II Mass Voiding: Free Media

Ready to listen to a live you-tube newscast from Reallygraceful. The knew media requires a new media – each of us talking from first hand experience and sharing our unique perspective. Please do not feel that you have to agree with anything that anyone says, but part of being Free Media is to allow an opinion out and take responsibility for where it lands.

While waiting – I will give Grace the gold LEME for trying something new. The silver LEME goes to Jimmy at Bright Insight and his series on investigating our own motivations. Bronze LEME is to Jordan at Destroying the Illusion – the quality is preferred to quantity.

Nothing under discussion here is real – it is all news analysis based on questioning the existing stories. The idea of focus on personality is what our lurid inquiry into each other’s lives is on social media. I am not really into hearing about others – rather i am interested in hearing from others. Talk about your own story. Be real – do not lie to yourself.

I missed the start and have a five minute delay – the comments are ahead of what i listen to. But Grace – good information. How do we gather more experience – what metrics are you at – like 50,000 subscribers. A very good metric. Sound Sounding – nice.

The game is now circle about and collect good sources for what the research is. There are a few other deep questions that are under investigation that are not available to the groups. Let’s question the official stories at every turn. But let’s broaden the scope and question academia too.

Your character is your avatar and you role play your reality. Whatever you believe is true is true until demonstrated false or everything is false until demonstrated true. You have your choice of direction, but you may not jump back and forth.

Tribes tend to max out at 144. The organic up and down of growth and size maintenance is an exchange process. How we value ourselves is demonstrated by where we spend our time, not where we spend our money. The faith and trust in each other requires us to put up values and also absorb operating costs.

I need a bitcoin wallet. If a bitcoin costs $1500, the $15.00 of .01 bitcoin might be the proper price to enter a character into the game. Everybody starts by spending an IzzyBit – one silver coin worth of bitcoin value that gets deposited in the faith and trust union, FTU. This opens an internal account into the merchantile.

Every individual may contribute value to capital through the FTU – we hope to develop open source agriculture and develop the means to do stuff ourselves. Guild will have apprentices who are taught how to do specific work – each guild has autonomy within their own world. Everyone gets to access all information. The metrics measured determine the guild leadership – player level allows a maximum number of guild memberships.

Everyone gets a personal guild from game one, level one. Higher game levels will have different rules – this game is envisioned up to level 8. There is criteria for winning each game – you do not get a specific rulebook, because you have control of your own sovereignty. This is a play act game – a campus that provides a get-away. Ask about eight by eight.

Game is on, but not open yet. Entries are soon to be accepted. Pre-entries allowed through any open doors, but really – start by being you and creating your own perspective without anyone else’s assistance.

Namaste’ … lemme

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