Mind Sounding: Creative Thyme

Take away everything and begin with tabular rosa – a blank slate. Add back the canopy of the world – the sights, colors and sounds of the day to day existence that you know and love. Restore the people, the pets, the visualizations of connective interactions that we have with ourselves.

Perspective is everything. We can watch the same events unfold and have different objective answers for the interpretation of what we saw. Each of us provides context, and commentary – the collective conscience runs because the same things are intepreted by the same persons each day, every day. This is consensus reality.

We were born into it, learned it first from our parents, who learned it first from their parents, who etc. The misinformed parenting system leads me to grok why greek philosophers were so highly regarded. Today, for the most part, we get news readers, who reinforce a consensus reality that is best described as Orwellian, rapidly approaching Kafkaesque. Thyme to apply the breaks.

To step away from what we were taught is not easy. The negative reenforcement system plays whack a mole on the free mind – you always get back to cardinal rules that you were taught to provide a stable ground state where you could pick up again from the same point of reference.

We have that now – the universe is holohgraphic. The play of time in the forward direction is set in a weigh that we cannot individually change, but our approach to time can be structured completely different from the form that it takes today. Monty Python.

Spam. Spam,spam. Spam,spam,spam,spam. How did they know then what the term spam would mean today? Spam. Constructed to be effortless clogging your veins with nonsense food – a construct of society from the folks that brought you Soylent Green.

I want Terry McKenna back. And Gonzo – the one who set ‘when the going gets tough, the weirrd turn pro‘. Old Hunter S. And I miss Douglas Adams – the wry tongue in cheek sillyness of things, like a couch stuck on a stairway. Today is so serious, there is no humor in current affairs. We get our best idea of what is going on by listening to the commedians. Even elected a Frankel to the senate – how did that work?

The jig is up for consensus reality – reality TV is where the old consensus has gone. To the Kardashians, to porn on the net and to the deep state below the deep state. It morphs at each layer, just like the fractals that we have discussed. Or is that disgust? It shows.

Step away. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. The chaos increases, this is good. False flags are invented to pursuade people who have no minds. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to who? Oh, Bart Simpson.

Where once was Linus Pauling, we now have LInus and Snoopy. Marx was once Karl, the Groucho and Harpo – now Barbara Marx Hubbard – birthing a new world based on an old world ideal that isn’t real. Sorry,  it sounded good to many five years ago – today – just another brick in the wall. We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classrooms, hey teacher, leave those kids alone. Instead, we got Lord of the Flies – terror.

Or distraction, like the football draft last night. Football in April. I remember growing up where fruit was seasonal and oranges came up from Florida for only a month or two, then you had to wait again until next year. When was the last time your local grocery store didn’t sell oranges? Watch, that will be a marker of the withdrawl of reason – the death of the death culture – the major spectacle of the day.

We can write it off and start new, or we can keep going until ring around a rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Nursery rhymes. Stories we told our kids to get them to believe in things that weren’t true, before their minds could think. We all need to be new born, to start thinking from scratch again.

So here you are, with a tabula rosa. Whish weigh do you go, a different future or the same old, same old. Regular readers are used to these rhetorical questions from lemme and doc – where are we going? Are we there yet? Mommy make him stop. Ah – summer trips in the car in the summers of the 60s – what kid today gets to deal with that human life form?

So – we are all children and we need to relearn everything from ground state. We have some ideas, but when you haven’t done it before, you cannot say you can do it until you actually do something. Experience shares no alternatives. I wish to be a journalist, i write. Years later, i still write and lo, i am a very good journalist. I have more written in journals than in blog posts – data mining is like opening my own wikileaks vault. So much i didn’t know i said.

I am no longer angry – i was for a long time. People are angry now, that is one of the stages you grow through by experience. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you as they ridicle you, then they fight you, then you win. They lose when they fight you. You lose when you fight for them, because they pay mercenaries to fight and absorb the pain for them. But ‘they’ still feel the pain and they run scared. Just by us reading, and writing and not doing their bidding or using their money.

