Sound Powering: Sports Fantasies

Beisbol been very, very good to me. Lemme collected baseball cards as a kid, kept some of them in mint condition, then traded them for the down payment on a farm in the early 1990’s. That cardboard held so much value then should have been a tip-off of the insanity … instead it started a long and winding road of adventure through the nothing is real Truman reality show.

Doc has been playing fantasy sports for the past two decades. He likes to crunch the numbers and collect hardware – olympic fantasy medals of gold, silver and bronze for placing in the top three. Basketball this year had a silver and a bronze – the latter in a winners league. I got caught in silly season.

Silly season is the last week of the NBA schedule. The stars don’t come out at night – i lost a half dozen games down the stretch because Damion Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Demarcus Cousins and Gordon Hayward played hookie. I was short 12 3-pointers from three places, 7 shot blocks from another place and within 4 places when 150 points of scoring would have done it. Of course, my opponents had to deal with the same thing.

Now it is baseball fantasy season – see how easy it is to take your eyes off anything real. Sports today has the power that science used to hold. Science has become silly – at least sports measurements measure something tangible – player performance. If schools used metrics like sports, then kids would not be so confused by the standards of measurement.

I have two baseball teams for this season, one in a standard draft, the other in an auction. The auction was a first – i had no idea that i was in an auction until seconds before the draft – shift happens. I spent a huge chunk in the first round of nominations – Arendo, Goldschmidt, Cruz and had no cash for filling out the roster. Lots of dollar bargains randomly assigned – i used the waiver wire to reconstruct the team.

Performance is everything on a daily basis. Pitching can rarely be predicted based on prior year records, whereas all hitters are studs until they get hurt. You gotta go with the flow and there is plenty of number crunching and data mining for a statistics buff.

The standard draft team was more gratifying – i got a real mixed line-up. I attempt to not get attached to my players, but if a dude is good in one league, i really gotta pick him up in the other league where my current player is struggling. I would have played in a head-to-head league, but time is limited and two is more than enough – this is just a fantasy right.

Everything you think is real is fantasy also, so indulge. Just remember – honest karma allows you to surf the flow on your cosmic surfboard. You may not lie, cheat, steal or deceive – that incurs a significant penalty. You can assume rules that are not stated do not exist and get creative with the rules that do exist. It means being there and paying attention.

For instance – in basketball, there are 82 games for each position. I managed to get an extra game at both center and utility because i went into the final day one game short and two day slots open. I added Noah Vonleh because Cousins was ‘injured’, a technicality where when a player misses three games in a row, He may be shifted off the active roster to a DL slot. Neat trick for an extra 19 boards.

While here – a shout to and the active group of commentators that back the Blazers. If the Nurk alert returns, the Blazers can cause enough disruption to make the series competitive. As such, southern Oregon is a nice place to lurk away from the big crowds in the city of Portland.

When i was younger, so much younger, younger than today, i was a Beaver and got to see the Drexler/Porter team play several times. If the games are truly games and there is no fix in, this Blazer team is set up to be very difficult for other teams to match up.  There is not enough match-up to keep half the other team from standing around watching – only one player can guard Dame at any given time.

Of course, that being said, Durant and Steph and Klay don’t play very much defense anyway. Draymond does and Nurkic is big. In fact – Nurk might be your upper limit of human scale. It is nice to leave the arena of everything has to be for cash value and step into the world of sports where, uh oh. Everything is about cash value? How did that happen?

Maybe i’ll head off to science where … everything is about cash value. What if we don’t care about cash value? Oh – Paul Allen doesn’t like to hear that – his investment in the Blazers is pretty steep. Ask not what you can do with your team’s players, but how they affect your salary cap. Portland does not get Nurkic if Miles Plumblee wasn’t an expiring contract that the team could not afford to re-up.

At least in fantasy leagues, we don’t have to pay for players in real money. Can we design a game to simulate education in a way that can be followed for score, not cash value? Well, that is what Existence is. If you enjoyed this blog, because you linked here for the sports, please do check out the rest of the writings.

Namaste’ … doc … now @LennyThyme on Twitter

Sound Flowing II: On a roll

Fractal scale is a function of size – the smallest item within a fractal defines the terms of measure. How we measure is as important than what we measure. Each of us may adhere to any philosophy – a philosophy is to a person as a rudder is to a boat. Once you have internal guidence, your perspective of the vastness of the world that you deal with sets you upper limit.

