II Mass Powering: No System Fix

Mysteries occur when our knowledge says that we can not believe the scenario that we see. Something must be there that we cannot see, that affects the behavior of the system that we look at. Systems thinking is an acquired skill – looking at the whole separately from the sum of the parts and seeing that there is mass balance between each.

Everything is a construct. As we get smaller and smaller, there is less physical mass to work with, yet the continuity thing still gets done. To fix a problem, a break in the continuity, one must locate the error, analyze the situation, repair the misconception or mistake and then rebuild the construct back to workable form. This works no matter what – fixing a vehicle, a meal or a relationship.

Some things are broken so badly that there is no ability to create a fix. Generally, the fix is already in and the game was closed before you even got to play. We, the people, need a new game. Games are social experiments that allow freedom of action and have a set goal with a final endpoint. Then the game ends, everybody parties, and we play again. No malice.

Read the word game as experiment. Science has ethics about working on people. Economic systems have no ethics – corporations are not people and copying is not theft. Knowledge cannot work within a system where copyrights and patents sequester information. Total system failure – reboot, reboot. New Game – the Knew Game.

Forget what you know or knew. Everything that does not occur through first hand experience is gone. Watch yourself go through day one of rebuilding the things that you do in a brand new context – from the frame of reference of you waking up in a new body, a new person that is not you. How do you frame your new reference?

Humans are taught basic function from an early age. On day one, you come to grips with the bathroom, the kitchen and the living space as soon as you awake from the sleep that turns your physicality into a dream state. I have been watching Izzy the Wonder Dog sleep – fascinating.

She shakes violently enough to rock the trailer – twitching involuntarily as her muscles contract and expand. The reset button for ready is very light – if i move differently, her eye opens, yet this is a REM sleep – deep enough that she dreams something and it also resets her neural net.

Okay – scientist getting deep here for a moment. Our science model of biology based on chemistry requires that mechanisms be explained by a physical reality made up of matter and energy. The holographic universe has no such requirement – our belief system is not adequate here. If we seek a physical mechanism that models reality – we have to throw out a lot of poppycock. This is science that has been manipulated by false information in the ‘know’-osphere.

For instance – search this blog for any term – like water. You will find a myriad of essays from a chemical perspective about the intelligence of water molecules, in terms of degrees of freedom, in terms of solvation and in terms of Gerald Pollack science. Our base understanding of biochemistry requires techniques of chemistry that remove the water from the system to form the framework of the carbon lattice system. This is like building dinosaurs based on finding bones. You can do it make it look real, but if you could see a real dinosaur in action, would it be exactly like what you think, or like what it really is?

So, we only know what we know because a) we are exposed to it and b) it fits in with what we already know. Only most of what we know is false. Empty space among particles of matter – isolated from their water. DNA has 13 strands, not two. Or does it – how do you know? Really, how do you and I know? I have a fud from the fake real university system and did a prestige post-doc. So?

I sing the body electric. The electric universe, thunderbolts.info, has to be taken seriously as an explanation for how this all came to be. Our myths that are so precious to us, are just myths. The heroes’ journey is an archetype because we all can fit ourselves into the hero’s shoes. Stop being the hero. Control your own ego and become part of the supporting cast.

We each have a role. You get to reinvent yourself – again and again. As many times as you want, or need to. But – you are here to gain experience and learn from your actions. The game of existence is no longer a guarantee – but it is my deep grok is that consciousness can never lose form.

Leaders are people who are ready to step into their own shoes. Leaders attract followers by doing things that are vibrant and exciting. Life is mundane and our vibrant and exciting has become virtual – hence we no longer can support ourselves, except in the illusion of the current reality.

Everything changes during the fourth turnings. When we remove constraints – artificial limits of enablement – we find reality is not at all what it seemed to be and our first hand experience is so limited that most people have discounted it. We are here to experience existence – in any form that it presents itself.

Our power of conscious thought creates a common reality. If your reality sucks – change it. However, please leave the sucky values behind and learn to see again through a different perspective.

You are light. What you think is true is true if you believe it. If you doubt the authenticity of the truth, you bear the burden of keeping the illusion going. The Wizard of Oz provides such an awesome archetypal analogy, that we use it here as a basis set because everybody knows the story. Or thinks they do. Read Wicked some time – the story from the perspective of Dorothy’s nemesis. If you cannot be Dorothy – which character are you?

Spoiler alert – here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul. And Izzy Wizzy Dog knows – Toto ran the game. The man pulling the levers behind the curtain was just another clown from Jekyll Island. Cognitive dissonance – mixed stories, actors in supporting roles – a set away from the rigors of the current illusion. She keeps her Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet, wanna try?

Namaste’ … lemme and doc

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