Oh – you do still use their money. Why? Guess that is a direction that we can go next – create money based on wealth from growing food – we all need to eat. If i have food and you have money, who makes out better in the long term? Money is a proxy. It is not real.

Namaste’ … lemme

Mind Powering: Existence theory

Contact limitation allows isolation to develop into a sense of inquiry based on internal logic, rather than external interpersonal communication. Choosing limited points of interaction based on controlling the flow of discourse keeps the mind from wandering too far off into the disreality of current events.

In plain english – hermits can choose what to think about. Doc has been writing Ubuntu political philosophy, based on extending MIchael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contributionism work. The ideas seemed to dovetail with Doc’s development of a formal scoring system for his meritocracy game, Existence. Funny how seems and is are so different when you really start looking.

First – allow me to say that Ubuntu USA has some motivated people ready to create change. One problem in D&D terms is that they are all lawful good and play by the current rules of economics. As long as current systems are assumed, Existence is bound to fail – it is not a non-monetary system. Ideology and practical reality rarely intersect – if we want to create new, banishing the old is a good place to start.

That is why Existence is a game and capitalism is the weigh of life. I have been listening to Leah’s INK mini-album – my heart goes out to you, my fine lovely lady. I watched the game of The Voice – you have true talent, my dear. I can relate to Wolf Den … you now have some real experience at an early age, plus, you still have the talent. Play by the rules with the talent to win and become handicapped by believing the wolf den is run for the benefit of the sheeple.

We are catching on big time though, by leaving the game and then watching it play out. One of the base pilots of Existence is Kirkpatick Sale’s book Human Scale, written in the late 1970’s. Fortunately, this prophet is still here writing and his Wednesday morning LRC article launched this essay. The conclusion doesn’t go far enough. States are too far away from human scale; go back to counties. That may be a scale too big too.

Then I read Paul Craig Roberts’ morning essay at CP and got to thinking – Existence has to launch. The concepts of the far right and the concepts of the far left have merged to exclude the muddle in the middle. This is a very good thing, especially if you are not part of that system at all.

Wait – how can we not be part of an all inclusive system? Hee, hee. The system excludes lots of people, they just don’t have the means of expression once excluded. The nutters as David Icke calls us, have been discredited to the point where other than a few trolls, nobody listens. Or appears to listen.

Chaos ramping up, will continue to increment energy. The best current theoretician on chaos that i know is a lawyer – go figure. Butler Shaffer at LRC gets what chaos is about and applies it very well in his essays on economics. You can spend a long rainy day on his back issues – i found him when drifting about in the Ron Paul camp.

In Existence, the game is influenced by guilds, which have the power to take action. The game uses a Mondragon economic model. While i like Ubuntu – nine months of action availability led me to shelve the book project, because the lead direction was not where doc wants to go. Ubuntu can come and use the campus and demonstrate how to do things in their system. Existence is a showcase for comparing systems – we need 12 more real Ubuntu Parties and different options for local governance.

An idea has come about on how Doc can unstalemate this drawn chess game and get something published in book form. If you notice, the blog has changed formats again and become a daily news diary. The realm of topics has been focused – you can tell by the titles of the posts.

In doc’s world, the treei calendar begins with mass massing. Doc has aligned the blog with his birthdate. Thus, today’s mind powering is a culmination of the work going on in his current 64 day year – which is also one tree-day. Internalizing a different calendar has disentrained his mind – the power is in reformatting the writing.

We have some real world work to do this week, and a void cycle follows the mind cycle.  When you do the heavy lifting, you have to follow it with a time out. Rather than blogging, lemme will bring back some old forms that might have new life as thyme changes. The idea is that … no, it’s not so easy that i can put it out there right now.

The vehicle is ready and the chauffeur is pulling from the garage to the mansion. Chaos is the order of the day and yin is choking on too much yang. Ebb and flow are distorted – Leah is singing and fighting back – I love her. RIP to the girl we used to see. RIP to the old forms of lady liberty.

