Mind Forming: Games People Play

A very good Alan Parsons Project tune. Our topic is strategy and tactics – the game has changed, as has the face of this blog. The trolls will be back in force, but for the moment, they have other fish to fry. So let’s take off the gloves and talk on a topic that might be more than we bargained for.

Playing chess on a checkerboard while the checker game is going causes anxiety for the checker players. Playing go on a chess board makes for a very short game. When i first learned game theory, the game i played was dots.

Dots is easy to learn, has no cost beyond the material required to draw and allows an individual to directly see the result of the decision making process. The idea is to draw a matrix of dots in a grid form. I like the eight-by-eight of the chessboard – to teach a kid standard math you might use a ten by ten.

Players then alternate drawing lines between adjacent dots, with the goal of forming complete squares. Once you finish a complete square of four lines, you can write your initial in the square and you get to go again. Winner is person with the most squares at the end of the game.

Let’s play a theoretical two player game on a two by two grid. Player A draws first and loses the game. The sequence is for A to connect any two dots, player B connects the opposite two dots, player A must make the third line which connects the other two lines and player B draws the fourth line, wins the game and places a big B in the middle.

The four by four grid plays a lot like tic tac toe. You end up with nine squares – a five to four game is contested – what you find is that you get runs of boxes created that magnify the margin of victory in the really close games. A five by five grid plays like twister – left foot blue.

Strategy is the use of lines to force the other player to give you boxes and tactics is how you set up your lines to make the other player trade you squares. At every growth level, the game complicates … you can get to where you can have fierce, multiplayer, expanded board dot games that become very elaborate, artistic design – simple structure.

Games are tools for experiments – simple games can lead to more complex games. The computer games have taken something that was easy and complicated it beyond imagine with the ability to do the same thing with subtle variation and make it look different. Think of how much time it takes to get proficient at a new game? How many games are really new?

Back to the Future. Playing cards are a 4 x 13 matrix : four suits and 13 levels – ten numbers with a jack, queen and king added. Ace can be high or low, depending on whether the players smoked howdt before the game.

Matrixes set limits to the parameters. At deeper depths, these limits become important in defining the playing field – a chess board has length and width. An eight by eight by eight grid would contain eight stacked chessboards – 512 individual squares. It would have three dimensional symmetry and be a fractal advance over the standard chess game.

Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky really captivated the world in the 1960’s – maybe Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin could square off in a chess match to resolve middle east diplomacy.

There are some very cool online game sites where you can be distracted and play games that take lots of time. I spent years playing chess at Schemingmind.com – thank you Austin! I also used a site called It’s Your Turn – for board and card games. Before computers – it was play by mail Starweb from Flying Buffalo Inc – most awesome game ever – thank you Rick! I wonder whether Illuminati is still running.

Watching nature without human interception is allowing lemme to theorize some very entertaining learning games. I have a GPS program that is not adequate – if somebody would like to suggest a good one that i could test free at the G-spot (google store) , doc would be most appeciative. I remember capture the flag – now i have 36 acres of campus in a square grid with adjacent land that … well, you just have to see it.

The picture up top is the South Umpqua River near Milo, Oregon. Just down the road from Tiller, Oregon, town for sale! Must be true – I read it in Reuters. Right? Left and Wrong – which is the proper opposite for this right? Maybe responsibility – rights and responsibility belong together. Our strategy is like a Beatles song – Come Together, Right Now … no, it takes thyme to illuminate the picture.

Individuals have to learn to work together, with trust on a one-on-one basis. That trust has been violated so many times, interpersonally for each of us, that before we can work together, we each have to figure out how to work with ourselves. Start your group at one. Begin a new game, and count your people and see how high you get. Write down that number, then crash the game and start again. Games always start with Mass Massing.

Count your people again. Using the list that you have already composed, group your people into teams based on the question – could i play a game of dots with this person. I would be very interested in your results. Homework – we spoke about work the other day – play a game of dots with somebody.

Namaste’ … lemme


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