Ground state changes with size. Energy is the transition between states – we ratchet enough power to climb the hillside rolling the stone to the very top. Are we surprised to find it back at the bottom the next morning? If we do this daily, will the stone roll down the back of the hill? Can we make it grow moss?

The light is within all of us, at a series of frequencies that emit a characteristic wavelength. Water is the mediator, chemists have the solutions. Concentration is more than focus, it is the amount of substrate in solution. I have begun testing the means of dissolution of metals – oxidation/reduction is the fun place of chemistry, where you solve puzzles and balance equations.

Hmmm. Harmonics is a whole broad spectrum, not just a few notes preaching to the choir. When this site goes viral, and it will go viral, those of you who were already here can take pride in knowing that all the clues to tomorrow were covered here yesterday. We are clairvoyant at many levels – as long as the absorptive frequencies are resonant with our being. The higher frequency of resonance, the more appreciation for a broader spectrum of acumen.

Animals reflect the love that we demonstrate to them. The chickens hang here – mostly because they are prey where they are – we need to imagine a henhouse and a coop. Free range sounds nice until you realize that the birds perpetually dig for worms and bugs – no young plant is safe.

The key is to talk about what you know, from a first person singular reference. To share information allows others to determin whether they resonate. Currently, everyone who believes in the current system is in culture shock and is creating the weather patterns internally that we actuate at our life frequency. I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining, because i’m free, nothing’s worrying me.

The trick to counting inclusion is to not worry about the measurement, just report the number. The reason to follow the protocol is so that everybody does things the same way. You are allowed to make changes to a protocol; you just have to document the changes and try to explain why the change was made. Did you have to respond to an event on the fly? Did your boss order you to take another measurement, because she didn’t believe the first one? Is bias driving the data collection?

Sometimes, what we do doesn’t seem to have much effect; we know it does. This site is going viral because Existence is the format for everyone to create their own games, with common measures. Games are experiments; tests designed to make you take certain actions to ‘win’. Existence is about survival, from your personal perspective.

Consciousness always survives. Scale is a representation of adjacent scales, governed by non-linear mathematics and resonant geometry. Energy likes wells, stable places where it can hang out an rest. We are all energy, thyme to take a puff, kick back and roll with the punches, roll in the hay and kaiser roll. Our Rolling Stones gather no moss, until they are Shattered …a Mick trick. Joy and sex and dirty dreams, they’re all surviving on the seen.

Doc decided to look into running for congress. We currently are registered in the Ubuntu Party. The Liberty Party may begin on May 1 – it depends upon many things. We, the people, need to replace the entire congress, all at once, as soon as possible. The scandal in Washington will be a one time chance to take this action – every citizen that feels that it is time to become a stateman should look into what it would take to win your congressional district. Just do your homework, as now i will do mine.

Money – pink floyd – gotta have it until we don’t have it. It’s a gas. Water is a gas called steam – we need a good steam cleaning of our governance is necessary before we go on as a we. The scale of country means very little in today’s global world. Defining what a country is on human scale might be the first order of business. Developing a strategy to meet all the humans in the district could be fun. Tracking the costs – gas, food, entertainment, lodgings. I wonder if I could do it on five dollars per day?

Creativity awaits. If you were running for the house of representatives, what would you do? First – define the district. Where do you call home? The aether is my home – nothing knew is useful with the new weigh. Gotta reframe the picture.

Izzy the wonderdog suggests talking to Glenna, the good witch of the north. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, working the levers. For now.

Namaste’ … lemme

Sound Flowing: Galileo, Figaro and Water

Francis Crick won a big award for the discovery of how DNA shape translates into a working model. Crick is one of the best thinkers addressing modern challenges – i recently read his thoughts on how consciousness works. After watching the nutters run the whirled, and feeling the earth literally move under my feet, i am enlightened by watching the rain reign here in the PNW.

Water is the key to life – cool, clean water. Structured if possible – there are several good structuring devices currently on the market. Get one while you can, availability of everything is limited to your imagination in the current context. By tomorrow, that context may have changed.

Water is a very interesting substance. The more I think I know about it, the less I know I know about it. And I am a water chemist. The less I read and the more i think, the further off base i get from the current reality, so i am thinking more and reading less. At the moment. It is spring, not winter and reading all winter was a privilege.

Reading non-fiction books is the best weigh to measure what you think you know against what everybody else knows. Reading fiction books tells you more about the ideology of how you are supposed to think, based on what you believe to be a non-factual yet realistic basis. I contend that our world view is created by the books that we have read, crossed with the first hand experience that we have acquired.