Namaste’ … lemme

Mind Forming: Games People Play

A very good Alan Parsons Project tune. Our topic is strategy and tactics – the game has changed, as has the face of this blog. The trolls will be back in force, but for the moment, they have other fish to fry. So let’s take off the gloves and talk on a topic that might be more than we bargained for.

Playing chess on a checkerboard while the checker game is going causes anxiety for the checker players. Playing go on a chess board makes for a very short game. When i first learned game theory, the game i played was dots.

Dots is easy to learn, has no cost beyond the material required to draw and allows an individual to directly see the result of the decision making process. The idea is to draw a matrix of dots in a grid form. I like the eight-by-eight of the chessboard – to teach a kid standard math you might use a ten by ten.

Players then alternate drawing lines between adjacent dots, with the goal of forming complete squares. Once you finish a complete square of four lines, you can write your initial in the square and you get to go again. Winner is person with the most squares at the end of the game.

Let’s play a theoretical two player game on a two by two grid. Player A draws first and loses the game. The sequence is for A to connect any two dots, player B connects the opposite two dots, player A must make the third line which connects the other two lines and player B draws the fourth line, wins the game and places a big B in the middle.

The four by four grid plays a lot like tic tac toe. You end up with nine squares – a five to four game is contested – what you find is that you get runs of boxes created that magnify the margin of victory in the really close games. A five by five grid plays like twister – left foot blue.

Strategy is the use of lines to force the other player to give you boxes and tactics is how you set up your lines to make the other player trade you squares. At every growth level, the game complicates … you can get to where you can have fierce, multiplayer, expanded board dot games that become very elaborate, artistic design – simple structure.

Games are tools for experiments – simple games can lead to more complex games. The computer games have taken something that was easy and complicated it beyond imagine with the ability to do the same thing with subtle variation and make it look different. Think of how much time it takes to get proficient at a new game? How many games are really new?

Back to the Future. Playing cards are a 4 x 13 matrix : four suits and 13 levels – ten numbers with a jack, queen and king added. Ace can be high or low, depending on whether the players smoked howdt before the game.

Matrixes set limits to the parameters. At deeper depths, these limits become important in defining the playing field – a chess board has length and width. An eight by eight by eight grid would contain eight stacked chessboards – 512 individual squares. It would have three dimensional symmetry and be a fractal advance over the standard chess game.

Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky really captivated the world in the 1960’s – maybe Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin could square off in a chess match to resolve middle east diplomacy.

There are some very cool online game sites where you can be distracted and play games that take lots of time. I spent years playing chess at Schemingmind.com – thank you Austin! I also used a site called It’s Your Turn – for board and card games. Before computers – it was play by mail Starweb from Flying Buffalo Inc – most awesome game ever – thank you Rick! I wonder whether Illuminati is still running.

Watching nature without human interception is allowing lemme to theorize some very entertaining learning games. I have a GPS program that is not adequate – if somebody would like to suggest a good one that i could test free at the G-spot (google store) , doc would be most appeciative. I remember capture the flag – now i have 36 acres of campus in a square grid with adjacent land that … well, you just have to see it.

The picture up top is the South Umpqua River near Milo, Oregon. Just down the road from Tiller, Oregon, town for sale! Must be true – I read it in Reuters. Right? Left and Wrong – which is the proper opposite for this right? Maybe responsibility – rights and responsibility belong together. Our strategy is like a Beatles song – Come Together, Right Now … no, it takes thyme to illuminate the picture.

Individuals have to learn to work together, with trust on a one-on-one basis. That trust has been violated so many times, interpersonally for each of us, that before we can work together, we each have to figure out how to work with ourselves. Start your group at one. Begin a new game, and count your people and see how high you get. Write down that number, then crash the game and start again. Games always start with Mass Massing.

Count your people again. Using the list that you have already composed, group your people into teams based on the question – could i play a game of dots with this person. I would be very interested in your results. Homework – we spoke about work the other day – play a game of dots with somebody.

