Love Flowing:

Be aware. Things are whatever you believe them to be. Stay the course. Namaste’… lemme

Love Massing: defining Human Scale

Is this the reel life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality! Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see … Pentatonix new musical release. Pretend you are the couch when on this journey. I dig Freddie, the underlying score is part of the presentation that you get. Let’s apply some philosophy to the message.

The concept of opposites is being used as an illusion delusion. The news is manipulated to give you a specific viewpoint – David Icke is the nutter who makes too much sense to ignore. Doc is another nutter; the agi-prop game always is based on a distortion of the facts, presented to give a misimpression of seems and is. You are the only person who can make sense of you.

Bring yourself to human scale. You are the only person in your life. Start your count of one here. Assess your value to yourself. What terms do you use to assess this value? Can you write down the list and post it as a comment? Or, better yet, send it to me by a back channel.

Now look at your world-view. How did you like yesterday’s missles to Syria crisis? Globalization vs Localization is the scale here, so really – what is your world view? This is not important to your local view. This is setting the scale for your personal trip into a different duality. Big and little – Open your eyes : migrants and euro-pop are being used in a game of Politix.

People have to play on both these levels. What is real? Ready for the rabbit hole? Coming soon to a theater near you, virtual reality has nothing on the game of Existence. Ante up … not quite yet.

You are not responsible for only you. You are absolutely responsible for you. You also have made some commitments to other people to be responsible for them. Minor children and spouses are immediate concerns, while parents and adult children are a big part of your individual social circle. Can you evaluate the size of your personal network? As a proxy – count the numbers in your phone as small circle and in your e-mail as your big circle.

The social media connections that you use also are a potential measure. Lemme does not use this – doc now has a twitter account and requires a lesson. Scale is a context variable – doc is measuring human scale and needs to do some research. The term experiment and the term game are synonyms. Doc requires assistance – he is overwhelmed by the scale of the task – yet Hari Seldon has come up a lot recently and the model is established clearly. Homework – Anathem, Neal Stephenson, find another copy – fourth, if it must be purchased.

Universal theory on books – if it sits on your shelf, it is safe and not useful. If it flows fluidly through your hands and never is around, people are using it and the information is worthwhile. People that hoard books and never read them are intellectual frauds.

Doc marks and dates every book that he finished reading on the last page. He used to autograph every book and donated it to ONRRI – three boxes of active books were lost to a walk away. Ethics requires leaving when over your head, especially when the agreement between individual has been withdrawn. Your word is your bond, misleading others is a weigh of losing integrity.

Go back to your list of people that you have personal responsibilty for, that we talked about earlier. How many of the people on this list can compromise your integrity? You own your own integrity, just like you own your own point of view and your own time.

Will leave it here, for now. Namaste’ … lemme

Power Voiding: Ubuntu talk

Put Ubuntu into the search engine and read some older posts.

Namaste’ … doc :         now @lennythyme on twitter

Power Minding: Fractal Embeddedness

Continuing the discussion of fractals … we are embedded. What you do produces effect on the fractals adjacent to our own, dampened effects with distance. The size line can be read from small to big or from big to small. The effects of expansion and contraction depend upon the direction of travel. All relationships are logarithmic, distinctly non-linear.

It helps to get away from base ten. Try using base eight, and you will see the marvel of the calendar year of sixtyfour days. Computer programming relies on bases two, binary, and sixteen, hexadecimal. The trap of our number system is one of those somewhat bad pieces of information set in stone by the enforced indoctrination education.

To teach is to learn, to learn, one must be able to teach. You do not grok a concept until you can explain the concept to somebody else. To really grok a concept, ten thousand hours of focused work is required, based on a twentyfour hour day. When you are on your own time, this is time spent embedded in a topic of interest, not necessarily a focus direct on cue. There is much periphery to master in every subject.

The best book for how to learn strategy is The Art of War by Lao Tzu. Strategy is the ability to come up with a viable plan and pursue it to completion. The envisioned end is not necessarily the completion of the task, as life is embedded on many levels and when you open up a door to a new fractal reality, things change. Remember – every fractal has it’s own definition of one, depending on the fractal scale.

Chaos theory suggests that the starting conditions are one of the most important factors in fractal growth. Realize that growth is just a journey along our sizeline axis, and that shrinking is the opposite direction. Most mechanisms have to be microscopically reversible – this means that the mechanism works forward and backward. If this condition is not upheld, then the feature is a one way street and like Pandora’s box, impossible to close. This implies that a different mechanism may in fact perform the same function reversibly and we just don’t know about it.

They say ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’. Remarkably idiotic suggestion. Suppose you could break the law of gravity if you didn’t grok the concept. Laws are fictional applications of observations to reality – occam’s razor, simplest most likely explanation is true, until proved false. Proof is always in the pudding. If you are ignorant of a concept and realize that it is there, you may make any assumption of truth that you wish and it will happen to meet expectation.

