II Form Minding: Thyme in a Bottle

Yesterday, we set the stage for the summer solstice. There is still a month to go to get there, but the decisions of today are the seedlings for the plantations of tomorrow. We can start in our minds and our hearts, then continue the assembly in the physical space, after the event has occurred.

The current model is about business as unusual. The idea of stepping back into the system that we worked so hard to get out of seems ridiculous. Yet, when you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, however improbable, is what we have to work with. The starting conditions are extremely important; we can always start over at any time, although not necessarily at the ground state.

The ground state is relative, not absolute. Your current ground state is a function of your level and your tier in the game. Age is a liability in Existence – the older you get, the more experience you have at the inanity of the old whirled, which we have to strip off and remove from the next illusion, through successive iterations of rethink. Here is how we unschool.

Rethink is something that comes from Redile. Redile is research directed learning. The focus of the learning follows the direction of where the logical next step is, rather than the construct of the formal system. When we step back and look within rather than without, we have changed the perspective and can learn anew.

Anu, the cosmic sailor left yesterday : today, with Wendy, he is paired within a couplet: Void Loving and Flow Forming. Interesting – he went there to do plumbing – might that be flow forming when you look at it? The random generator called life can put together all sorts of possibilities by arranging the small numbers into geometric patterns and then conserving energy with symmetry.

In chemistry terms, a couplet based on the hydrogen molecule is most stable. This means that it has a low energy ground state. The individual electron takes up more space when it is unpaired – a pair creates a nest at lower energy where it can consolidate and produce patterns of fibonacci growth. It takes two to tango – the pair of two is worth 2.33 as a multiplier in the scoring system, because a pair has an advantage over two singles.

Observation – doc is enlightened beyond the frequency of 60 Hz per second – the computer and the lights flicker and slow down the work. Guess this means that his personal fractal reality has shifted again – the ground state for doc is different than the ground state for lemme today. Most recently, since the new game began, really.

In chemistry terms, orbitals fit into s, p, d and f shells. The first s orbital has space for two electrons. According to the periodic table, the two lightest elements, hydrogen and helium have electrons only in the 1s space. Chemistry is based on electrons landing in orbitals and bonding by sharing relative energy. An atom has absolute energy and people have a need for absolute analogy. Okay – you are a hydrogen atom.

You have two choices – you can be alone or you can be paired. A lone pair is when two electrons pair and do not bonds to anything other than themselves. A lone pair is better than two alone individuals. So hydrogen, H2 can be seen as more stable, having a lower ground state than a single hydrogen atom. There are also hydrogen protons and hydrides – hydrogen anions. The wave function for hydrogen is complex – supercomputers have worked it out. This relates later.

Hydrogen, H2 is a gas. It is part of the atmosphere – along with Oxygen, Nitrogen, Water, Carbon Dioxide and many other gasses. Methane for instance. Atmospheric chemistry is a solution of gasses dissolved in other gasses, hydrogen is just one of the gasses in the game. Water is another. Water is – well, water,  H2O . The hydrogen atoms in water are bound to the oxygen, not to each other.

A child is the Oxygen that makes a family resemble water instead of Hydrogen. Three atoms coupled in a deep arrangement, much more complex that the simple pairing of hydrogen together. Remember how different your marriage was before you introduced the first child. Sweet child of innocence, living in the present tense, what became of all the years, are you drowning in your fears, who will catch you when you fall …

The chemistry analogy is a basic theme of ONRRE – the outdoor natural resources research endeavor. Using Redile, let’s rethink through everything we call science, to see where the weigh separates from the way. Then we can go back and change themes and pursue the new lines of knowledge through the crosscurrents and have a different perspective. The more different perspectives we can generate together, the more the illusion will come into view and we will see the false elephants hiding in the invisible rooms.

I need assistance. I am moving from form to flow after a void tomorrow – i do not have the equipment repaired in order to make the flow happen. I need a tractor or some other device (rototiller, shovel) to open the ground for planting veggies. I do not believe in no till – i believe in limited till. We plan to experiment with the methods used on the crops after we have determined the baseline without making any changes.

That baseline is established as of early june – an entire year of observing the fallow frontier. I have plots of wilded crops, but i need the ground ripped, within the next nine days. The cosmic sailor sailed away to get the flowform working – thyme to request what is required aloud. Does anybody know what thyme it is? Does anybody really care?

namaste’ … lemme

music refs 1) kansas 2) chicago

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