Namaste’ … lemme


Mind Massing: Learning Work

Stepping away from the field of common thought into a world of thinking for yourself requires work. Work is activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. Learning the discipline to work is similar to learning to discern. Ready for some mental gymnastics?

Starting conditions are vastly important in chaos theory. Lemme’s game theory is that learning a game is easier than learning at skool. In fact, one doesn’t learn at skool – life gives you hard knocks to play with. Really, learning is a walk along a fractal, of another type. A walk on the slippery rocks.

Learning works well with one, but even better with two. Bouncing off somebody else who is learning with you from a different perspective (because we are all unique in life experience), helps get more done than either individual learning solo. When you have a mentor learning while teaching a topic in depth, this threesome is poised to accomplish work.

What work do you wish to accomplish? What is useful work? Work is the energy required to move an object against a force. Work is equal to the force times the distance the object moves. What is the work of the current American population? To contribute to the chaos to build up enough energy to create change.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   Margaret Mead

The drumbeat for globalization is to make us ready for war. The war is already on, with disinformation being served on a platter by most news sources which has us chickens running around saying the sky is falling. Guess what – the sky literally is falling. The next big false flag is waiting around the corner and the more folks screaming, the more chaos and the more chaos, the better the overall order after the chaos has used up its energy.

Look at the bell curve as a function of the mechanism of reaction on the way to a transition state. The axes are energy and work. Our proxy for work will be time, because it takes time to build effort to make work happen. When we start, we need to gather our materials that we will need. Once we have the mass of stuff together, we can set up the form that we wish to apply our energy in. We are talking about our group of three – maybe four because the math works the same.

The preparation necessary to begin a project is a great deal more than just amassing stuff and setting out to do. However, if you have thought about what it is that you wish to do and begun amassing the stuff that you need to do it, you already have accomplished a good deal of work.

My friend Matt Lindemann asked Doc to write a paper with him on Chemtrails. In exchange for a month of phone service, Doc prepared an abstract for the key to become heard – a climate conference in Chicago set for this year. Our paper was not accepted by the gate-keepers, but Matt is hosting the second annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Portland, OR on the 6th of May.

Doc has some real creds in the area of chemtrails. He is an inorganic chemist – focusing on the biologic affects of metal distribution through natural systems. His 15 minutes in What in the World are They Spraying led to another encounter with serious trolls and life as a hermit to escape harassment. Just You-tube Lenny Thyme and there are a half dozen good talks or interviews on the topic.

Aluminum, barium and strontium are not good. They all have very limited biologic roles. However, the game is being played to ramp up the spraying, as if it didn’t happen every single day, rain or shine. The next game coming is a major false flag to get the AlGoreites screaming – global climate is being manipulted, so reacting to warming or cooling without stopping the game is, well, illogical, as spock might say.

So this from Matt:

The upcoming false flag “crazy solar flares”, MAJOR power outages, internet and communications down, Project Bluebeam implemented to show crazy Northern Lights (aurora borealis) everywhere , (Problem Reaction Solution) lead to the Solution of blocking the solar flares via Chemtrails……. EMERGENCY RESPONSE, FULL Solar Geoengineering DEPLOYMENT

Hegel is not one of my favorite philosophers, but in this case, his theory of problem, reaction, solution is right on, driven by chaos and hype. For a more real scoop – you might wish to check out the conference.

Namaste’ … doc

PS more expansion on the original topic, work, to come.

Sound Voiding II: Breakdown

Breakdown: A song/poem – inspired from Heartbreakers music


Breakdown (chorus)