Think about this. Your belief will dictate how ‘reality’ functions, not the other way around. If you believe something, the burden of proof does not exist. It is only when you question your belief that it doesn’t hold because you no longer believe what you thought. We do each other a disservice every time we tell somebody that they are wrong in their thinking without explaining why the transect of thought is not correct.

I know some very brilliant people, that have their world view well thought through. They talk from a point of knowledge and expect you to keep up with them because their logic is flawless, in their mind. I rarely ever talk shop with those people about my POV on their topic, until they ask. When we do talk, i somehow lose another friend because the relationship becomes strained when i do not accept their logic.

If i ask for a reference and you tell me i don’t need it, you have lost me forever as an advocate. I will listen to a topic where i have little comprehension and ask pertinant questions to align my thought of chemical mechanism to their thoughts of whatever. If no possible chemistry comes to mind, then i need to dig deeper – maybe i can discover new chemistry. It turns out that i can and have – Gerald Pollack totally changed my perspective of the chemistry of water – thank you!

Water and glass are similar forms of different fractal mathematics. The basic structure of silicon dioxide and dihydrogen oxide are isoelectronic. The difference is that water is smaller and more flexible in the arrangement – it has access to dimensionality that quartz cannot embrace, because of the physical constraints on expanded systems not being able to shrink back into their boxes. You will never seen an egg unhatch and return to undifferentiated form.

What are the barriers toward small. We say it is a space limitation, but that begs our question since our chemistry says that the world is mostly empty space at all levels. My little horse must think it’s queer to stop without a farmhouse near, beneath the wood and frozen lake the coldest evening of the year. What is it that Frost was really saying about miles to go before we sleep, applied to fractal reality?

Scale is extremely important in everything and the rule of fractals is that once you set the size of one, nothing smaller exists that is useful. Thus, at human scale, one human being one at this fractal; all science like physics, chemistry and biology do not matter for growth, except as models of smaller fractals that set the way on a firm basis of simplified parts – complexity comes with expansion of capability. The math makes things easy if you apply it correctly; unfortunately university mathematics is so off base that it leaves people on the wrong side of the limits of fractal reality.

Starting conditions have the utmost effect, so continually reboot yourself and start at one again with new assumptions any time you have to crash your own operating system. Then, change what you need, set new limits if you can, and take a different perspective of approach. Start again without the encumberence and begin the count over, logging the previous hours collected as a unit. When you have restarted things several times, you gain perspective to have that ‘aha’ moment when it all comes together correctly for you to know what you were trying to grok. (Take on me)

Hopefully, we will all grok the same reality correctly from our different POVs and the solutions will come forth with the mind flowing. Ch-ch-ch-changes required should become obvious from multiple perspectives. All you need is love.

Namaste’ … doc

Power Sounding: Salient Questions, Fractals

Watch the drain swirl – does it turn clockwise or counterclockwise? Why do clocks only move in one direction. Does time break symmetry? Become vapor and space is easy to handle; we expand to the dimesions allowed. So really, all you need is love.

Form only takes shape after mass is assembled. Flow comes from form in motion, which generates power. Power is motive force. You have some power, batteries store power, power is a directed entity; that is a vector with magnitude and direction. Love is more than that, however we can define it. Power with love is the ultimate high. Sing it loud! Create sound to activate another mind and everybody gets to connect to the locus. Then rest, you have earned the void.

Conceptually, these eight different keys dictate all situations. Taken in permutations of two, leads to sixtyfour combinations. When i get older, losing my hair, many years from now … will you still be sending me a valentine? birthday greetings? bottle of wine? If i stay out past quarter til two, would you lock the door? Will you still need me? Will you still feed me?

You have to rely on yourself first. Calm down to where you have time for peace and set that arbitrarily as your personal ground state. This is not true ground, it is above the basic levels of energy flow that we cannot control; when we turn off the cacophany of noise … the air around us becomes settled. First, you have mass massing – this is the assembly of starting materials. Conceptually, it happens on your date of birth.

If we think about time, the 260 day mayan tzolkin calendar could be the human gestation period. This is very close to a set of four sixtyfours. I am beginning to develop a different set of counting principles, based on my observations of nature and the letting go of human scale boundaries. If one tree day is sixtyfour human days, i can set trees and humans on adjacent fractal scales.

The limits of fractals are based on the number of steps of process obtainable from the forward momentum. The doubling function, 0… 1… 2… 4… 8… 16… 32… 64 requires eight steps to reach sixtyfour. The fibonacci sequence 0… 1… 1… 2… 3… 5… 8… 13… 21… 34… 55 doesn’t reach 6 until the twelfth step. Thus, doubling function is limiting in this range. This means that the reset fractal of eight is the minimum and treei meets this requirement. Eight by eight is sixtyfour – genetic code, chess board, Beatles song.

