II Form Voiding: Numbers

The calendars are the key to controlling our own time. The encumberence of 24/7 for 365 in a 12/30-31(28) leads us to a perpetual trudge at 5/2 …5/2…5/2 – where reality is the 5:2 is a 2:5 where tuesday noon thru thursday noon are the real 48 for most people. Treei operates on a 7:1 embedded in a 7:1, an eight by eight grid of 64. Four directions – a panel of 256 options – reflections of each other using symmetry. A circle has a full 360 – why are there 364 +/- 1 ?

What do you own? In a pristine blank slate, you own your own self, mind and body. You own your own time – you have a limit of 24 hours in a day. I get where that number comes from. An hour card is worth an hour of time. It is a means of exchange that forms the basis of our faith and trust union. This is our community bank for the mondragon model of Existence.

Existence is duplicatable, open source role play technology. We have a campus called camp4us. This is where we play the game and film the movie. The movie is a means of getting several points across that Hollyhell seems to have forgotten. I used to enjoy movies, now i can only watch the ones that either i know the plot completely or I know nothing about the plot at all. If the movie is based on a book that i read – i cannot watch it.

You can set your own rules for you. The guild structure will set the rules for you for the training and role-playing game that you encounter. The scoring system is a means of helping us track development, projects, not people. The model, sports, is the best people tracking system on the planet right now, so it forms the basis set for how we do our tracking.

Metrix are metrics set by the guild that are measures of excellence. I was a member of ARBA when i was a groupie <a person who joined many groups> and they are the American Rabbit Breeders Association. They publish Standards of Perfection, in which every breed of rabbit is described for show purposes. The game is to develop the best rabbit and win a ribbon – win, place and show. Metrics are easy – we call them metrix, #metrix.

I do not get hashtags and at symbols. @lennythyme is my twitter handle – i tweet this blog’s link. I have three followers. What am i not getting here? How do i talk to somebody i follow, and how do they talk back to me? Monty Python has a sketch called the twit race – that i grok. Nigel has run himself over, he could be out of it!

Well, today form voids. That means that the structural unit is envisioned and the flow of the system starts massing tomorrow. Keywords will be color coded and each color will imply a different entity. Treei has sixty-four glyphs – similar to the genetic code. Genes work on a permutations of three in four, whereas treei is permutations of two in eight.

Doc edited a book on numeronomy, a collection of essays on numbers written by Robert Marshall. Bob worked with Bucky Fuller and could not write an equation to save his own life. The way things came together was visual, and Bob’s mind took him places where he could see symmetry in structural dynamic form. Click, click, zap.

The game of numbers has been hijacked by university academic mathematicians who know very little about number theory and insist on absolute proofs. Er – how can science be based upon this nonsense? Marshall demonstrates, it is not that way at all. How do we step out and make the change?

By taking different model and applying separate themes to each of the models and measuring the heck out of them. I need to be able to demonstrate the same concept over a dozen different weighs, to see what we know from other perspectives, currently sequestered away in small boxes by the thought structure currently imposed.

I need a byte, can you spare a bit?

Namaste’ … lemme

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