Most people do not read. Most people believe what they read in fiction books and embrace what they read in non-fiction books. Neither is black nor white and our basis of belief is realistic against what we were taught. It should be based against what we can measure. We all need to be measuring something unique and personal at all times – so that we can check that what we know conforms to our surroundings.

One debate that makes no sense to me is nature vs. nurture. It is like self vs self. C’mon, people, think for yourself and realize that what we manifest in the world, as above, so below; as within, so without; as up, so down. Not to upset too many apple carts but – what are we looking at when the physics of reality is warped about the hidden rather than the manifest?

This week I have things to do and promises to keep. The geese have been nesting long enough that new life forms are due here on the farm – an excellent means to develop a second generation psychological study group. Maxwell has unique markings and his influence in the duck whirled will be plainly seen – if the ducks are laying eggs and nesting – they do not seem to be. Animals are good at hiding such things and while I have been howdt and about, i really have not been looking for duck nests.

The matrix is here, in 1984. What you see is not what you get. What you get are chemtrails, poisoned rain, hopeless drearyness that beats the drums of war, stirring up chaos for the proper energetic order to blow it all out as a function of scale – a molecular reset based upon the structure of water.

Water, water everywhere, and all the boards did shrink … water, water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink. Even the ancient mariner rhymes. The structure of water is tetrahedral, like silica glass and organic carbon. Chemistry is based on eight, four pairs of two at the basic ground level. Spheres are generated when ions attract water molecules and change the comfortable form of bonding. My copy of Pauling’s The Nature of the Chemical Bond is hopefully being appreciated by whomever came into the trove of ONRRI books – i miss them.

Books tell a much different story than the video and audio of current society. The word current implies electric – the model of the electric universe makes sense on this electric yellow seed day. Thunderbolts and lightening, very very frightening … hmmm. Galileo. Galileo? Galileo! Figaro’s.

Pizza. The distraction. What is pizza? Take and Bake – bring it home, chow down. What happens to the pizza ovens of the world once the power is turned off? We fear the worst, so we allow ourselves to be oppressed, rather than metamorphizing into the chrysalis and changing how we see the world. The ions in the skies impact our water – let’s stop playing their economic games until they stop spraying our skies. Water is our solution, we are all water. Let’s quit playing politics and economics with the water that is our livlihood.

Namaste’ … doc / no lemme / no Galileo

PS shouts to Pentatonix, Queen and

Sound Forming: Domeology

Media is personal. Journalists used to keep physical journals – now it seems we are a write what you think immediately system. Rather than blog today, i am going to post a link from a discussion between two of deer friends – Carol Rosin and Asha Deliverance.

If you like what you see, turn off the TV and Ewe Tewb and do it.

Namaste’ … lemme

ASHA DELIVERANCE, on The Carol Rosin Show, packs these two hours with the most profoundly important, urgent, and feasible and exciting descriptions of how the Geodesic Dome is actually an architecture that incorporates universal and ancient understanding about resonance and frequency that can now bring us into sustainable harmonious living and development around this planet.

The frequency of the dome raises consciousness so that all on earth can live safely and sustainably. WE can spread the word that HERE is a way to move forward that will solve so many urgent and potential problems on our beautiful home planet, and as we also evolve into the space frontier…in peace!

Asha explains Singularity and resonance fields, including how to create harmonious societies TODAY via geodesic architecture. Her vision even includes our “world in space” view, developed by many top world thinkers: scientists, physicists,  and the corporate executives with whom she works.  These are people who think outside the box, even beyond the universe.  She proposes that all solutions are already available in what is, in actuality, a perfect universe.

Now is the time to get this info to our presidents and to all world leaders via any methods you have. It’s a realistic feasible positive vision that has already been manifesting…a new focus that our leaders and decision makers have a need to know about…as it replaces the old with the new with ease!

She explains how important building Geodesic Domes is and will be to all who are pondering survival, sustainability, rapid response to physical emergencies (as was her work in Haiti post-earthquake and in other parts of the world where she has sent domes and info) and for the homeless. Geodesic Domes are the strongest of structures that can withstand wind, storms, freezing, and heat and earth catastrophes such as earthquakes, etc. This has proven to be a fact.

