Mind Sounding: Creative Thyme

Take away everything and begin with tabular rosa – a blank slate. Add back the canopy of the world – the sights, colors and sounds of the day to day existence that you know and love. Restore the people, the pets, the visualizations of connective interactions that we have with ourselves.

Perspective is everything. We can watch the same events unfold and have different objective answers for the interpretation of what we saw. Each of us provides context, and commentary – the collective conscience runs because the same things are intepreted by the same persons each day, every day. This is consensus reality.

We were born into it, learned it first from our parents, who learned it first from their parents, who etc. The misinformed parenting system leads me to grok why greek philosophers were so highly regarded. Today, for the most part, we get news readers, who reinforce a consensus reality that is best described as Orwellian, rapidly approaching Kafkaesque. Thyme to apply the breaks.

To step away from what we were taught is not easy. The negative reenforcement system plays whack a mole on the free mind – you always get back to cardinal rules that you were taught to provide a stable ground state where you could pick up again from the same point of reference.

We have that now – the universe is holohgraphic. The play of time in the forward direction is set in a weigh that we cannot individually change, but our approach to time can be structured completely different from the form that it takes today. Monty Python.

Spam. Spam,spam. Spam,spam,spam,spam. How did they know then what the term spam would mean today? Spam. Constructed to be effortless clogging your veins with nonsense food – a construct of society from the folks that brought you Soylent Green.

I want Terry McKenna back. And Gonzo – the one who set ‘when the going gets tough, the weirrd turn pro‘. Old Hunter S. And I miss Douglas Adams – the wry tongue in cheek sillyness of things, like a couch stuck on a stairway. Today is so serious, there is no humor in current affairs. We get our best idea of what is going on by listening to the commedians. Even elected a Frankel to the senate – how did that work?

The jig is up for consensus reality – reality TV is where the old consensus has gone. To the Kardashians, to porn on the net and to the deep state below the deep state. It morphs at each layer, just like the fractals that we have discussed. Or is that disgust? It shows.

Step away. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. The chaos increases, this is good. False flags are invented to pursuade people who have no minds. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to who? Oh, Bart Simpson.

Where once was Linus Pauling, we now have LInus and Snoopy. Marx was once Karl, the Groucho and Harpo – now Barbara Marx Hubbard – birthing a new world based on an old world ideal that isn’t real. Sorry,  it sounded good to many five years ago – today – just another brick in the wall. We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classrooms, hey teacher, leave those kids alone. Instead, we got Lord of the Flies – terror.

Or distraction, like the football draft last night. Football in April. I remember growing up where fruit was seasonal and oranges came up from Florida for only a month or two, then you had to wait again until next year. When was the last time your local grocery store didn’t sell oranges? Watch, that will be a marker of the withdrawl of reason – the death of the death culture – the major spectacle of the day.

We can write it off and start new, or we can keep going until ring around a rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Nursery rhymes. Stories we told our kids to get them to believe in things that weren’t true, before their minds could think. We all need to be new born, to start thinking from scratch again.

So here you are, with a tabula rosa. Whish weigh do you go, a different future or the same old, same old. Regular readers are used to these rhetorical questions from lemme and doc – where are we going? Are we there yet? Mommy make him stop. Ah – summer trips in the car in the summers of the 60s – what kid today gets to deal with that human life form?

So – we are all children and we need to relearn everything from ground state. We have some ideas, but when you haven’t done it before, you cannot say you can do it until you actually do something. Experience shares no alternatives. I wish to be a journalist, i write. Years later, i still write and lo, i am a very good journalist. I have more written in journals than in blog posts – data mining is like opening my own wikileaks vault. So much i didn’t know i said.

I am no longer angry – i was for a long time. People are angry now, that is one of the stages you grow through by experience. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you as they ridicle you, then they fight you, then you win. They lose when they fight you. You lose when you fight for them, because they pay mercenaries to fight and absorb the pain for them. But ‘they’ still feel the pain and they run scared. Just by us reading, and writing and not doing their bidding or using their money.

Oh – you do still use their money. Why? Guess that is a direction that we can go next – create money based on wealth from growing food – we all need to eat. If i have food and you have money, who makes out better in the long term? Money is a proxy. It is not real.

Namaste’ … lemme

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