II Form Powering: a lightwork parable

Wheels are turning and gears are shifting into alignment – believe in the technocracy and be part of whirled A. Believe in ascention and be part of whirled B. Believe in cabals and whirled wars and be part of whirled C. Quit now, go to the prison of heaven and return and be part of whirled D.

Shadows are dark reflections where matter gets in front of the light. Light emits yet dark absorbs. The contrast of light vs dark is similar to the contrast of good and evil – they are not the same concepts. Lawful evil can really be difficult to swallow, but chaotic good really baffles people. Role play is a means of working out solutions through the mass of cognitive dissonance.

You are not the character that you role play. However, you have full responsibility for your personal character. This is of fundamental importance in the concept of sovereignty. If you speak truth, your word is bond. If your truth and my truth do not coincide, neither one of us has to be a liar or wrong. On the other hand, when we are clearly wrong, we had best buck up and admit it. Truth and reconcilliation requires personal adherence to values.

Neither ethics nor morals have been valued in this current system. The fear of different overwhelms us and we are very comfortable in the nests that we have built. Somebody pilfered the eggs – thyme to look deeper in each rabbit hole to discern whether the story makes sense to this point.

I have had a share of personal adventures as a light-worker. I have watched some amazing occurrences and fully believe that ships from other worlds are here now. I do not believe these worlds are in outer space, but rather in inner space. There is another thre out there, if you can find it. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Consciousness is a holograph generator and water is the common link. The alterations of water via chemicals are called solutions. Chemists play with solutions and doc is a chemist. This plays a role in every role that doc plays.

In November 2011, lemme was asked to drive the van from Oregon to Las Vegas to delive some papers to an indigenous judge. At the time, i got pinged to a city where I have a good friend that hires me to do editing work, but he was surprised to see me, so the ping came from elsewhere. I do love a good mystery.

Being there, i dropped in on an old friend and the door was answered by a different old friend – somebody who i had not associated with that location. There was another person there too that i had not met – he had the papers and needed the ride to deliver them asap – this was two days before thanksgiving. The owner of the home was supposed to be the driver, but he was taken ill and i was to be the substitute – they could pay for gas and meals, if i could drive.

Off we went, three of us taking turns on the 18 hour trip to make a 5 pm wednesday work deadline. I got to look at the papers – they were financial documents about a king from an island nation claiming billions of dollars of bonds had been pilferred. The judge needed to have the documents to ascertain veracity – i myself thought hmmm.

Side note – doc didn’t understand the monetary system, so in the 1990’s he joined primerica and sold securities and life insurance, for long enough to sell a few people a reasonable product and see the bankster fraud of the system first hand. Then he bailed because of a professional job switch.

Anyway, in 2011, we got to the Vegas address at 5:05 pm Wednesday – too late. The new plan was to hang out until Friday – me and my old friend went to a casino dinner. We got back to the van to find an out of control drunk making a scene in the Walmart parking lot. The third dude had gotten himself a bottle and by the end of the night had pissed and pooped himself and destroyed the ability for us to stay crowded inside of the van.

Morning came and we three white boys found a black baptist church inviting everyone to Thankgiving dinner. We stopped to see if we could clean up our friends and were taken in for the next 36 hours by a congregation of awesome people – we got cleaned up, fed up and footballized. We got the van cleaned and got showered and ready for tomorrow and the van stayed in their protected lot. A godsend.

We caught up to the judge at a Lexus dealership and had a preliminary meeting. We went off to lunch, and I got a psychic blast that told me something really big was up and that i had better hold space. The food at the restaurant was poisoned, my sense had me throw it up right away. We moved the meeting to a coffee shop, now over six hours into this judge’s time – all my focus was on protecting the shop from the darkness of the restaurant. I did not participate in the conversation after lunch, just held space.

By 5:30 pm, the judge was satisfied with the interview and thanked us for being there and we left. We drove 18 hours back to Oregon direct and I took several days off to recover my bearings. I held forth the light in a time of need, was pleased with the work and then forgot the incident. Until December, when David Wilcock released his work on Financial Tyranny and i read the same documents for the second time.

The reason that I bring this story up now, is because i have no contact with contact in the desert – deliberately because the mixing of ideas before their resolution leads to a hybridization that moves the vehicle off-track. If we do not develop our own personal aspects of truth before we mix those truths together, then the result is flawed by having embedded untruth that somebody truly believes, embedded in everyone’s system.

The current ‘feuding’ of various factions around Corey Goode is off base – we should not be focusing on the personalities instead of the substance. I have read David Wilcock’s works – he is an excellent researcher who has a mighty big ego. His claim to be Edgar Cayce reincarnated is troubling. I have never watched a Gaia TV show – but his record to me speaks volumes and if he trusts Corey Goode – that resonates to me.

So when everyone comes back from CID to the real world, the reel whirled will have changed a fractal and the group will be exclusive of people that weren’t there to evolve the mind-set coming forth from the event. I would be willing to score the importance of the event using the Existence scoring system – if the organizers will provide me with the program, the speaker bios, the list of participants and their birthdates.

The latter is the most difficult to get from people because of the identity theft scare that has most americans living in total fear and watching their money in excess of normal. Americans live to watch money, to collect it for power, and to buy absolution. Kinda sad.

Namaste’ … lemme


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