II Form Loving: Carbon Counting

Adventured out to Mountain Grove yesterday, in order to run into several old friends and several new friends. There were 19 persons present and two dogs – creating a count of 21 and thus an event level of 8. The event was a carbon counting seminar by Mik of the Oregon Climate Trust.

Of the 19 persons, 2 were elementary school children – a bonus because children have a different perspective on life. The long haired boy was mistaken for a girl, but he had a keen eye toward measurement. The tape measure was sufficient, a relascope was present but beyond the child’s ken. The event was half talk and have field half day.

Doc made this same presentation in different form to the Douglas Timber Operators in the year 2000. He met John Garbini, founded Wonder Earth Partners, counted about 2,000,000 million metric tons of credits and was a trader on the Chicago Climate Exchange. And ran smack into the fraud of the entire system.

Carbon changed forever on September 11, 2001 as Cantor Fitzgerald, the lead corporation of the field of designing the carbon economy collapsed into rubble from the 76th floor of a building in New York. I lost a dear friend and colleague and carried on in his legacy for many years, without ever receiving a dime of payment from the official scheme. When the Chicago Exchange collapsed in fraud in 2010, I knew exactly why. It was not based on reality. Reality left when the towers fell.

Mik, of course, had nothing to do with any of that – he would have been in elementary school at the time. Things that go around, come around. The game is the same, except the al-gore-rhythm has changed. This crowd was strongly in favor of Gaia and against global warming. This is a good deal for that.

Only, it begs a question. If, the population of the earth is responsible for global warming, then how are the populations of Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter affecting their planets to have a similar effect? Not to say that industrial pollution shouldn’t be stopped immediately, but it is not affecting global warming as we head into the next ice age.

The scam is visually in front of our eyes. Microsoft is bringing down the banking system. The powers that be are threatening the politicians if they stop the chemtrail spraying. Aluminum is killing life on earth – why not spray gold or silver and promote life? Ah – the weird world of inversion : nothing is real so there is nothing to get hung about. Yet they plan to hang us all, with chemystery unless we don’t play their game anymore. Learn to play Existence instead.

Beep – overload. Danger, will robinson, danger … danger. Back to the earth – grounding, earthing – take off your shoes and run barefooted in the grass. When we awoke today, there were two dozen elk right outside the door. It’s nature’s weigh. Everybody should carbon count a tree, if for no other reason than to say that you can do it. The tree will become your permanent friend. In an unmanaged landscape, some trees have multiple bolus and really pack on the weight.

Or you can take a bore sample and ring count, to get the age of the tree. The amount of carbon can be estimated from the radius of the ring compared to the adjacent years, such that a core bore can also estimate weight. The proess of measuring the same thing in multiple formats allows one to assess methods and determine correct answers to significant questions.

People represent the organizations that they work for.* Paid work is contracted, but the system is one sided in favor of the industry, as profitted by the banksters. Te whole carbon scheme is about monetiinf the carbon in the tree – including a bunch of economic poppycock that adds complication beyond the basic measurement. This is the meaning of derivative – a tangent from the base.

At one point, to satisfy scientists, they added a factor of 44/12 – to nominally change carbon dioxide into carbon – the real reason was to add another density into the equation to be able to pass more money from government to non-government organization. The whole game of NGO and ‘non-profit’ 501-c(3) direction is the deep states way of micro-managing from beyond the rules.

Basic rule – the rich pay no taxes, only the wage makers pay tax, and even then, most of the tax code exempts people who spent their money the ‘correct’ way and support the deep system. The illusion of reality triumphs again, because most people think the way it works is taught in school – civics is not a school topic. In fact being civil is not part of the current american system in any form.

Thus – i quit. No money. No stuff. Funny how stuff still attracts to me, even though i don’t pay for it. How do you pay for two dozen elk outside in the lawn before breakfast?

Namaste’ … lemme

* just a thought – if when people represent an organization on a committee, they are allowed to be who they are and that when their judgement is vetted by a measurement criteria, they are allowed to act without having to report back to the ‘authority’ that authorize them, then we might see some good progress toward real change. Lest i repeat again, the caveat, nothing is real, so reel change must represent to real change and not spare change. People chasing money is a catastrophy that we can no longer afford. Change the movie.

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