She elaborates on many projects that she has already manifested such as exciting and informative Virtual Reality Theaters and a vision of fantastic Space Age educational domes that will present ways students and others can participation in creating solutions for every issue of concern.  Amazing projection projects (including an animal, nature and environmental portrait on the Vatican by her son…), dome planetariums, dome greenhouses, astronauts living in a dome biosphere preparing for our future Mission to Mars (learning about life, environmental and energy sciences), as well as Eco-Dome villages (including shelter for the poor) and creative Virtual Dome Travel Events in all kinds of locations.

World leaders, corporate executives, and ordinary citizens dealing with every issue of concern can go to Asha’s website ( can also visit locations to further explore domes for living, working, healing, education, energy, and biodynamic sustainable permaculture models.

“Domeology” (a word coined by Asha) is about an ancient technology that offers us the real opportunity, TODAY, to shift our consciousness from war and the consequences, unhealthy competition, and ultimate continued suffering and destruction (leading us further into an extinction process) to a very old, ancient resonant frequency and reality that can lead us to healthy, happy, sustainable and peaceful living NOW on this tiny planet spinning so bravely in endless space.

It’s up to us all to spread the word, to present this vision all over the world (!) with examples of actual manifested dome projects that will show our world leaders and other decision makers, including grassroots activists, that there is a different, already successful, profitable path that leads us to a beautiful future.
Asha Deliverance introduces the Geodesic Dome into your awareness and that of our children to continue, into your community, your business and industries, your government and including into your military.  

There is a new role for all now. Asha educates about and has produced dome projects around the world. Contact Asha to learn more and to get involved! Go to to see how to help transform the old game into a new one, and spread Asha’s words and this YouTube link.

CONTACT Asha Deliverance:

CONTACT Carol Rosin


Sound Massing: Mine Craft

Hear Ye, Hear Ye !! Announcement ! Thyme to level the playing field.

Since the affairs of the world are nothing more than the spin of the moment, i gather that each one of us is a free-agent and master of our own destiny. To ask not what our country can do for you but what you can do for your country begs one question – who drew up the country idea in the first place?

I grew up in the country, suburbia in the 1960’s. The idea of Levittown was new and exciting. Dad commuted 2 hours each way to be able to provide a non-toxic environment for me to grow up in a sheltered lifestyle – the type where you are oblivious to everything else going on.

This is a good thing and a bad thing – it allows for a detached observer and fosters the creation of a many worlds view. It also provide a narrow band of reference – you are not exposed to too much thought during the formative stages of developing personality.

How you think depends on the input that you get from your surroundings. The starting conditions are set to give each one of us the best possible destiny for our personal trajectory. We get skewed by the levels of deceit because we honestly believe what we are taught. Too many of us are jaded because we were taught too soon.

Let’s run a test. This is only a test. If this were a real emergency, then the mechanisms already developed will be modified on the fly. However, this is not urgent, nor important YET, so work with me.

Doc has figured out a weigh to mine the spam. If you are a real person and can send a comment – i can now find it fast amidst the fluff. If the algorithm works, it can be programmed to sift through major amounts of information. The fake news whirled is a battlefield – new weapons can always be developed with old mindset thinking.

Real growth depends on stepping Howdtside da box. Give peace a chance. Thyme for a knew whirled vizhin. Is pidgin english a dialect? A new approach to depth is required – one can only mine the tunnel once under then current system – yet multiple minerals are left behind with each pass. Which came first – minecraft or warcraft? First is important, but which one are we talking about.

One, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four, fifty-five Fibonacci growth. Every scale has its own two ones, they are the limits of the picture. Like a binary star system with planets that only find each other every 26,000 years. Time changes depending upon scale. The movement of energy between scales is a function of size and direction – a vector as opposed to a scalar. The output is in an orthogonal plane – one that is pitched ninety degrees from the prior planes.

Ouspensky talked of three lines – our limits are two out of three. Two outta three aint bad, i want you, i need you, but…  the third line is perpendicular to the axis of the other two. In our limited vision – we cannot see this because science and religion both tell us it is not there. Been there, done that, could write the book. We cannot focus on all three lines at once … if we don’t know that a there is there, we cannot ignore it at our own peril – we have never been demonstrated the proper weigh.

You can get there from here, but you have to go inside yourself. What you see outside with your vision sense is a fabricated reality – created to give you a flat picture in a three dimensional world. Only step it up a notch – we are in a fractal reset. We need new forms of measures, the current counting is not real.

For another different explanation of real – go watch this seven minute video.

Add a comment, perhaps somebody could explain how twitter works – @lennythyme needs followers, which is a silly market strategy to manipulate a good indicator. Redefining language requires a glossary – start creating knew werdz (new words) in pidgin such that we can blow dare meinz. Guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime, recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite, wanna try?

