II Mass Forming: Existence Game Basics

Each sixtyfour day cycle is a new personal Existence game. The game starts at Mass Massing and continues through Void Voiding. These games are experiments in designing scoring systems and are set to establish a crude baseline for later comparison. If you wish to play the game – request a number.

If you already have a number – you are grandfathered into the game. There are currently 20 pages of assigned numbers – for groups of one or two. Individual couples are counted as a group weighing 2.33 rather than two. This extra third is a correction factor for added efficiency of two coordinated people working together.

Physical presence here in the land of Az is a major score factor. Time spent on-site is counted as value in our Faith and Trust Union. This accumulation of community hours is a basis set multiplier for scoring the game. Everybody is responsible for self-reporting – the scribe guild has sole responsibility for scoring. Scores will be posted at regular intervals – on campus. Each level of score will earn a player a unique hour card.

An hour card is like a baseball card. It has a picture of the player or her avatar on the front and statistics on the back. The statistics are relevant to demonstrate the ability of the player. The card is a showcase for the individual and typically come cheap in a package with a stick of stale gum. At the very least, the card is useful as a noise maker between the spokes of a bicycle, held on by a clothes pin.

If you design a nice card, it can be used to trade with other people. If the card is worth an hour of your time, upon return to you, then we have a source of cheap currency that only requires a little but of time and a printer. When you earn eight unique hour cards at a 48 hour event – you then have the means of using the value of your time here on campus as part of our learning endeavor. If we invite you to stay.

To come together, right now, over me – you have to play by my rules. My rules are: 1) you have to be honest with yourself 2) you have to leave the outside world outside when on campus 3) you have to assist your guild in setting up protocols for the work to be done 4) you have to be willing to immerse yourself in the concept of role-play. Obviously, these rules are not in order.

The game of Existence is my rules for me. I am schizophrenic and have multiple personalities – the dysfunction is documented in 15 years of journals and many more years of raw unbridled enthusiasm for number crunching. The game changers have occurred gradually – this blog (as the Zone) has been on the net now for 15 years.

As of yesterday – there is a new game domain open – the d shell. The level of pretense is over – the work that has to be done is now starting to form. Yesterday – the mass massing began with grounding – I fasted. No coffee – just a couple cups of tea with lemon and otherwise water. Structured water. Water is the basis of life, the seat of intelligence. We are water.

Water is the key ingredient in growth. Water is the inorganic component that works with the carbon scaffolding to enable this form of being. You are what you eat. No more glyphosate in my diet. The water guild needs two people to set up the Rife RAM pumps and start filling the containers. We also need to design a water structure device for the pump outlet or the container inlet.

Weekly Awards: Informational websites

The gold LEME for this week goes to Farmwars – the best information sourse on the monsanity of governance. The silver LEME goes to Geoengineering Watch – the leader in the stop spraying our skies game. The bronze LEME goes to LewRockwell – a libertarian, austrian economic news perspective site.

The metric of accumulated LEMEs will give us criteria for ultimately deciding what we as individuals and we as a collective believe. The collective of individuals does not have to believe the same thing as any one individual – there must be consensus. From experience, consensus minue one works better and any measurement at human scale has to have an error of at least plus or minus one.

So – if you disagree with an otherwise unanimous consensus, you have a one time, one meeting hold where you are given a fixed amount of time to pursuade one other person to leave the consensus. If you can the vote is not unanimous and you stop the action. However, if you cannot get at least one other person to agree with your reasoning to stop the action – you must join the consensus. Or leave – because the argument is over. It has to be that way, or else we would never really ever agree.

Leaving is not necessarily banishment. If we have many participating existence groups, leaving one group allows you to either start a new group, join an existing group or leave the game entirely. Your guild is a representation of you and we would really prefer not to drive away players, but we cannot accept existing american life into this role play game. Mind set is on building from the compost, not fixing the old ways.

If you are ready to step howdt – my thyme is valuable. I am willing to share. If the Wizard of Az accepts your offer – camp4us is starting this grow season and the tilling is set for soon. May 15 is the last frost – so the chemtrail game is crossing the lines on destroying harvests and hence must be stopped. The agenda is clear – Beatles lyrics! Movie scripts! Science Fiction Novels! Role-Plays! Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about.

Oh – by the weigh – ding/dong the witch is dead – which ole witch? – the wicked witch – ding/dong the wicked witch is dead. Where comey goes – shitstorms follow… are we there yet?

Namaste’ … lemme

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  1. First off I would like to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question that I’d
    like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.
    I have had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out.

    I truly do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost simply just trying to figure out how to
    begin. Any ideas or hints? Cheers!

    1. write early in the morning, when you wake up, your mind starts clear. Also – write the first paragraph as a throw away to get warmed up and change gears in the writing, then change the beginning to fit what you wrote. Third – talk from your heart, use personal experience to enlighten. Join my scribe guild – tweet me @lennythyme on twitter. Thank you. doc

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