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Today is 4/20, so all of thyme is set at 4:20. Our unusual theories today are based on extra-terrestrials and UFOs. These come from Space – other planetary systems, planets, maybe even inner earth. What if the extra-terrestrials are really intra-terrestrials. Since as above, so below and the very large is the very small, then it makes sense that intelligence is present at all scales and the flow is small to big, not big to small. For the continuum, without quantum reality only.

Kauilapele resonates when he says stay within self. When we look at the stars, we are looking at the collective inner workings of our human self. The Mandela effect is the collective consciousness overriding individual consciousness. The timeline idea works only if you accept the concept of time as uni-directional – we alter the field of our emission within our own time constant.

My friend Lazzar is a genius – his geometry background comes from sketching with precision and measuring dynamics via overlays. He groks what i say about chemistry and can apply it to chai, in the islands and home here in oregon. Laz – our market is ripe, let’s talk. Back channels – the game of bother the speakers (whack a mole) is forefront again.

Why? Because, well, eh what’s up doc. The game is about information, doc reveals a lot each time thyme speaks. He writes for the future from the past and deposits notes to self all throughout the work. Like likes like, so doc attracts like minded people – nothing is real, so he must generate himself in other forms. He even met himself in female form. She is a card, too. Too much for anyone to handle – but inside the one who enjoys the challenge.

So, lately Doc has gone deep and found things are not what they seem. Big surprise – lemme has been saying that for many years. The game of disclosure is not about UFOs. That is a distraction. The game of disclosure is about truth – the deep state revealed within a proper historical perspective, with the information in falsifyable form.

Jordan at Destroying the Illusion is a bright young thinker – who is listening the alt net and trying to place the facts into a story line that he personally can interpret. Sound Sounding. The story line appears like a modern version of Ernst Callumbach’s Ecotopia: A journalist in the pacific northwest interprets life throught rain coated glasses. The water is the key to life: the games may look like oil, yet water is the real driver of human culture. How did the middle east become desert sand?

So, let’s ask another real question – what are crop circles and who makes them? The detail is sharp enough that our laser technology is not good enough. The architecture of the pyramids is of such a fine precision that current humans can’t do it. Time is flat – there is no current other than the now. Current is an electric concept – the changing of our language to sabotage words has been in play for a long time. Forever and at once in the now.

Time changes based on scale – perception of time never changes. Thus – by working on smaller scale scale, you achieve more with your time than working on a grand scale. Fractal scale depends on limits – physics is determine by those limits. Whatever we believe is true is true, except that once we prove something false, we then know, really know, that it is not true.

How do you prove a negative? You cannot. Thus a hypothesis has to be affirmative to be considered. That is what falsifyable means. You must be able to discern true from false. Your basis set is what you know to be true, from learn by personal experience and learning book knowledge by reading information and intercalating it into you world view. Video is a cheat code; use the hints – do your own homework.

Doc’s hypothesis on time allows smaller creatures lifetimes of work during the same amount of time that humans have on human scale. Thus, the superlarge physics takes place on a scale where our human manifestation can do complex science and disregard current timelines. Physics is only self-similar in adjacent fractals – thus three steps has only 12.5% form – one-eighth is conserved.

Chemistry is based on physics. Atoms are to molecules like physics is to chemistry, on a fractal scale. This allows doc (and lemme) to think inside a molecular form. If atoms are real – then water made up of hydrogen and oxygen is the smallest molecule on an atomic scale that can hold memory. I refer now to the work of Marcel Schiff The Memory of Water (1993) – which describes how the legitimacy of homeopathy work by Benveniste was discredited politically.

Humans are large sacks of water. We know more from Pollack’s 2010 treatise The Fourth State of Water about the biochemical necessity of water in mechanical function. Modern academic science response – more wrath against Pollack than any legitimate science since Pons and Fleichman described cold fusion in the press rather than the science journals. This was the Fake News scandal of the 1990’s.

Thyme to build an edjutainmental system based on vouching for everything the universities have taught. Some people have real experience – most of them have been cointelpro-ed into submission. The stories are in each of us, the stories are in all of us. We used to read stories to our children, in the time before television became the baby sitter and time went away (never was there!). So let’s pull back the stops, look at what we need personally to enact a reset and then stop believing what we know is not true, collectively, in every field of endeavor.

If we each work alone and take something of individual interest to pursue – as we dig deeper we will find the other people in the same interest areas, because like likes like. Start at one – just you – and count the amount of time that it takes you to find three other people to work with you, on the topic that interests all of you. At that point in time, that instant, you are ready to launch a new and novel focus of learning, but !!!

The numbers are not ready to release at that point. The vehicle is coming, the driver is moving, albeit slowly. Your role is to do what you are interested in doing and spend real time doing it. If you can track that time, from the day you launch, then you can set the launch date as a mass massing and use the new calendar of sixtyfour.

Fascinating, as Spock would say. Wet, in pacific northwest terms – southern oregon is not as wet as half past humanville. Doc shares clif’s orneryness – from a different perspective. Shouts to Clif – been a few years since the Ure daze of my life – which changes every moment and keep constant markers. HPH seems to have made it thru, too.

Review – time changes are based on fractal embededness and we are not in communications with the intelligence of smaller beings who do not have the legitimate range of humanity, but function in similar microworlds under common holographic illusion. Science was fine when we believed it, but since so much of it is hidden, our belief systems have to figure out where to exclude data that was false and include material that was purged for wrongful reasons.

Lemme thinks Doc is quite clear on the subject. Schizophrenia is a mechanism for Asberger’s to cope with cognitive dissonace – personality can change at a moments notice – trust yourself and cross new information into your own belief before you judge true or false. Advanced nutters is a badge of pride in the Icke world of reality.

When you get to the point of a major fact that is wrong, like Pollack’s description of how water works, then everything theorized needs to be worked through with the new theory from different perspectives of scale. Only after we have groups of five or more can we make impacts, which is why a group of four is when ‘first contact’ needs to be made.

Lemme has another sub-personality functions as (like?) data or spock from treks I and II – he can track groups and relate group theory as a fractal measure. Chemistry group theory depends on geometry to develop point groups. Molecules fit into point groups based on shape. Matrix algebra provides a tool for numerical interpretation – Hari Seldon would be pleased by such a tool.

Woah – exceeded my personal word limit for readability. Guess we felt like there was something to say on a Sound Sounding day. Bee well.

Namaste’ … lemme   @LennyThyme

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