Freddie could never sing Thank God, I’m a country boy. John Denver was offed by they deep state – why? Oops, I did it again, I played with your heart … conspiracies abound. Thyme for the knew weigh.

Namaste’ … lemme

PS – life is good, develop your own mindset how you want it to be, from your perspective. This is mine, discerning, not accepting … watching and playing chess in a checker game.

Love Voiding: Time and Scale

Time Passages – Book me a ticket on the last train home tonight. Good Album – Al Stewart – Early 1980’s. Prior to Russians and Americans – which i suppose is currently in disfavor due to unpopular press. Time is not at all what we think … to continue a prior conversation, time is about scale.

Let’s define a couple of math concepts, scalars and vectors. Vectors are scalars with a direction. A scalar is an amplitude of a wave form, whereas the wave eminates from a point source in all directions. Imagine all three hundred and sixty degrees of the circle in a spherical coordinate like a ball. An arrow —> implies a vector in the direction that the arrow points.

Time is a unidirectional vector based on a frame of reference. We humans have coordinated our frames of reference by using clocks and calendars – we need to get off pitch from one another and display a much vaster range of spectrum. Visible light is a very narrow band of energy, yet it is all that we see. It is not all there is.

Doc has been watching animals and their time perspective. He is not unaware of their connivances – the birds will often ask to be fed again from another person and if the coordination is not there, they get away with it. Their time sense is on the sun – I guess that they get two to four weeks to our day, at their size. About half of what I estimate for Izzy the Wonderdog.

Time is suspended during sleep, but the clocks keep on ticking. I raised a question of where do we go when we sleep – Donaldson’s White Gold Wielder series features an interesting time portal aspect. I believe that chemistry of the transition state is extremely important and that sleep is a physical reset for the chemical mechanisms required for the next day.

Energy is stored in atoms and in chemical bonds. The levels of energy depend on transitions between higher and lower states – vibrational energy is the resulting energy produced from the transfer of energy between two allowed states. Energy in does not have to equal energy out for an open system – the second law of thermodynamics holds for closed systems. When you add energy to raise from a lower state to a higher state, you use a ratchet to hold and store energy for further use. The state you left shifts lower toward ground state.

We are all light beings – light is the entire range of the energy spectrum, not just the visible. The longer the wavelength, the fewer cycles per second. But seconds are arbitrary definitions of time on human scale and light affects all scales, not just the human scale. If we see that the birds get fed by humans once every two weeks in bird terms, which translate to once every morning in human terms, then it becomes obvious why they are here at first light – they associate that to be within a day of feeding.

As the size of birds  (chicken, ducks and geese all vary), the day arrangement might vary – the geese might be two weeks and the chickens four weeks on a human day. The treei calendar is based on sixtyfour days – so for convenience, i might assign the time to be 32 days for a chicken day, 24 for a duck day and 12 for a goose day.  This makes eight for an Izzy the wonder dog day – these are arbitrarily set for the moment to fit the treei scheme.

Plants also have lifetimes, based on their grow cycles. I know where my copy of The Secret Life of Plants happens to be – a visit before the end of the month is called for. The scale of plants will get me down to scale time for lichen and moss and mold and fungi – there is much fungus among us. Seeing how time actually works on smaller scales may lead to a different appreciation of the cycles of vaster scales. The Mayans knew something bigger than what we suppose we know now.

Today is love voiding and this week has featured a lot of different posts. Get to thinking about things other than what the media tells you to think about, because we are going to need brains in action to get howdt of the jamb. The alt media and the fake media both need to chill; chaos is to be honored as a weigh to better order, not feared because somebody else wants you to be afraid with them.

Namaste’ … lemme

Love Minding: Spin

Spin. A twist of fate … The rate of twirl, who knows. The spin of the outside whirled differs from the howdt side-world. Let’s evolve conceptually from a novel basis.

Take Orwell’s 1984 and spice it with a movie plot like Brazil. Realize that as in Donaldson’s The Real Story, everybody has a different perspective on everyone else. Asimov’s Foundation series is a realonable response, sent or Arrakis in Herbert’s Dune. We also get Stephenson’s Anathem’s Mathic Universe. Nothing quite as morbid as A Boy and His Dog, but Being There is close.

Eight choices in one paragraph and we are just started building models. Once you take Music and other Art genres, the list of possibilities expands. There is a problem though – the current spin state is fabricated. There is a polar shift and magnetism dictates spin state. OOps.

