II Form Forming: Microsh*t

Progress moves forward without asking, pushing new in place of old before we have the opportunity to object. MIcrosoft downloaded their windows 10 upgrade onto my computer and used 4 of my 10 monthly gigs to do it – i do not wish to be downgraded. Now i have to rebudget access to make it thru the month.

Ah, I checked a box without reading the fine print years ago that gives them ownership of everything i have ever done on a computer. Which part of this is totally wrong – the entire system is one size fits all, dragging and screaming progress. Since pro is the opposite of con, then progress and congress are opposites in the duality.

Duality does not exist. We are not on individual hero’s journeys. The way you think has been conditioned to the way you think. Try to think outside the box and you find the box expands to include you. Rabbit holes are deep – when you find yourself in one, you need to dig deeper, not return to the shallows.

As journalists, we discipline ourselves to read and learn the nuance of language use. The written word conveys meanings deeper than the spoken word – the level of directed thought is much greater. People that do not read are not less intelligent, they are less informed. Context is developed from perspective.

There is also the ‘in’ group and the ‘out’ group. If duality does not exist, how does information pass between people who were there to experience it first hand and people who were not? We need to look at this as a mechanism of the game of telephone – how does the message change as you whisper it down a row of people?

Being and doing is not a substitute for watching and listening. They are different skill sets and require different learning patterns. We are all learning different things and trying to place the knowledge into the box of a single framework – the current house of cards. I watch zero television, so please do not take the context of what i say to be relevant to the lame stream. The wolfs are howdt and the sheeple are nervous.

You are not a sheeple. I am not a sheeple : I am the walrus, coo coo catchoo.

Reading this morning, I noticed that Kirkpatrick Sale has a new book – Human Scale Revisited.  Most awesome!!! Also – i am not the only one watching the gatekeepers keep gates. Today, I have a deep insight into how the form shapes into the flow – today it forms, tomorrow it flows. The cosmic sailor has his Mind Voiding today, then he gets the void cycle.

Funny, I have to wrap this up because i scheduled the installation of that windows 10 operating system for half an hour from now – seems that they hijacked my system again without compensation, but at least i got enough forewarning that it didn’t interfere with the direct work.

Question – in a sane society, wouldn’t the connectivity of all sorts be one of the base services provided to all the people? Why do we pay, month after month, for the same services that use hard line infrastructures and keep us bound to paying corporations for a monopoly that provides non valid service? Rural america is not internet friendly – a major handicap in the current game.

If you have to pay to play, think about trying the knew game – coming as soon as the vehicle is armed. (If it looks like an ark – who gets to play the role of Noah?) Actors and their roles for ten Alex. Bing Bing. Daily Double !!! Imminent Jeopardy, danger Will Robinson, danger, dange …

The cognitive dissonance of the 1960’s has been extinguished, Kennedy died in 1969 on the next timeline, not 1963. The Mandela Effect has to do with time travel and the idea that multiple timelines are initiated from the same space during a singularity. Ooops – I did it again, I played with your heart – I’m not that innocent … the world’s a better place when it’s upside down.

Namaste’… lemme


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