II Form Massing: Point Source

The mass has been collected, thyme now to set the form. Today, form masses and i think through the play for the next 56 days – how the envisioning comes to bear into action. Each person is on a different train daily, the path of the track leading through a labyrinth of discovery.

Doc collects things. Baseball card collecting led to the down payment on the farm – 15 years of looking through the tunnel from the misdirection presented.  As we look back to first hand experience, we can find the moments when the illusion first began to break, even though there was no recognition at the time of the event. Now we can look back and go back with time travel – but some of the basic caveats have not yet been worked out in modern time.

People want you to cite sources such that they can follow your path from your breadcrumbs. I am original source. What is said on this blog comes from my personal belief system and i am sovereign. You can look things up on your own without me doing your homework, I fill the space without trying to justify the work. Accept it or do not: if you do not accept, let’s talk but not argue. Doc is collecting people.

We need to have different perspectives where we agree to disagree until more facts bear out the reality. Facts can change, heck, timelines can change and i think i have figgered it howdt. If i spell it howdt, then those outside will not look for me there – the hashtag thingie is very important. So – i need to see how the algorithm changes when the knew weigh is applied.

Let’s start with the golden mean ratio. There are two ones. You may choose which one you would like your one to be – that is your perspective. Doc works on human scale – that scale is ‘immutable’. In other words – you as a human have current limits in two different specific directions – let’s call them bigger and smaller. You may only take one path of focus – your choice.

I am going to choose to use Jordan from Destroying the Illusion as an example, because he has made his decision in this respect to move forward in the bigger direction. His videos are cool – and he heads to Contact in the Desert tomorrow. His aspirations (Asberg?) are growing with the more people he contacts and the metrics of measurement change with the degree of his involvement.

Disclaimer – I have not met Jordan yet. His perspective is a shared perspective of mine – i tend to avoid people on my wavelength rather than follow them. In fact, I needed to become a hermit to look at myself, in order to see who i am and figure out how to change perspectives to create the next illusion as we destroy the present one.

The project of the current calendar – marked II on the title – is to launch the knew media. The vehicle is not built to take the voyage, but the mass required is on the weigh – we can measure and see what we need. Acquisition depends on the faith and trust union and the invention of the replacement for the banksters. We seem to have people back-engineering time, which is exposed thru the Mandela effect.

Videos are very important and doc decided that he did not wish to build his own ewe-tube channel. When he talks, he does so on other people’s venues. Mona’s Corner is the current preferred venue. The step up has been a whole lot of work, but the metrics of measurement to develop a human scale meritocracy had to be envisioned before they could be aligned. I have the metrics for the matrix grid of 64 x 64.

Okay, recipe thyme – start with you. You are who you are – open or closed, big or little, dual or singular. Your defined perspective is housed in an avatar that is a role play character in the knew game of Existence – which should be on-line before the next void voiding. Yesterday’s post set the beginning price – the Spell book grandfathers everyone into my personal wing of the game – which will be one of the few pre-established facets.

At level one – everybody chooses a number, fills out a questionnaire and sets up a form of information flow to get their first hour card. This hour card is your card. Your card is your personal design of who your avatar is at level one preconception. You will get to level two and a second hour card – our card. At the second level, you role play your guild and decide upon your own rule for your personal character within the bounds of certain frameworks.

I work in numbers, so numerology is important. You do not have to ‘follow me’, but if you cannot think in numbers, you literally cannot follow me. I take the road less traveled, sometimes even cutting my own path. If I wish to break a rule, I crash the game, change the rule, and pick up the game at the point where i left it. This is thyme stepping howdt of thyme – or doc stepping out of time. Suspending the Illusion. Then changing it and beginning a knew thyme line – a new timeline. The knew weigh is the new way based on measurement.

Dungeons and Dragons goes way back – to Cannite’s Crew where nothing is sacred. Cannite was a chaotic neutral fighter with an evil mage cohort in a generally benevolent group. Cannite moved to lawful good while the mage took up the priesthood and became evil; the DM didn’t interfere and just set the stages for the allegory to life, the universe and everything.

Flash forward – the game of now just ended and the game of today is restarting. Elliot’s many worlds theory in play – every micro-shift changes the direction of the continuum. The game changes constantly and depends on the chosen starting conditions – if you don’t like where you are, you can change the rules of the game and go somewhere else. Temporally. For a very short window of real time – by tuning in to Reel Thyme. *

Reel Thyme is the next movie. You are a bit character in a Bit Net. I wish i could start you with one bit coin, but i can’t, i can only offer you an iddy bit. An iddy bit is a hundreth of a bit coin – at the moment roughly $15 dollar – pretty close to the price of silver. To trade with me and join the game, you will have to buy into each level that you earn. If you choose not to buy in further, the game will end and you will be invited into a different game. There are 64 current game spaces in the grid – only a half a dozen are currently rolling.

When you pay one iddy bit, that entitles you to one thousand izzy bits. The merchantile will carry goods for participants at prices measured in izzybits – using the resources generated by new members joining the game and founding and finding their guilds. At each level of advance, you may join another guild. Once you download your flow into the system, you get to accrue the power of growing guilds and direct it with love in the direct of – well, you get to set that too.

Sovereignty is something so new that we are going to have to try many weighs and measure what we are doing properly for comparative purposes. We need a system that cannot be jobbed, but is jobbed (employed) by people who learn to do the work properly with the access to the tools, open source, to get the work done. Call it self re-education.

The media that we create cannot have gatekeepers – or we are all gateskeepers. I prefer the latter, as long as we Kill Bill. Chaotic neutral Spock role – Scribe level 6 guild-master, looking for apprentice. Needs to be able to program a raspberry pi – 3 slots available in the game of 256SW. Please refer direct to this number if specifically interested – initial trade at 6:1 with rapid acceleration pendant skills. Data handling, interface creation at sound forming. Negotiations based on current ground.

Namaste’ … doc

Be here or be you own point source – follow me on twitter @LennyThyme

  • The reel plan is to film the movie of Calembach’s 1977 novel Ecotopia



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