The only weigh is alone, thru the Eye of the needle found in the haystack where the camel was eating hay just before the straw broke his back in the eye of a storm. Cognitive dissonance depends on mixed metaphors, aka spin.

Boom, we nailed Syria! Boom, boom, we nailed Afganistan!! Boom, Boom, Out go the lights!!! Then quiet will reign and the spin will be toned down as we silence the squawk boxes with the jabbering heads yapping incessantly at the boom of the moment.

Detach from the lame stream media and the governance of greed – thyme for satyagraha … speaking truth to power. Power is with the people … each of us representing all of us, as best as possible. Two of my favorite ladies are chatting on air tomorrow about the future – this will not be like anything else you might have heard.

That’s the spin for today – on the Positive News Netwerk.

Namaste’ … lemme

Love Sounding: Space-Time

Stepping Howdt – Walk away from the ideas that you have been taught and turn off the media. That includes this blog … if you are interested in what the news of lemme’s world is – then add this to your daily routine. We are learning daily – the only weigh to cement in learning is to teach it to others. Unfortunately, we are the others we are teaching and our loop cycles us into ourselves.

The land mass called Gaia is changing its relative frequency. We can tell by the increase in the Schumann Resonance – which is an indicator of information on vibratory matters. If you understand transition state theory – the energy builds to a crescendo, once the steam is let off, the energy is substantially less. This is called moving from the excited state to the ground state.

The magnetic poles are shifting, by measurable amounts. Volcanic activity is linked to sunspots and the resident theory of how it all works is questionable at best. The gate-keepers have tried to keep the electric universe theory under wraps – is the location to begin your knew knowledge of how space works.

Space is not what you think it is. Time is not what you have been taught. The only moment ever is the instant of now – Eckhart Tolle can bring you up to date on the philosophy of the subject. In Gaia time, the instant of now takes place over twenty years as a single season. A human lifetime of eighty years is equivalent to four Gaia seasons, one Gaia year. This is a guess that can be ratified by calculation at a later date, but will do for the present context.

Time depends on scale and size is only one measurable criteria of scale. At every scale, space is mostly empty. As you size down, space gets fuller and fuller until you realize there is another scale down where there is more empty space. Look up and see empty space, look down at atomic level and you see … empty space.

Transition States are the places where irreversible change occurs. Energy in in small increments ratchets up the total energy contained. Physics is not constrained to time and space, but rather matter and energy. There is a whole other there out there, and we can get there … only if we quit thinking about where we were.

We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert. We’re so sorry that we’ve caused you any pain. We believed your ideas, even after you told us that imagination is more important than knowledge. Now, we have to let it be. When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me. It is thyme to go there again.

The old soviet union sent people to the sanitarium to take a break from their duties. David Icke says that we are all nutters – the same concept in a twisted variety. My analyst told me, that i was right out of my head, the way she described it, i’d be better dead … I didn’t listen to that jive, i knew all along, that she was all wrong and i knew that she thought, i was crazy but i’m not, boom boom.

When they discredit people as individuals, take the time to listen to their stories as they sound off. The is that we think is not what is is and all is not what it seems. When they say dimensions, we think in space and time – but they don’t mean that. Space and time are constructs, locked boxes that keep us playing under their rules … fake rules for fake news.

According to twitter, i have a follower. Just one. I am not even following myself. I do not get the platform at all – we need a way to avoid the bottleneck of the gate-keepers. The whole ewe-tube fiasco is a symptom, watch how they anger the already angry. Take a deep breath, take a deep state, take a deep dive down the rabbit hole … stop right there, before we go any further, do you love me?

Don’t you feel like trying something new? Explore the outside, take a nature walk. It’s easy when you live here, but you live there, not here. Take the time to walk on the wild side, near Gaia without people. Let’s say without human people, because your dog will appreciate you for taking her along. What Iz is, is the wizard.

I am putting together a new card game, a play weigh to learn the land. It starts with drawing the glyphs of the calendar and then increasing the scale. When I achieve the scale i want, i plan to divide the space into 8 units and then draw the fractal of the space alone. I then plan to place each fraction 1/8 into a can with a GPS coordinate and scatter twenty-four cans with puzzle pieces into places where they can be collected and traded. (20 mayan glyphs and 8 treei glyphs)

Existence 3.0 is a mix between role playing and card playing – a learning game for using tools like GPS and identifying plants, lichen, moss, mold, and other biologics in the next fractal dense and closer to ground. Entry level has not been achieved; coming soon to a theatre near you. It requires some fundamentals that have yet to be explored.