Communications vapid


Interpersonal raped


Passions deflating


Societal quaking


Fairness doesn’t square with legal

Contracting terms spinning

To where Cheshire cats

Are all that remains

Of once humble politicos

Corrupted by the acts of

Unreachable temptation

Over structural control



Lies, cheaters, thieves


Accountants and police


Teachers, lawyers, agents


Monetary leaches


Redistributed wealth

Mind washed pursuit

Conversion of time

Into less useful form

Energy to entropy

Effort to nil effect

Working without depth

Meaning, central purpose



Anarchy persists


Purists resist


Truth provides the cure


Underlined, underscored


Freedom is a concept

Of controlling time

Without the need to report

Action takes place

With spontaneity

Surface planning

Locking into place

Burdensome mechanisms

Controlling future generations

Frozen inbox thinking



Set people off resonance


Cognitive dissonance


Tension, people bleed


Collapse and recede


Support derived must be withdrawn

War on people shall end

Enforcement of moral law

Dictated by secrecy

No tolerance small scale

No rules elite scale

Critical imbalance

Access to material power

Enforcing order

Where chaos needs to reign



People on our knees


Resource hoarding by decree


Energy price out of reach


White helmets in to ‘teach’


Yet continued red/blue mentality

Vote ourselves master elite

Generate outrageous tales

Because reality scares so badly

Marching lemmings

Lock, stock and barrel

Judgment based on faulty assumptions

Using manipulated data

For ‘our benefit’, their pocketbook

Gaia’s ultimate loss



Communications retarded


Interpersonal discarded


Cubicle existence


Organized resistance


Change is what you make

When tired of the flow

Queries that have never

Been answered straight

Commit to insubordination

Civil disobedience

Working to no longer empower

A system suffering breakdown


© 2005/2017  lemme howdt

for the collective commons, use freely with attribution

Namaste’ … lemme

Find it very interesting that only one word in the song needed to be updated – twelve years ago was way back when … some things never change and nothing is real, nothing to get hung about. SFF. enjoy the weekend.  L

Sound Voiding: The Zen of Pouring Water

To develop weighs of inner peace, I sometimes go into deep meditation where I turn my mind off to the intrusions of the outside world. When I registered the connection of structured water to physical health, I developed a method of pouring water that allows me to have a specific single focus for the duration of the task. To get in balance with nature, we need to walk barefoot on the earth and interact with the water and other water critters and be outside of the thought provoking world.

As a chemist, I learned to pour in a laboratory. The amount of spillage allowed was a function of how much time you wanted to spend cleaning up afterward. It became an art for me to be able to transfer liquids or solids from one container to another without spillage or cross contamination. Since using volumetric glassware is an artform that takes practice, I got good at transferring small amounts of caustic substances like acids and bases between containers.

Now, I have a Wu Wei device (naturalactiontechnologies.com) that creates chaos in the water and takes turbulent flow to mix the arrangements, so that when the water returns together after filtration, it has the ability to shift back into its dipole motivated lowest energy state. This would correspond with the group theory arrangement Td which describes a tetrahedral array for the oxygen atoms and a bridging hydrogen formally bonded to only one of the two nearest oxygen. This spacial lattice extends through most of the array.

The points of change within the lattice are points of charge, where ions both negative and positive create hydration spheres where individual water molecules cluster around a metal center or an organic fragment or an inorganic cluster ion. The extent of the hydration sphere of each ion can be measured and as long as the concentration of ions leaves a majority of the water molecules excluded from hydration spheres, the original structured lattice holds its weight.

In real terms, drinking structured water makes me feel better physically. I began pouring water through a friends device in Colorado a few years back and noticed a decrease in my personal energy after I moved back to Oregon. So I acquired my own device and have been pouring gallons through it several times, in order to thoroughly mix my water. Recently I have been testing different waters for taste with a water sommelier in training and we have a plan developing to bring some science into the construction of the tests.

So when I finish a bottle of water, I take my six gallon reservoir of wellwater and transfer half to a three gallon carboy, using a large automotive funnel. The three gallon carboy weighs 24 pounds when full and I can handle that amount. The Wu Wei device has a neck volume of about 20 milliliters – so pouring from a larger container is difficult to do without spillage.

For bulk water handling, some level of spillage is deemed acceptable, because the goal includes a time component of how much focus you wish to put into the task. At the gallon to gallon level, I attempt to accomplish every pour with no spillage and I keep track of the current number of gallons poured without a spill. I did three pours this morning and that adds to three yesterday to give me a 6 gallon carry until the next pour. Any spill and I begin the new count at one for the next pour.

