II Mass Minding: Fantasy Ideas of Pawns

The importance of individual perspective lies in the battle of ideas – if things were easy, we could find general agreement. Consensus reality has many misconceptions built into the linguistics of society. Leaving the social media and thinking alone gets one into trouble – because recognition of buzz words is a ‘common sense’ dialect for the socially connected merikn.

I had no idea that the word dissent had been coopted by the Soros Hillarity Obummer Demoncraps and had been given a bumper sticker without an explanation. Wasn’t till this morning in my media blitz that i read something that clicked and now i feel manipulated – especially because i do not hang with people who would know this part of the lexicon.

Also – the targeting is getting so good, that they can now micro-manipulate our personal environment to keep us irritated and disshevelled. I have now been through three phones each with different numbers in the past month. A service to save money (which i could care less about, but benefactors do care about) became a joke when ATT would not allow portage and the smart phones keep failing.

This latest phone turned off the audio for mother’s day – really cute. I had several calls where i could hear but was muted from conversation. This tells me that this blog is spot on and the technocracy sees it as an affront. Since i do not believe in the technocracy, it will now do everything possible to silence me and remove my access. Had to reboot the phone from protocol and the operating system came up in German. WTF

As I work deeper on the chemical mechanism of community guild interaction, I hear what some people are saying. The inability of the sheeple to do anything other than what they are accustomed to doing is not going to work for the people that actually do the work that needs to be done without being told. How do we build sovereign community?

We go back to the individual, and we start collecting individuals that we trust to have our back when the SHTF comes down. The ability to work independently is necessary, before you can become a reliable part of a group. The level of ability can be rated on a game scale and we can conduct personal interviews to get things right. We need set of cohesive agreements, a good numbers generator and a means of storing time as a bankable value. It relies on faith and trust – a union of guilds and individuals.

Kunstler has self-published his latest book after getting tired of dealing with the gatekeepers in the publishing industry. Existence will come out in original form as a book shortly, followed by the Knew Weigh and a Ubuntu Existence. The form that the books will come out in might be serial blogging – or it might be direct sales. There are several models.

The cosmic sailor has joined the cosmic surfer yellow star here to draft yet another means of saying the same things in a different way. The way you say it depends on how you learned to speak and where you get your primary information. Cognitive science is in its infancy – water pervades everything and life is getting wetter. If it quacks like a duck …

Namaste’ … lemme

PS :  Doc wishes to talk about model space.

Model space is a land where reality can be suspended and regular rules do not apply. Think cartoon physics, where Wile E. Coyote can stand off the cliff with the roadrunner, until he looks down. In model space, down can be the new up.

After reading the Sunday Dilbert and Scott Adams related commentary, I realize that by keeping up partially with the system in order to live, but ignoring the magnification of the ‘nonsense’ – everything not on a specific wavelength for one of my developing characters – I find that I have no recourse but to tread the path less travelled.

The fact that the targetting has increased substantially is meant to stop the project. The game is a movie based on a book with musical score, set on a prism where context changes with the depth of the rabbit-hole. You begin with a random number between 1 and 255 – it may have significance to you, but it is random to me. The requirement for this number is simple – i am a numerical savant and need to have my information in tabular lattice. I collect data for a living.

So – let’s take a hypothertical role play scenarion and see how it might play out on an ideal adventure. – The NY Mets fire manager Terry Collins and replace him with fantasy blogger lemme howdt. Howdt immediately begins teaching the players the nuance of baseball – the fundamentals that most of them never really learn. Seems that the kid Conforto and lemme are both Oregon State University alumni – a grok link that establishes a fluidized channel of integrity.

Beavers know baseball. They may be pretenders at football and hoops, but Beavers know baseball – many major leagues from Jacoby Ellsbury to Matt Boyd to Darwin Barney and many more. Now for the curve ball, people get to develop their roles with appreticeship and coaching. Performance is graded truthfully relative to the task at hand and the percentages developed from repeating the same process multiple times, reaching statistical significance.

This is why, you cannot begin to pay attention to baseball stats until June – just not enough repetition yet – 162 is an amazing amount of games for a single year. It wears on players and teams, like the Mets and all their pitching woes. Certainty helps, mindset improves performance when you believe that the effort of doing the work is worthwhile.

Chess and baseball strategy are similar – pitchers are like pawns and players have key roles based on their position. Shortstop and Center Field require defense ability – but every batter has to hit. The talent at the major league level is amazing – yet Doc’s fantasy team is batting .279 – not quite three for ten. And that is awesome.

So why can’t our models of community and education be scored like a sports league and based on criteria developed by the guilds to teach and learn how to carry out tasks. Well, that’s what camp is here for – choose a number.

Namaste’ … doc


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