Energy and matter are tools for the game. You have some, we need to count how many and how we value them. There are some players already going, other that are not quite going and some that will go as soon as the get it – the get-go. The meritocracy that you build based on you as one is up to you to create. When you expand from one to one, you work in the domain of Gaia … TBD for now.

At human scale, when you reach two; there is a big merging curve. This takes a lot of time and energy – but love is worth it. Today’s calendar day is love sounding in a Blue Spectral Storm. Treei folded into Mayan, Arguelles form.

Namaste … lemme


Love Loving: Sorting, sorta

One of the concepts of Harry Potter world that I really had to think about deeply is the sorting hat. My kids and I played the card game when they were growing up, at a time when passage of time required unique skills of finding something to do. We had no TV, deliberately. Times have changed three times since I have been born, this is the fourth turning.

As you read this, realize that there is an overlay in the theme of the blog that goes back to the days when the blog was on blogger – before the G spot excised the Zone. Online history requires a trip down the memory hole … another thyme perhaps. The game of Existence was invented on-line and there are very valid clues buried in the nuance of 14 years of blogs – since 2003.

Fascinating, was a term that Spock used when human emotion changed logic. The requirement that we put it all together as we are partitioned into our unique space is a mirror of our thoughts, which are programmed. Break the mirror and it is seven years bad luck. Why? Because their grip on us is our belief in what they told us, taken as gospel, chewed upon and regurgitated. Cud Ewe.

Ate you paranoid enough yet? Take the time to step away from time. Hole yourself up to whole yourself up. Up is down and down is up. There is more complexity in the top six inches of soil beneath your feet than there is in the whole night sky.

We can be heroes, just for one day. Today, I look back to when I was composting in the 1990s – Elaine Ingham and Soil Food Web were my favorites. I had the Cornell composting book and I was scattering inorganic salts amongst my crops to see what I could see.  My lack of formal biology meant that I was not locked in the closet of thought … I was looking for an application of what I had learned at school.

Hook, line and sinker learned at school. Learning is internalizing knowledge and making it your own. As a numbers junkie, i could watch repetition enable itself and hold the fascination. It meant that if three times out of thirty something different happened, i likely noticed. I took pictures and did some real neat things – but everything was lost when the whirled turned and the hard drive is sitting somewhere amongst the piles of stuff left behind.

To demonstrate plant growth as a function of scale, i kept a basketball in every picture. The ball was never in the same place, because we used it at the hoop on the barn, but it was in the photo with the controls and the experiments. Games and experiments are the same things – controls are rules that you follow such that everybody is playing by the same set of rules. That way when something different happens, you can attribute it to an action and not a random act of god.

Random acts of God do exist. Have you ever destroyed an ant-hill. To the ants, your action was just that – a random act of God. You are God, I am God, Jesus is God, Putin is God, Izzy the Wonder Dog is not God – she is the wizard. I apologize for offending the God believers – my current belief is that we all have a piece of God with-in us and must step into our divinity. Until we do nobody is perfect.

Except you are perfect, every bit of you. You couldn’t be who you are if you weren’t discerning enough to know when to take yourself seriously and when to not. We have lost a bearing, and our compass to tell us direction has been altered. Not only are the magnetic poles shifting, but the frequencies are adjusting to the current mindset that you hold. If your love is loving, your frequency is high enough to carry you to the higher states.

Imagine a large prism, sorting people based on frequency. You can be Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Griffindor or Ravenclaw – each with its own vibratory frequency that dictates magical reality? Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in science as connived by the university system? The method is good, the gatekeeping is madness.

Step outside the illusion and find yourself. Then add back things that you know you know … one at at time, based on what you have accepted that you already know. First hand observation requires thought on the topic prior to presentation. Have you done your homework? Do you ‘know’ what you are thinking about?

Good – log your time and keep thinking. You have self-sorted yourself into a select group of people that will begin unique thinking for the purpose of sorting out true from false in doc and lemme’s thinking. Never take what we write as gospel, fact check and ask – how does he know that. Knowledge based on references to the literature are drilled into us in school – the literature lies. Use your own observation and sort facts. Use your hat to keep things straight; sacred geometry rarely uses straight lines.

Namaste’ … lemme

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Love Powering: Free Thought

Would a fractal explanation support a Pantheologic world view? Could our embeddedness within ourselves give us a skewed picture of what is real and what is matrix? Do philosophers of the past have any meaning in the present?

