II Flow Sounding: Foundation

Foundation. Foundation and Empire. Second Foundation. Welcome to the world of Isaac Asimov, as viewed through the eyes of Hari Seldon. Science is a given, scientism is the religion of the Empire at the peak of the great society. Planets are like cities – thyme to rethink how we actively get along.

The setting for the book is a planet called Trantor. The game is called psychohistory – a flow of patterns put together from numbers. In this world, the best analogy is Clif High and his linguistic research. The game of predict the future has been made moot by time travel – the Mandela affect is from people here changing recent and ancient history.

Asimov was the science writer that readers in the 1960’s grew up with. I am an old fart – almost 60 – I remember watching JFK get assassinated on TV in 1963. The next timeline says 1969 – the deep state reigns and when it rains, it pours. I believe that the authors that we read as science fiction back then, came from now, and wrote to influence the timeline that most of the whirled is changing into.

Three timelines in play – the singularity event is very, very recent. The analogy to literature here is Anathem – the return of the fleet for the fifth time. When you look at who we are and what our power really is, well, the ideas to change the world are written in the books. Not that the movie scripts can follow the book, then don’t even try.

Back to Asimov’s Foundation, a means of shrinking time such that it only takes 1000 years rather than 10,000 years to reset the empire. Psycho-history used linguistic diagnostics to predict the future – and the series of books walked through that future, each predictable major incident at a time.

You know the theme is good, when other authors pick up the aura. I have read many different Foundation themed books beyond the three in the trilogy – remember when books were the entertainment and movies and television were the thrills? Donna Reed was everybody’s mom and mom’s responsibility included educating the kids.

That is a fallacy that many generations are stuck with, what mom’s role is. Our current system is so broken that mom is not a gneder specific term any longer. The language once parced, cannot be restored – melt down is contrived! If we quit playing the game and let it all go – the reality will have to change because the illusion is destroyed. We have no alternate illusion to fit in, right now, but the singularity is breached and time travel is recreating the past.

Only humans have gender issues. Evergreen State College is an insane asylum – progressiveness is feeding on its own because the rest of us ignore that disreality. Generations are separated deliberately – if we wish to have diversity, let’s begin by not isolating children from adults. All adults are responsible people is another fallacy. Hero worship is a real bane – you are not the real hero.

The world of human is ready for a big jolt – the place where we land is dependent upon the vibration that we carry. The cats in the picture are black and white, the photo was taken without playing with any settings. Yage, the black cat, is as wise as they come. I have learned much from watching animals this past year – how they deal with their humans is greatly dependant upon the human behavior. Humans are behaving badly.

There are three timelines that are currently flowing from an overlapping reality of the recent singularity. As these gather momentum, the people that can straddle time will have to make decisions on where they belong based upon the continuity of their thinking. For most, the timelines are moot and the one you are on is already fixed. However, the quantum entanglement of the three means that multiple forms of the same people are doing different things on similar different worlds, that have yet to be resolved.

Cats are the lead animals in creating this illusion. Dogs are guardians and keepers of the space. Birds are humans in another condition, relearning what it is to be less effective than before. The world that Asimov created in the Foundation series effectively changed the world view from depression and world war two mentality to star trek federations of outer space. The change over is coming – not in any form that you might expect. The straddlers have personal decisions that affect their ‘major persona’ , which some people here call higher self.

Some of us are at a crossroads – with a role to play here and a different role to play there. Death is a means of removing personas who have played their role on a timeline. When you have a near death experience, you actually die on multiple timelines – you reincarnate back into you on a single timeline for your next adventure. The reason we don’t run into ourselves is because the timelines run on different fractal scales.

Put the term fractal into the search engine on this blog and see how many posts discuss fractals. Or try fibonacci. Or any term that you can think of. If you wish to go deeper into the mystery of Existence – there is another different rabbit hole. If you investigate the Thyme Zone on blogger – there are the clues to how to create a new scheme of life. It is easier than you think.

It all depends on mind set. Your frame of mind is centered about a vibrational frequency. What you believe resonates at your frequency. Straddlers are in two states at once – both are different excited states. They both allow return to the ground state, but the ground states are different timelines. Where you are depends on your surroundings, like likes like. If you hang out in an environment with people that you like and are happy – then you will raise your frequency.

I had my frequency specifically lowered this past weekend. I knew it was happening, the target date of May 27, 2017 was indeed the day that i saw the wind blow out of the sails. The higher elevation of one timeline is set to be and the role that i have to play in the former illusion takes me back into a persona that i had thought i left behind. I see where to go, how to get there – the role that i have here is different from the role i play there.

I have twice survived NDEs and come back into the same experience. This happens when you have a specific role, not a general one. If somebody passes on one timeline, they just remove their persona from all timelines where their work is done. You never lose any soul, all thoughts and beings are, and will always be. Your responsibility for your own thoughts is governance, you ascend when you complete the level of the particular game you are playing.

My role is to help #unrig the system. The illusion of effervescence that has been lemme has created a place where Tilly can be waiting and working – a Galt’s gulch where Mayans still walk. I am here, now. A haiku – shout to old friend Russ from high school.

Chess, game on … theory and practice … dont get rooked !

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Satyagraha Thyme – let’s make Ghandi rock! Socio-chemistry subs for Psycho-history. Hari’ Rama.

Namaste’ … doc

PS – one query – where can we define words such that a  conversation does not talk past an issue – and how can we allow individuals to set there own pace rather than have collective guidence? We have to make the approach work from both poles – difficult people are difficult because people get in their weigh. We have to be allowed to measure in our own terms.

Lit: Asimov, Stephenson

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