II Form Sounding: Perceptions

Wheels are turning … Existence is a game of perception. The rules are firmly set to be different at each level of the game, such that when you complete a level, you begin at the ground state of the next level. The constant to each level is you, and when you change levels, you get more information that allows you to continue your journey, deeper into your own rabbit hole and broader into other peep holes of perception.

Information is malleable – it changes. It is fungible – it changes. What is truth for you might not be true for others, but other’s perception only matters in certain cases. You are expected to do your own homework, if you don’t, the only person you cheat is yourself. Your score should be accurately based upon your ability – you should do what you do as best you can, but not better. After all, you are only human.

You are allowed to be wrong and still act, as long as your perception in still in focus. When the event is on, there is no scoring taking place. You are in the event to play the game and learn from the actions – you are not looking at a retrospective and analyzing what happened because the results are not in. When the score is posted, that revision of that game is over, except for the errata and the review in context.

Perception depends on the perspective of the illusionist, not the players in the game. The post game download with the players will drive the revision of protocol for the next iteration of the game sequence. Games must be repeated 30 times for statistical significance. Even though Uncle Albert claims that God does not roll dice, we are humans, we do roll dice, and we are god. At least for the game of Existence.

To start the game requires:

1) that we open the game – not quite there yet. If you wish to play the beta version, find a D&D role play dungeon master and sit in on a game to refresh the mechanism. If you never played D&D, go rewatch the movie The Truman Show.

2) that we have a program that can run on a non-microsh*t server which cannot be hacked from the back end. Is there another there out there, or is everything now micros**t artificial intelligence? The frustration factor is leading me to turn off my devices – the three phones in the last calendar month has taught me that i do no longer need the phone leash.

3) that we can simplify and codify the basic information on a scale that will increase exponentially as the number of player grow. We all have become very good at expanding into all the space available, that is the out-breath. The process of taking energy from a larger fractal and smoothly integrating it into the next smaller fractal is not available because the complexity of implosion energy was hidden when they took tesla’s papers and many other thinkers got buried in the rewrite of the third turning.

4) that the tether breaks.

The initial questionaire is ready for distribution to a beta group. I would like to start a membership club, in order to be able to keep the discussion inside a core group of people that perform services as non-player characters – NPCs. The role of the NPC is to create the conflict that begins the story line. Because the stroy line is in depth and the ending is still to be finished. We cannot end the writing until we end the filming, because we expect to have several insta-scenes.

An insta-scene is a spontaneous happening that we catch on film during the development of the community setting. Individual are point sources of energy. Gaia is a being, but she also provides a sense of place. The world is empty space filled by matter; currently, the matter is empty space filled by whirled.

Bringing in outside reality is not allowed on the movie set. However, the land base is not necessarily the movie set and camp4us is a campus for us. We do live in consensus reality and each have our role there, too. As you develop your role on each level, you will need to have apprentices to carry out the work. If you wish to play as an apprentice, the game is very different than if you wish to play as a sovereign. However, this is a three-six pairing (apprentice-sovereign) and the numerology differs from the other three pairings.

The other pairings are one and eight, four and five, two and seven. If you are having a challenge – look at the NBA model – the Warriors/Cavs is a 1:2 pairing, so is the Celtics/Cavs. The playoffs start with the proper pairings. Would it not be interesting to have the top four teams in the east play the next four from the west in the first round, and vice-versa. But then, the west would go 6-2 and the east whiners would cheat. At least, in today’s whirled howdt there.

Each guild will develop their own scoring system based upon the field of the guild’s focus. The scribe guild is level 8, the air, earth, fire and water guilds are level seven and level six guilds will develop in the summer quarter of 2017. Every solstice or equinox begins a new 91 day slate that is the scoring period. The following quarter is the time to work up the prior quarter’s data, although true data analysis takes place in winter quarter – spring and fall are working quarters with planting and harvest – the lead guilds being earth and fire. Winter is water, summer is air and festivals happen in summertime, when the living is easy.

The mind maps are developed, the schedule is laid back and the Field of Dreams model (if you build it, they will come) is the philosophy of the day. The themes will change based on the plots of novels and novel ideas of the participants, based upon the knew perspective.

{We} keep our Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet, let {us} eat cake, {we} said, just like Marie Antonette, a built in remedy for Krushchev and Kennedy (and Trump and Putin) and anytime an invitation you can’t decline … caviar and cigarettes (joints), well versed in ettiquette, extraordinarily nice! … Wanna Try?

Namaste’ … lemme

PS thanks Freddie. on another Queen note: Can anybody find me, somebody to love?

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