural america is not internet friendly – a major handicap in the current game.

If you have to pay to play, think about trying the knew game – coming as soon as the vehicle is armed. (If it looks like an ark – who gets to play the role of Noah?) Actors and their roles for ten Alex. Bing Bing. Daily Double !!! Imminent Jeopardy, danger Will Robinson, danger, dange …

The cognitive dissonance of the 1960’s has been extinguished, Kennedy died in 1969 on the next timeline, not 1963. The Mandela Effect has to do with time travel and the idea that multiple timelines are initiated from the same space during a singularity. Ooops – I did it again, I played with your heart – I’m not that innocent … the world’s a better place when it’s upside down.

Namaste’… lemme


II Form Massing: Point Source

The mass has been collected, thyme now to set the form. Today, form masses and i think through the play for the next 56 days – how the envisioning comes to bear into action. Each person is on a different train daily, the path of the track leading through a labyrinth of discovery.

Doc collects things. Baseball card collecting led to the down payment on the farm – 15 years of looking through the tunnel from the misdirection presented.  As we look back to first hand experience, we can find the moments when the illusion first began to break, even though there was no recognition at the time of the event. Now we can look back and go back with time travel – but some of the basic caveats have not yet been worked out in modern time.

People want you to cite sources such that they can follow your path from your breadcrumbs. I am original source. What is said on this blog comes from my personal belief system and i am sovereign. You can look things up on your own without me doing your homework, I fill the space without trying to justify the work. Accept it or do not: if you do not accept, let’s talk but not argue. Doc is collecting people.

We need to have different perspectives where we agree to disagree until more facts bear out the reality. Facts can change, heck, timelines can change and i think i have figgered it howdt. If i spell it howdt, then those outside will not look for me there – the hashtag thingie is very important. So – i need to see how the algorithm changes when the knew weigh is applied.

Let’s start with the golden mean ratio. There are two ones. You may choose which one you would like your one to be – that is your perspective. Doc works on human scale – that scale is ‘immutable’. In other words – you as a human have current limits in two different specific directions – let’s call them bigger and smaller. You may only take one path of focus – your choice.

I am going to choose to use Jordan from Destroying the Illusion as an example, because he has made his decision in this respect to move forward in the bigger direction. His videos are cool – and he heads to Contact in the Desert tomorrow. His aspirations (Asberg?) are growing with the more people he contacts and the metrics of measurement change with the degree of his involvement.

Disclaimer – I have not met Jordan yet. His perspective is a shared perspective of mine – i tend to avoid people on my wavelength rather than follow them. In fact, I needed to become a hermit to look at myself, in order to see who i am and figure out how to change perspectives to create the next illusion as we destroy the present one.

The project of the current calendar – marked II on the title – is to launch the knew media. The vehicle is not built to take the voyage, but the mass required is on the weigh – we can measure and see what we need. Acquisition depends on the faith and trust union and the invention of the replacement for the banksters. We seem to have people back-engineering time, which is exposed thru the Mandela effect.

Videos are very important and doc decided that he did not wish to build his own ewe-tube channel. When he talks, he does so on other people’s venues. Mona’s Corner is the current preferred venue. The step up has been a whole lot of work, but the metrics of measurement to develop a human scale meritocracy had to be envisioned before they could be aligned. I have the metrics for the matrix grid of 64 x 64.

Okay, recipe thyme – start with you. You are who you are – open or closed, big or little, dual or singular. Your defined perspective is housed in an avatar that is a role play character in the knew game of Existence – which should be on-line before the next void voiding. Yesterday’s post set the beginning price – the Spell book grandfathers everyone into my personal wing of the game – which will be one of the few pre-established facets.

At level one – everybody chooses a number, fills out a questionnaire and sets up a form of information flow to get their first hour card. This hour card is your card. Your card is your personal design of who your avatar is at level one preconception. You will get to level two and a second hour card – our card. At the second level, you role play your guild and decide upon your own rule for your personal character within the bounds of certain frameworks.

I work in numbers, so numerology is important. You do not have to ‘follow me’, but if you cannot think in numbers, you literally cannot follow me. I take the road less traveled, sometimes even cutting my own path. If I wish to break a rule, I crash the game, change the rule, and pick up the game at the point where i left it. This is thyme stepping howdt of thyme – or doc stepping out of time. Suspending the Illusion. Then changing it and beginning a knew thyme line – a new timeline. The knew weigh is the new way based on measurement.

Dungeons and Dragons goes way back – to Cannite’s Crew where nothing is sacred. Cannite was a chaotic neutral fighter with an evil mage cohort in a generally benevolent group. Cannite moved to lawful good while the mage took up the priesthood and became evil; the DM didn’t interfere and just set the stages for the allegory to life, the universe and everything.

