Mind Massing: Learning Work

Stepping away from the field of common thought into a world of thinking for yourself requires work. Work is activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. Learning the discipline to work is similar to learning to discern. Ready for some mental gymnastics?

Starting conditions are vastly important in chaos theory. Lemme’s game theory is that learning a game is easier than learning at skool. In fact, one doesn’t learn at skool – life gives you hard knocks to play with. Really, learning is a walk along a fractal, of another type. A walk on the slippery rocks.

Learning works well with one, but even better with two. Bouncing off somebody else who is learning with you from a different perspective (because we are all unique in life experience), helps get more done than either individual learning solo. When you have a mentor learning while teaching a topic in depth, this threesome is poised to accomplish work.

What work do you wish to accomplish? What is useful work? Work is the energy required to move an object against a force. Work is equal to the force times the distance the object moves. What is the work of the current American population? To contribute to the chaos to build up enough energy to create change.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   Margaret Mead

The drumbeat for globalization is to make us ready for war. The war is already on, with disinformation being served on a platter by most news sources which has us chickens running around saying the sky is falling. Guess what – the sky literally is falling. The next big false flag is waiting around the corner and the more folks screaming, the more chaos and the more chaos, the better the overall order after the chaos has used up its energy.

Look at the bell curve as a function of the mechanism of reaction on the way to a transition state. The axes are energy and work. Our proxy for work will be time, because it takes time to build effort to make work happen. When we start, we need to gather our materials that we will need. Once we have the mass of stuff together, we can set up the form that we wish to apply our energy in. We are talking about our group of three – maybe four because the math works the same.

The preparation necessary to begin a project is a great deal more than just amassing stuff and setting out to do. However, if you have thought about what it is that you wish to do and begun amassing the stuff that you need to do it, you already have accomplished a good deal of work.

My friend Matt Lindemann asked Doc to write a paper with him on Chemtrails. In exchange for a month of phone service, Doc prepared an abstract for the key to become heard – a climate conference in Chicago set for this year. Our paper was not accepted by the gate-keepers, but Matt is hosting the second annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Portland, OR on the 6th of May.

Doc has some real creds in the area of chemtrails. He is an inorganic chemist – focusing on the biologic affects of metal distribution through natural systems. His 15 minutes in What in the World are They Spraying led to another encounter with serious trolls and life as a hermit to escape harassment. Just You-tube Lenny Thyme and there are a half dozen good talks or interviews on the topic.

Aluminum, barium and strontium are not good. They all have very limited biologic roles. However, the game is being played to ramp up the spraying, as if it didn’t happen every single day, rain or shine. The next game coming is a major false flag to get the AlGoreites screaming – global climate is being manipulted, so reacting to warming or cooling without stopping the game is, well, illogical, as spock might say.

So this from Matt:

The upcoming false flag “crazy solar flares”, MAJOR power outages, internet and communications down, Project Bluebeam implemented to show crazy Northern Lights (aurora borealis) everywhere , (Problem Reaction Solution) lead to the Solution of blocking the solar flares via Chemtrails……. EMERGENCY RESPONSE, FULL Solar Geoengineering DEPLOYMENT

Hegel is not one of my favorite philosophers, but in this case, his theory of problem, reaction, solution is right on, driven by chaos and hype. For a more real scoop – you might wish to check out the conference.

Namaste’ … doc

PS more expansion on the original topic, work, to come.

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