The Wu Wei device spins water, but I worry about the quality of water from the source. If you drink tap water, you can get a report from your water company that tells you what is in the water. Most regions use chlorination and require a residual of oxidized chlorine coming out of your tap. Some decontamination systems use ozone, some use ultraviolet light and other exotic water treatment applications are out there.

Namaste’ … doc  from the archives : 1/16

Sound Minding: Waves from Insanity

Transcending, one, one, two, three, five, eight, reset one, one, two, three, five, reset, one, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, reset, one, one, two, three, five eight … welcome to a simple wave pattern. The amplitude of the wave is such that the apex is thirteen, the nadir is five and the mode is eight. Fractal dynamics work perpendicular to both other orthogonal vectors – only two of three are in play at any given time.

I grok when i realize that i was given a read of the future based upon the current and half the items didn’t happen from my perspective as an insider. The other half was directly correct in such a way that you would have had to have been there to grok the information. Within the hour I was placed under arrest, where i was taken to a sanitarium rather than a morgue or a cell-block.

The game then became McMurtry – nurse ratchet was a male and had a different perspective on the whole thing – I was set up, plied with drugs in exchange for information and handled with kid gloves. The movies on the tv screen had second people walking around in the background – when i focused, i saw that it was us patients on break – watched outside on security camera. I bet the story that i was given was not true … the hospital bill never came back and we know the medical system never misses a payment.

Some day I will tell the whole story, not pertinent to today’s perspective. Time can be separated into two functions – coordination based on clock time and elaboration of natural real time – which requires specifically not watching a clock, but ratcheting up chemical energy to allow for a cascade flow release that initiates a new growth spurt.

Each reset vector can be read as a season, winter five to eight, spring eight to thirteen, summer thirteen to eight, fall eight to five – the pace varies depending on scale – the sequence always follows fibonacci when dealing with nature. Hence when i planted beans yesterday, i counted thirteen, thirteen and five, then one and planted a set of fibonacci sums. I want to grow enough beans for next winter’s chili – beans take a lot of work because we have to shell them.

Be prepared to do a lot of work, because personal development depends on the work you do. Focus on whatever fractal you need to, but set the parameters of the measuring stick using sacred geometry. Start developing your own forms of measurement and check to see tat all is as presented. For instance, i noticed that my internet usage quadrupled – must ave had some program download when i was on. Weird that it seems to happen most frequently in the couple days before the phone plan runs out.

Phone plans are insane – communications should not be bottlenecked with artificial gatekeepers that spy on us and provide no service. Yet … i lost my phone number to a promise by a sales person and a stubborn bureaucracy of a different company because my phone is captured and held hostage courtesy of the silly system. As a rural subscriber, i am in their one dee whirled – no volume of people, hence no service.

The birds are outside wishing for breakfast, and their timing is spot on. The geese are sitting on two nests of eggs – wanna bet that there are thirteen in the larger one and eight in the smaller one. Will find out, as goslings are due soon.

Namaste’ … lemme

Sound Sounding:

Today is 4/20, so all of thyme is set at 4:20. Our unusual theories today are based on extra-terrestrials and UFOs. These come from Space – other planetary systems, planets, maybe even inner earth. What if the extra-terrestrials are really intra-terrestrials. Since as above, so below and the very large is the very small, then it makes sense that intelligence is present at all scales and the flow is small to big, not big to small. For the continuum, without quantum reality only.

Kauilapele resonates when he says stay within self. When we look at the stars, we are looking at the collective inner workings of our human self. The Mandela effect is the collective consciousness overriding individual consciousness. The timeline idea works only if you accept the concept of time as uni-directional – we alter the field of our emission within our own time constant.

My friend Lazzar is a genius – his geometry background comes from sketching with precision and measuring dynamics via overlays. He groks what i say about chemistry and can apply it to chai, in the islands and home here in oregon. Laz – our market is ripe, let’s talk. Back channels – the game of bother the speakers (whack a mole) is forefront again.