Flash forward – the game of now just ended and the game of today is restarting. Elliot’s many worlds theory in play – every micro-shift changes the direction of the continuum. The game changes constantly and depends on the chosen starting conditions – if you don’t like where you are, you can change the rules of the game and go somewhere else. Temporally. For a very short window of real time – by tuning in to Reel Thyme. *

Reel Thyme is the next movie. You are a bit character in a Bit Net. I wish i could start you with one bit coin, but i can’t, i can only offer you an iddy bit. An iddy bit is a hundreth of a bit coin – at the moment roughly $15 dollar – pretty close to the price of silver. To trade with me and join the game, you will have to buy into each level that you earn. If you choose not to buy in further, the game will end and you will be invited into a different game. There are 64 current game spaces in the grid – only a half a dozen are currently rolling.

When you pay one iddy bit, that entitles you to one thousand izzy bits. The merchantile will carry goods for participants at prices measured in izzybits – using the resources generated by new members joining the game and founding and finding their guilds. At each level of advance, you may join another guild. Once you download your flow into the system, you get to accrue the power of growing guilds and direct it with love in the direct of – well, you get to set that too.

Sovereignty is something so new that we are going to have to try many weighs and measure what we are doing properly for comparative purposes. We need a system that cannot be jobbed, but is jobbed (employed) by people who learn to do the work properly with the access to the tools, open source, to get the work done. Call it self re-education.

The media that we create cannot have gatekeepers – or we are all gateskeepers. I prefer the latter, as long as we Kill Bill. Chaotic neutral Spock role – Scribe level 6 guild-master, looking for apprentice. Needs to be able to program a raspberry pi – 3 slots available in the game of 256SW. Please refer direct to this number if specifically interested – initial trade at 6:1 with rapid acceleration pendant skills. Data handling, interface creation at sound forming. Negotiations based on current ground.

Namaste’ … doc

Be here or be you own point source – follow me on twitter @LennyThyme

  • The reel plan is to film the movie of Calembach’s 1977 novel Ecotopia



II Mass Voiding: Free Media

Ready to listen to a live you-tube newscast from Reallygraceful. The knew media requires a new media – each of us talking from first hand experience and sharing our unique perspective. Please do not feel that you have to agree with anything that anyone says, but part of being Free Media is to allow an opinion out and take responsibility for where it lands.

While waiting – I will give Grace the gold LEME for trying something new. The silver LEME goes to Jimmy at Bright Insight and his series on investigating our own motivations. Bronze LEME is to Jordan at Destroying the Illusion – the quality is preferred to quantity.

Nothing under discussion here is real – it is all news analysis based on questioning the existing stories. The idea of focus on personality is what our lurid inquiry into each other’s lives is on social media. I am not really into hearing about others – rather i am interested in hearing from others. Talk about your own story. Be real – do not lie to yourself.

I missed the start and have a five minute delay – the comments are ahead of what i listen to. But Grace – good information. How do we gather more experience – what metrics are you at – like 50,000 subscribers. A very good metric. Sound Sounding – nice.

The game is now circle about and collect good sources for what the research is. There are a few other deep questions that are under investigation that are not available to the groups. Let’s question the official stories at every turn. But let’s broaden the scope and question academia too.

Your character is your avatar and you role play your reality. Whatever you believe is true is true until demonstrated false or everything is false until demonstrated true. You have your choice of direction, but you may not jump back and forth.

Tribes tend to max out at 144. The organic up and down of growth and size maintenance is an exchange process. How we value ourselves is demonstrated by where we spend our time, not where we spend our money. The faith and trust in each other requires us to put up values and also absorb operating costs.

I need a bitcoin wallet. If a bitcoin costs $1500, the $15.00 of .01 bitcoin might be the proper price to enter a character into the game. Everybody starts by spending an IzzyBit – one silver coin worth of bitcoin value that gets deposited in the faith and trust union, FTU. This opens an internal account into the merchantile.

Every individual may contribute value to capital through the FTU – we hope to develop open source agriculture and develop the means to do stuff ourselves. Guild will have apprentices who are taught how to do specific work – each guild has autonomy within their own world. Everyone gets to access all information. The metrics measured determine the guild leadership – player level allows a maximum number of guild memberships.

Everyone gets a personal guild from game one, level one. Higher game levels will have different rules – this game is envisioned up to level 8. There is criteria for winning each game – you do not get a specific rulebook, because you have control of your own sovereignty. This is a play act game – a campus that provides a get-away. Ask about eight by eight.

Game is on, but not open yet. Entries are soon to be accepted. Pre-entries allowed through any open doors, but really – start by being you and creating your own perspective without anyone else’s assistance.