Individuals are all point sources of light. Stars are also points of light which we view at a vast distance, over which we call space. Space is related to time in an Einsteinian simplification – relativity was created after Uncle Albert said that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’.

Imagine if you will, Rod Serling presenting the Twilight Zone in America today. No more bizarre than reality television, I suppose. The interpretation of how things are, depends entirely upon perspective. Nature is a bit wetter than usual for this time of year; shrooms, moss, lichen and other things are enjoying the space. The density of human population here is rural, rural. Nature fills all vacuums and doc inhabits his own head space.

If, the stars represent the nuclei of atoms inside the human body, and our perspective was to be sitting on an atom of an element – what would we see when looking out? Could the perspective of a water molecule be human in nature? The perspective of a human certainly could be that of our meat popcicle, a large sack of water. Fractally speaking, of course.

Let’s look at chemistry from the perspective of water. Life consists of order and chaos. Chaos is the new normal, but structured water provides a resource into sacred geometry that explains Dr. Emoto’s photography. Intelligence is a function of nature at every level, integrated between fractals by simple rules of order. Spin things fast enough and you restructure the thinking – reset the stage for the next believe system.

Terminology is compartmentalized, so that words mean different things to people who are not speaking the same dialect. The linguistic works of Clif High at halfpasthuman deserve a shout, but realize that this is just another tool for discernment. To sift information for nuggets is just like panning for gold – you can take certain actions to favor your luck.

The entire infrastructure of information that we function upon as been altered within our lifetimes. There seems to be a major cycle and a minor cycle that are threaded through each other, sort of like DNA except with a central third strand that intersects at certain points. Our current biochemistry model is completely off, because of the exclusion of water from the facets of crystal growth to enable the X-ray spectrosopy.

Problem is, we bought the university system hook, line and sinker without questioning the suppression of all other alternatives. How many readers have read Gurdjieff and Ospensky? How about delved into Robert Rife or Walter Russell? We question the Tesla story – what happened with Wilhelm Reich? It’s all about Uncle Albert – according to the media who made it up.

Know who else made it up? H.G. Wells. See if you can get some of his older novels, like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. or was that Jules Verne? Isaac Asimov? David Icke!

Where does our thought come from? Where do we go when we are asleep? What is life is a function of scale, not distance? What would be the equivalent of time? How do we time travel? When are ‘they’ going to reveal the extent of this deception, that everything we have been taught in public school is skewed.

Shouts to all the folks embroiled in the Ewe Tube monetary fiascos. Jordan, Jimmy, Victurus Libertas VL, David, best to get away from the need for money to operate. Why should we settle debts under the dead money system – especially when they were incurred under fraud? Under whose authority are we compelled to believe in any jurisdiction other than self? Ah, yes. Self- protection from force. I will cede to USA because I prefer to, recalling Bartlebey from Melville’s pen.

In fact, we need to cross-platform our alt media. The idea of coagulation makes sense – each media producer is an individual that supports a perspective. As we stake out POVs (point of views) – let’s look logically at the ideas that the opinions are formed upon. Some ideas sound very good and just are not.

Education is a personal function. If you are interested in this world view – keep reading because i am gonna try to write daily on some topic that is not of interest to the lame stream. The depth is one to set off creative thinking – we need a new renaissance of broadly educated people outside the reign of academia.

Let’s teach each other to learn about our fields. Let’s identify the major works of the best thinkers and see where the rest of the world left them on a tangent. The corruption of the current system requires withdrawal. Withdrawal requires there be something different to withdraw to.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Choose a genre and get creative and in 3 months, we will have a media that allows us to talk (and teach) to ourselves. Everybody is a producer, and we set some good measures of success – based upon open source algorhythms.

Come play the game. Start by being yourself and dealing with you. Forgive yourself, then change your behavior to what you think your behavior should be.

If it will help, allow yourself your own schizophrenia. You can be one person with yourself and another person with your immediate surrounding friends and family. If you change persona too quickly, they will just fear that you have lost your mind and run away, back into the trap of what they learned before.

Spend time developing yourself. Do your own homework and analyze what you know against what you think and don’t allow other people to think for you. Do ask them to justify their logic when you do not understand. There is a reason they don’t tell you all things.

We are all point sources of light on many fractal levels. Our game is currently at human scale and you as one human need to be able to be yourself. If you cannot think for yourself, then why did you just read this whole blog?

Namaste’ … lemme

PS: pay it forward and be open to receiving as well as giving.