Time is fluid. Molecular chemistry is a fractal, similar to the human scale. Note how we climbed up from human scale to tree scale and called them adjacent fractals. This means that humans and trees must be self-similar because they are next to each other on the lifeline progression of scale. Time changes on different fractal scales. Trees perceive time at 1/64 of the rate that humans do – not exact, similar.

To get a grip on this concept, that time changes as a function of scale, we must realize that once we are no longer on adjacent scales, the similarity requirement goes away. What is next bigger than a tree, on the scale of human is to tree is to xxx is to Gaia, planet earth. Please take this example and calculate how many fractal scales there has to be.

One last thing. Historians have no clue in the game, human history was written by the victors of the games of war. In a peaceful world, no war game concepts apply, as war and peace are not adjacent fractals, they are opposites. Duality does not depend on opposites, humanity unfortunately currently believes it does. The incongruity makes the ground state of the system unstable, because ground is not really the absolute lowest point, it is the relative lowest point.

We could go even deeper down this rabbit hole, but i believe the point comes across and the birds are hungry.

namaste’ … doc w lemme & iz


Power Loving: Open Source

The public is way smarter than the educated idiots believe. The information systems that we use are in denial, fake news is the theme. ‘What is real is truth and reconcilliation’ – Robert David Steele. What I know is different from what i have been taught. To really know, we all need to respect each other’s opinions. Allow opinions other than your own, then learn from them.

It is time for Thyme to speak freely, even though the perception of Thyme is totally inaccurate. The game is played on so many levels, that what you believe is a function of your world view. The being away from the whirled of peepholes has allowed me to view the worlds of people from a completely different perspective. It is time to tell a few stories.

Right now, our systems are set for financial profit to be ever increasing. Inflation will yield shortly to hyperinflation and the best thing to do is to let it go. As a scientist, i am in the best position to question science – an unaffiliated observer who has ‘seen the light’. Wavelength is generated from matter – we see only a small percentage of the all that there is.

The particle and wave natures of molecules are not discreet, they are a single fluid entity. The aether is,  whether science believe or denies it. Everything is a function of scale; the limits of scale change as you grow. At some point, nature (fibonacci) loses a grip and the shift goes to a simple doubling function.

This means that above a certain number – all the effort becomes linear in output – one for one, just like at the beginning. This means that all the fraud, the derivatives and the integrations used to mask financial shenanigans can no longer grow exponentially. Thus the financial game is over – economics was never ever considered a science.

In 2009, i read a book by Gerald Pollack – Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life. This book helped me correllate chemistry with my understanding of bio-chemistry, which had been cleaved in college. The problem that i had was that i am an Asberger geek and spent my time crunching numbers and looking at ratios. Chemistry was a field i didn’t understand, but was curious about.

My freshman year at W&J changed my life entirely. I led a sheltered life where I lettered in chess and gravitated toward baseball. I had an extensive baseball card collection in mint condition that eventually was the down payment on a mortgage. So getting into an elite school, i quickly learned that i was completely deficient in social grace.

The first shock that hit me was when Billy Joel played Piano Man on campus on a Tuesday night. The biology class that i was taking scheduled their first midterm exam at 7:00 am Wednesday morning. Needless to say, i barely passed the test and the class and learned that biologists were assholes and didn’t know shit and that i would never take another course in that area.

I was there for physics and chemistry and didn’t need the inanity of memorizing things based on people naming things after themselves rather than using logic. Little did i realize that this was the key to compartmentalization of scientific fields – speak a language that only your colleagues understand. That way, people interested in the same stuff from different fields rarely found each other.

Back to Pollack, this dude was talking mechanism in terms that i could understand what it was he was saying. His next book, The Fourth Phase of Water, blew my mind – the biochemistry of water was completely different than anything I had ever heard – as a water chemist, Pollack made sense. But, I had left science for the field of metaphysics and by 2011, I began a journey.

Water does not function like anything that people are taught. I earned a PhD in inorganic chemistry and then did a post doc modeling enzyme active sites. The game was geometrically based, but never quite made sense, until i began to teach chemistry 10 years later. I learned to think like an atom of an element, Pollack showed me that water is aether, at a fish level.

Funny thing, scientists decided to attack Pollack and his work, rather than change their theories of water. Guess what – we are all very large sacks of water – which i call a meat popsicle because I liked the Bruce Willis line in 5th Element. Once i finished finding myself, I began looking for where i should be and after several years, got back to home this past year, 2016.

I can settle down with nature and not have to worry too much about finances – since the game is over and we will have to have something new. The mathematics say so – even if the banksters don’t understand. They get what is coming, forgive them because they are going to places that you would never want to conceive of, but they did. Ain’t karma great?

I am at peace with many things, and can do good work on many different scales. Life is a fractal that embeds in a fractal, that embeds in a fractal, in both directions in an endless loop. If that piques your interest, look up the Rodin coil. Everything needs to be open source and every field needs to be reevaluated independently by the folks who are in position to do it. There is a lot of fake knowledge that accompanies the fake news, courtesy of the deep doodoo state.

namaste’ … doc