II Flow Forming: Reaction Coordinates

Nature is habitual. When you can be out there watching, you see that something that happens well once gets repeated again as long as it happens well again, it happens again and again. If it doesn’t work, the mechanism stops. When the arrangement of parts is ready, the habit is picked up again and goes on.

Let’s follow the reaction coordinate. Begin with your idea. Any idea will work, let’s pause to think about what it is that we wish to pursue this morning. I am thinking about explaining the reaction coordinate, because most of you have never thought about these two words together.

Begin with assembly, the critical mass. We are looking to empower a change in status, from one form to the next within the process of getting something done. Essentially, we are dealing with energy, entropy and enthalpy. On a human scale, we are dealing with energy, feelings and thoughts.

Planning, acquiring materials and developing protocol are all necessary preconditions to get the form flowing and the actions started. The assembly is required only when the power is turned on – if you aren’t there yet, there is no reason to punch the timecard and start the clock. The new clock started wednesday – i will learn more tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Well, my friend Christopher Rudy has a BBS radio show called Cosmic Love. His guest at 5 pm PST tomorrow is Carl Calleman, the Mayan Calendar expert. There are two mayan calendars running embedding programs – the popular Jose Argulles Law of Time glyphs and the sacred ‘real’ Mayan Day calendar.

As things align and flow along your reaction coordinate, you develop a resonance where synchronicities start coming into play. Spheres align into position and sound out their coordinates of application – the pieces are all in place and the energy transitions successfully place the alignment to the point where you grasp the significance of this change.

Your mind set says go – the parts get juiced and the machine sputters, and clanks and chuggs and catches and runs and all the energy that was slowly composited into the system provides work and POP – things change! Relax, we have reached the void – the places where accomplishment pervades and we can plan and mass our next reaction coordinate.

A pathway – a direction to follow. The path less taken, because the timelines just split and you are either with us or not here at all. Be here now. Always, in all ways. Your consciousness is focused on where ever you wish to focus, as long as you remember yourself and why we are here.

I drift into a dream – i am mentally setting with Ospensky listening to Gurdgieff. My heritage says i should be sitting with Uncle Albert, and brother Linus ruminating upon the mechanistic approach to the body through chemistry. Iff – which means if and only if – iff DuPont better living through chemistry had not turned into the Monsantrosticity that has now been Bayered into another morphed form. No aspirin necessary – just smoke pot. Who knew?

That is the key question – who knew when? History was rewritten after wwII – the timeline we are on is not necessarily any part of the projection. I am on a different timeline – one more appropriate to the movie Highlander. The first one, where the plot made sense and the director had some latitude before the money grubbers got there. {Movies never follow the plots of books. Ask Why?}

The theme changes, but the plot remains the same, heroes journey. Gotta love the lame stream media – oh, something wrong, toss up another distraction. False flags of false news for false people in false reality. True or false? It doesn’t really matter, anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters, to me … any way the wind blows –> free!

Matter and energy – free energy. The illusion is you get what you pay for. The reality is, they own the money – you are bought if you pay for anything with their currency. But currency relates to energy via flow – how can we make things flow smootly without money as currency?  #unrig . Robert David Steele, Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, many more.

Meanwhile, lemme and doc are about to go bowling. PPP – puff, puff, pass. The human body has cannibanoid receptors – it does not have aspirin receptors. If you smoke or drink herbs, you get nature’s blend of multiple constituents – if you pop a big pharma pill, you get an overdose of a single constituent.

Falseness is embedded below truth to provide a derivative truth that takes you off the main timeline. Each of the 13 strands of DNA is a time frame indicator – the telomeres at the end tell you how many more lifetimes you have on that current timeline – we are immortal on only one of the thirteen timeline acording to the Mayan calendar.

Oops, I did it again
I played with your <mind>, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops, you think I’m in love
That I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent

We shall talk more about timelines and DNA after we listen to what Carl and Christoper have to say.

Namaste’ … lemme

Music: Queen : Britney Spears

Literature: Ram Dass – Be Here Now : Ospensky – The Fourth Way

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