II Flow Loving: Thyme 4 Peace

We each see outside with a different perspective from the inside. The one thing that we cannot observe from inside is the self, because our actions are taking place in the moment and we cannot watch the action we are participating in. We can stand back and analyze from a future perspective, yet the future will change as a result of our actions and thus is not the same future as we analyzed from. This logic prevents us from gridlock in the moment, cause and effect sorts things out, sort of.

In each of the individual lives that we live, we go through cycles based upon the rhythm of life. As I look back, i can see the different strands of DNA replacing each other as my personal world turned. The idea of choosing an ending to your own adventure is very appealing. The game as currently set is a trap; one that doesn’t teach you the true results of action. The games we play model the games we play – thyme to change how we play the game.

The fact that i have multiple personalities could be called Thyme dilation. The shell of self was completed to function in the world of the past, complete with advanced degree and a complex understanding of one very deep rabbit hole – chemistry. In honor of my lost apprentice, the game will be changed to provide another goal – peace. The metrix for measuring peace have yet to be determined – a peace fountain as a Schauberger flow-form has been in the works for many years. Father Linus and Uncle Albert were also called from science to peace.

Poetry is a format that talks to people esoterically and takes the reader on a journey. The current form of poetry is the music video – this should be the desired form of expression for successful artists called poets. However, generationally – i still got the beat. Rhythm is a flow of words, music is a cord that carries it outward. The words speak the same language:

Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. About the visions softly creeping, left their seeds while i was sleeping. And those visions that were planted in my brain, still remain, within the sounds, the sounds of silence. Fools, said I, you do not know. Silence like a cancer grows.

We cannot be silenced by violence. We cannot have Quiet Peace – Peace must be LOUD. SHOUT IT !!! Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With God as our father, brothers all are we – let me walk with my brother, in perfect harmony!

Part of the problem is that words no longer mean what you think they mean. The disappointment is waking up to find that reality far exceeds Eyes Wide Shut – Stanley Kubrick could weave a story. Makes me wonder about his last video interview, where he tried to take credit for filming the moon landing. 2001 or Clockwork Orange – which is more reel today?

Words mean exactly what i say they mean was attributed to the Red Queen, from Alice in Wonderland, but legalese sure seems to have their own weigh with words. Chemistry defines terms far differently from Black’s Law Dictionary – the court’s orders have no validity in the sequence of a reaction.

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. No – not until you lose again, because the legal system is rigged for you to lose. You have to change your mindset and be able to win the games that you choose to play. In fact, let’s quit their legal game – cold turkey – and spend some time with thyme inventing a new social order based on chemistry. Or anything that you know about, to create a different analogy, away from the mathematics of money, and rule of law. Especially the yellow fringed flags of maritime law.

Oh, we need money and law, for the moment. Watch the system collapse as a house of cards – where is your money? Where is your liar er lawyer? Your value is stored in your own ability to define yourself. This is where you start – in your own deep black hole. If you want to climb out – you have to take the red pill.

The chickens are telling me that my time to feed is upon them. Think about how your want your new world to be – you are the creator, as Plato in his cave. Shadows on the hill …

Namaste’ … lemme

Music: Simon and Garfunkle, unknown (children’s UN song circa 1965), Beatles, Croce

Cinema: Kubrick

Literature: Carroll

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