Mind Powering: Existence theory

Contact limitation allows isolation to develop into a sense of inquiry based on internal logic, rather than external interpersonal communication. Choosing limited points of interaction based on controlling the flow of discourse keeps the mind from wandering too far off into the disreality of current events.

In plain english – hermits can choose what to think about. Doc has been writing Ubuntu political philosophy, based on extending MIchael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contributionism work. The ideas seemed to dovetail with Doc’s development of a formal scoring system for his meritocracy game, Existence. Funny how seems and is are so different when you really start looking.

First – allow me to say that Ubuntu USA has some motivated people ready to create change. One problem in D&D terms is that they are all lawful good and play by the current rules of economics. As long as current systems are assumed, Existence is bound to fail – it is not a non-monetary system. Ideology and practical reality rarely intersect – if we want to create new, banishing the old is a good place to start.

That is why Existence is a game and capitalism is the weigh of life. I have been listening to Leah’s INK mini-album – my heart goes out to you, my fine lovely lady. I watched the game of The Voice – you have true talent, my dear. I can relate to Wolf Den … you now have some real experience at an early age, plus, you still have the talent. Play by the rules with the talent to win and become handicapped by believing the wolf den is run for the benefit of the sheeple.

We are catching on big time though, by leaving the game and then watching it play out. One of the base pilots of Existence is Kirkpatick Sale’s book Human Scale, written in the late 1970’s. Fortunately, this prophet is still here writing and his Wednesday morning LRC article launched this essay. The conclusion doesn’t go far enough. States are too far away from human scale; go back to counties. That may be a scale too big too.

Then I read Paul Craig Roberts’ morning essay at CP and got to thinking – Existence has to launch. The concepts of the far right and the concepts of the far left have merged to exclude the muddle in the middle. This is a very good thing, especially if you are not part of that system at all.

Wait – how can we not be part of an all inclusive system? Hee, hee. The system excludes lots of people, they just don’t have the means of expression once excluded. The nutters as David Icke calls us, have been discredited to the point where other than a few trolls, nobody listens. Or appears to listen.

Chaos ramping up, will continue to increment energy. The best current theoretician on chaos that i know is a lawyer – go figure. Butler Shaffer at LRC gets what chaos is about and applies it very well in his essays on economics. You can spend a long rainy day on his back issues – i found him when drifting about in the Ron Paul camp.

In Existence, the game is influenced by guilds, which have the power to take action. The game uses a Mondragon economic model. While i like Ubuntu – nine months of action availability led me to shelve the book project, because the lead direction was not where doc wants to go. Ubuntu can come and use the campus and demonstrate how to do things in their system. Existence is a showcase for comparing systems – we need 12 more real Ubuntu Parties and different options for local governance.

An idea has come about on how Doc can unstalemate this drawn chess game and get something published in book form. If you notice, the blog has changed formats again and become a daily news diary. The realm of topics has been focused – you can tell by the titles of the posts.

In doc’s world, the treei calendar begins with mass massing. Doc has aligned the blog with his birthdate. Thus, today’s mind powering is a culmination of the work going on in his current 64 day year – which is also one tree-day. Internalizing a different calendar has disentrained his mind – the power is in reformatting the writing.

We have some real world work to do this week, and a void cycle follows the mind cycle.  When you do the heavy lifting, you have to follow it with a time out. Rather than blogging, lemme will bring back some old forms that might have new life as thyme changes. The idea is that … no, it’s not so easy that i can put it out there right now.

The vehicle is ready and the chauffeur is pulling from the garage to the mansion. Chaos is the order of the day and yin is choking on too much yang. Ebb and flow are distorted – Leah is singing and fighting back – I love her. RIP to the girl we used to see. RIP to the old forms of lady liberty.

Namaste’ … lemme

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