II Flow Flowing: Circumpunct Thyme

Critical thinking is necessary to put the dots together, according to David and David. Yesterday, I met Bob and Bob. There is a double timeline taking place and the coincidence of fence sitting allows me to hear two different voices in a rhyme – synchronicity. Something is very odd and can not be even. We speak of dreams, yet it is thyme to wake up!

Doc is howdt of his element. The game is on – today is the day we have been weighting for. The fundamental play of Existence still requires tools, but the design is here, now and the inquiry begins when we open the doors or perception of the knew relevance.

The game begins: players grandfathered into the game may arrive at any time and move into sovereignty by completing level one. At level one, you are nowhere with nothing. If you have met the Cosmic Sailor, you would understand, but grokking is different from understanding. When you grok, you know the real story, when you under stand, you accept somebody else’s story for what it is worth. You do not necessarily agree, you sympathsize.

Empathy plays large in existence. There are always four paths set in two opposite directions. We currently know them as East and West, North and South, but they take many shapes and forms.  If you are an empath – life right now is either pretty damn good or completey awful – no in-between. That is because of the double time resolution.

Illusions play with your mind. The only way to change perception is to change the illusion, while realizing that your replacement illusion is just an illusion too. What is real is inside, not outside: outside is the projection of inside from the opposite direction.

The powers that cause chaos can operate because we believe in their paradigm. There is no other option, because if you don’t have money or bank acounts, you cannot pay your bills. Those bills are debts that are micro-managed by our brains that say everything fair and balanced has to be exactly even. If you get more, then i have less. Whoever dies with the most toys wins.

Not in #existence. You gain first level by being awarded a circumpunct. A circumpunct is a circle within a circle. The colors are coded to the treei calendar, our 64 day individual calendar. The title, flow flowing, implies that on doc’s calendar the idea of having a website displayed for the game by Mind Voiding is the current goal. I can do most of the calculations in my head, but alas, as more mass masses, i have less brain capacity in my own action.

Doc only has 1/8 of my time as Thyme. Lemme has 1/2, my ‘real’ hidden persona has 1/4 and the other 1/8 is shared by a number of quite interesting characters that find their weigh to the surface from time to thyme. Whether you go up or down in scale takes full focus. To do both at the same time is why i get to operate with two new Bobs and two old Davids – i straddle the directions north and south, on the up and down scale.

Scale is measured in existence based on your operating decisions. You earn an hour card for each level of experience and you earn hour cards at that level for your currency within the system. You may join the FTU if invited, but that comes after you grok your circumpunct and design your first hour card.

At the moment – the early counts are 1) five circumpuncts awarded 2) three twitter followers. Existence Rev Four is now a level five game on the fourth tier. Two surveys have been completed : this provides a depth of Three.

For Existence Rev 1 : depth level cannot be achieved – one player (think Inception – Mel’s prison)

For Existence Rev 2 : Scribe Guild – lemme guildmaster – two players

For Existence Rev 3: Air, Earth, Water, Fire Guilds – doc has become guildmaster of air guilds, cosmic sailor is guildmaster of the fire, lemme is acting guildmaster of water guild, the wizard of Az is acting guildmaster of the earth guild. – 2009-2012 Ashland …

For Existence Rev 4: Official launch date is Summer Solstice 2017 – prelaunch is now open – earn a circumpunct and you get to choose between NPC and PC role. All prior rev players are NPC for Rev 4, until their personal avatar is ready to choose a quest.

On a different note – LEMEs for music category Youtube female vocalist are awarded – individuals win a permanent invitation to participate in Existence as a demi-Goddess : a persona that includes a cameo or mebbe a significant role in the movie.

Gold LEME : Janet Devlin : A goldmine of red hair and smooth voice

Silver LEME: Leah McFall : from RIP to the Wolf Den – go, girl I wait for you

Bronze LEME: Postmodern Jukebox: Robyn. Haley, Morgan, Arianna, and many more.

enjoy the Holiday weekend – namaste’ … lemme

Lit: The Real Story – Donaldson

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