Namaste’ … lemme

II Mass Minding: Fantasy Ideas of Pawns

The importance of individual perspective lies in the battle of ideas – if things were easy, we could find general agreement. Consensus reality has many misconceptions built into the linguistics of society. Leaving the social media and thinking alone gets one into trouble – because recognition of buzz words is a ‘common sense’ dialect for the socially connected merikn.

I had no idea that the word dissent had been coopted by the Soros Hillarity Obummer Demoncraps and had been given a bumper sticker without an explanation. Wasn’t till this morning in my media blitz that i read something that clicked and now i feel manipulated – especially because i do not hang with people who would know this part of the lexicon.

Also – the targeting is getting so good, that they can now micro-manipulate our personal environment to keep us irritated and disshevelled. I have now been through three phones each with different numbers in the past month. A service to save money (which i could care less about, but benefactors do care about) became a joke when ATT would not allow portage and the smart phones keep failing.

This latest phone turned off the audio for mother’s day – really cute. I had several calls where i could hear but was muted from conversation. This tells me that this blog is spot on and the technocracy sees it as an affront. Since i do not believe in the technocracy, it will now do everything possible to silence me and remove my access. Had to reboot the phone from protocol and the operating system came up in German. WTF

As I work deeper on the chemical mechanism of community guild interaction, I hear what some people are saying. The inability of the sheeple to do anything other than what they are accustomed to doing is not going to work for the people that actually do the work that needs to be done without being told. How do we build sovereign community?

We go back to the individual, and we start collecting individuals that we trust to have our back when the SHTF comes down. The ability to work independently is necessary, before you can become a reliable part of a group. The level of ability can be rated on a game scale and we can conduct personal interviews to get things right. We need set of cohesive agreements, a good numbers generator and a means of storing time as a bankable value. It relies on faith and trust – a union of guilds and individuals.

Kunstler has self-published his latest book after getting tired of dealing with the gatekeepers in the publishing industry. Existence will come out in original form as a book shortly, followed by the Knew Weigh and a Ubuntu Existence. The form that the books will come out in might be serial blogging – or it might be direct sales. There are several models.

The cosmic sailor has joined the cosmic surfer yellow star here to draft yet another means of saying the same things in a different way. The way you say it depends on how you learned to speak and where you get your primary information. Cognitive science is in its infancy – water pervades everything and life is getting wetter. If it quacks like a duck …

Namaste’ … lemme

PS :  Doc wishes to talk about model space.

Model space is a land where reality can be suspended and regular rules do not apply. Think cartoon physics, where Wile E. Coyote can stand off the cliff with the roadrunner, until he looks down. In model space, down can be the new up.

After reading the Sunday Dilbert and Scott Adams related commentary, I realize that by keeping up partially with the system in order to live, but ignoring the magnification of the ‘nonsense’ – everything not on a specific wavelength for one of my developing characters – I find that I have no recourse but to tread the path less travelled.

The fact that the targetting has increased substantially is meant to stop the project. The game is a movie based on a book with musical score, set on a prism where context changes with the depth of the rabbit-hole. You begin with a random number between 1 and 255 – it may have significance to you, but it is random to me. The requirement for this number is simple – i am a numerical savant and need to have my information in tabular lattice. I collect data for a living.

So – let’s take a hypothertical role play scenarion and see how it might play out on an ideal adventure. – The NY Mets fire manager Terry Collins and replace him with fantasy blogger lemme howdt. Howdt immediately begins teaching the players the nuance of baseball – the fundamentals that most of them never really learn. Seems that the kid Conforto and lemme are both Oregon State University alumni – a grok link that establishes a fluidized channel of integrity.

Beavers know baseball. They may be pretenders at football and hoops, but Beavers know baseball – many major leagues from Jacoby Ellsbury to Matt Boyd to Darwin Barney and many more. Now for the curve ball, people get to develop their roles with appreticeship and coaching. Performance is graded truthfully relative to the task at hand and the percentages developed from repeating the same process multiple times, reaching statistical significance.

This is why, you cannot begin to pay attention to baseball stats until June – just not enough repetition yet – 162 is an amazing amount of games for a single year. It wears on players and teams, like the Mets and all their pitching woes. Certainty helps, mindset improves performance when you believe that the effort of doing the work is worthwhile.

Chess and baseball strategy are similar – pitchers are like pawns and players have key roles based on their position. Shortstop and Center Field require defense ability – but every batter has to hit. The talent at the major league level is amazing – yet Doc’s fantasy team is batting .279 – not quite three for ten. And that is awesome.

So why can’t our models of community and education be scored like a sports league and based on criteria developed by the guilds to teach and learn how to carry out tasks. Well, that’s what camp is here for – choose a number.

Namaste’ … doc


II Mass Powering: No System Fix

Mysteries occur when our knowledge says that we can not believe the scenario that we see. Something must be there that we cannot see, that affects the behavior of the system that we look at. Systems thinking is an acquired skill – looking at the whole separately from the sum of the parts and seeing that there is mass balance between each.

Everything is a construct. As we get smaller and smaller, there is less physical mass to work with, yet the continuity thing still gets done. To fix a problem, a break in the continuity, one must locate the error, analyze the situation, repair the misconception or mistake and then rebuild the construct back to workable form. This works no matter what – fixing a vehicle, a meal or a relationship.

Some things are broken so badly that there is no ability to create a fix. Generally, the fix is already in and the game was closed before you even got to play. We, the people, need a new game. Games are social experiments that allow freedom of action and have a set goal with a final endpoint. Then the game ends, everybody parties, and we play again. No malice.

Read the word game as experiment. Science has ethics about working on people. Economic systems have no ethics – corporations are not people and copying is not theft. Knowledge cannot work within a system where copyrights and patents sequester information. Total system failure – reboot, reboot. New Game – the Knew Game.

Forget what you know or knew. Everything that does not occur through first hand experience is gone. Watch yourself go through day one of rebuilding the things that you do in a brand new context – from the frame of reference of you waking up in a new body, a new person that is not you. How do you frame your new reference?

Humans are taught basic function from an early age. On day one, you come to grips with the bathroom, the kitchen and the living space as soon as you awake from the sleep that turns your physicality into a dream state. I have been watching Izzy the Wonder Dog sleep – fascinating.

She shakes violently enough to rock the trailer – twitching involuntarily as her muscles contract and expand. The reset button for ready is very light – if i move differently, her eye opens, yet this is a REM sleep – deep enough that she dreams something and it also resets her neural net.

Okay – scientist getting deep here for a moment. Our science model of biology based on chemistry requires that mechanisms be explained by a physical reality made up of matter and energy. The holographic universe has no such requirement – our belief system is not adequate here. If we seek a physical mechanism that models reality – we have to throw out a lot of poppycock. This is science that has been manipulated by false information in the ‘know’-osphere.

For instance – search this blog for any term – like water. You will find a myriad of essays from a chemical perspective about the intelligence of water molecules, in terms of degrees of freedom, in terms of solvation and in terms of Gerald Pollack science. Our base understanding of biochemistry requires techniques of chemistry that remove the water from the system to form the framework of the carbon lattice system. This is like building dinosaurs based on finding bones. You can do it make it look real, but if you could see a real dinosaur in action, would it be exactly like what you think, or like what it really is?

So, we only know what we know because a) we are exposed to it and b) it fits in with what we already know. Only most of what we know is false. Empty space among particles of matter – isolated from their water. DNA has 13 strands, not two. Or does it – how do you know? Really, how do you and I know? I have a fud from the fake real university system and did a prestige post-doc. So?

I sing the body electric. The electric universe, thunderbolts.info, has to be taken seriously as an explanation for how this all came to be. Our myths that are so precious to us, are just myths. The heroes’ journey is an archetype because we all can fit ourselves into the hero’s shoes. Stop being the hero. Control your own ego and become part of the supporting cast.

We each have a role. You get to reinvent yourself – again and again. As many times as you want, or need to. But – you are here to gain experience and learn from your actions. The game of existence is no longer a guarantee – but it is my deep grok is that consciousness can never lose form.

Leaders are people who are ready to step into their own shoes. Leaders attract followers by doing things that are vibrant and exciting. Life is mundane and our vibrant and exciting has become virtual – hence we no longer can support ourselves, except in the illusion of the current reality.

Everything changes during the fourth turnings. When we remove constraints – artificial limits of enablement – we find reality is not at all what it seemed to be and our first hand experience is so limited that most people have discounted it. We are here to experience existence – in any form that it presents itself.

Our power of conscious thought creates a common reality. If your reality sucks – change it. However, please leave the sucky values behind and learn to see again through a different perspective.

You are light. What you think is true is true if you believe it. If you doubt the authenticity of the truth, you bear the burden of keeping the illusion going. The Wizard of Oz provides such an awesome archetypal analogy, that we use it here as a basis set because everybody knows the story. Or thinks they do. Read Wicked some time – the story from the perspective of Dorothy’s nemesis. If you cannot be Dorothy – which character are you?

Spoiler alert – here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul. And Izzy Wizzy Dog knows – Toto ran the game. The man pulling the levers behind the curtain was just another clown from Jekyll Island. Cognitive dissonance – mixed stories, actors in supporting roles – a set away from the rigors of the current illusion. She keeps her Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet, wanna try?

Namaste’ … lemme and doc