Why? Because, well, eh what’s up doc. The game is about information, doc reveals a lot each time thyme speaks. He writes for the future from the past and deposits notes to self all throughout the work. Like likes like, so doc attracts like minded people – nothing is real, so he must generate himself in other forms. He even met himself in female form. She is a card, too. Too much for anyone to handle – but inside the one who enjoys the challenge.

So, lately Doc has gone deep and found things are not what they seem. Big surprise – lemme has been saying that for many years. The game of disclosure is not about UFOs. That is a distraction. The game of disclosure is about truth – the deep state revealed within a proper historical perspective, with the information in falsifyable form.

Jordan at Destroying the Illusion is a bright young thinker – who is listening the alt net and trying to place the facts into a story line that he personally can interpret. Sound Sounding. The story line appears like a modern version of Ernst Callumbach’s Ecotopia: A journalist in the pacific northwest interprets life throught rain coated glasses. The water is the key to life: the games may look like oil, yet water is the real driver of human culture. How did the middle east become desert sand?

So, let’s ask another real question – what are crop circles and who makes them? The detail is sharp enough that our laser technology is not good enough. The architecture of the pyramids is of such a fine precision that current humans can’t do it. Time is flat – there is no current other than the now. Current is an electric concept – the changing of our language to sabotage words has been in play for a long time. Forever and at once in the now.

Time changes based on scale – perception of time never changes. Thus – by working on smaller scale scale, you achieve more with your time than working on a grand scale. Fractal scale depends on limits – physics is determine by those limits. Whatever we believe is true is true, except that once we prove something false, we then know, really know, that it is not true.

How do you prove a negative? You cannot. Thus a hypothesis has to be affirmative to be considered. That is what falsifyable means. You must be able to discern true from false. Your basis set is what you know to be true, from learn by personal experience and learning book knowledge by reading information and intercalating it into you world view. Video is a cheat code; use the hints – do your own homework.

Doc’s hypothesis on time allows smaller creatures lifetimes of work during the same amount of time that humans have on human scale. Thus, the superlarge physics takes place on a scale where our human manifestation can do complex science and disregard current timelines. Physics is only self-similar in adjacent fractals – thus three steps has only 12.5% form – one-eighth is conserved.

Chemistry is based on physics. Atoms are to molecules like physics is to chemistry, on a fractal scale. This allows doc (and lemme) to think inside a molecular form. If atoms are real – then water made up of hydrogen and oxygen is the smallest molecule on an atomic scale that can hold memory. I refer now to the work of Marcel Schiff The Memory of Water (1993) – which describes how the legitimacy of homeopathy work by Benveniste was discredited politically.

Humans are large sacks of water. We know more from Pollack’s 2010 treatise The Fourth State of Water about the biochemical necessity of water in mechanical function. Modern academic science response – more wrath against Pollack than any legitimate science since Pons and Fleichman described cold fusion in the press rather than the science journals. This was the Fake News scandal of the 1990’s.

Thyme to build an edjutainmental system based on vouching for everything the universities have taught. Some people have real experience – most of them have been cointelpro-ed into submission. The stories are in each of us, the stories are in all of us. We used to read stories to our children, in the time before television became the baby sitter and time went away (never was there!). So let’s pull back the stops, look at what we need personally to enact a reset and then stop believing what we know is not true, collectively, in every field of endeavor.

If we each work alone and take something of individual interest to pursue – as we dig deeper we will find the other people in the same interest areas, because like likes like. Start at one – just you – and count the amount of time that it takes you to find three other people to work with you, on the topic that interests all of you. At that point in time, that instant, you are ready to launch a new and novel focus of learning, but !!!

The numbers are not ready to release at that point. The vehicle is coming, the driver is moving, albeit slowly. Your role is to do what you are interested in doing and spend real time doing it. If you can track that time, from the day you launch, then you can set the launch date as a mass massing and use the new calendar of sixtyfour.

Fascinating, as Spock would say. Wet, in pacific northwest terms – southern oregon is not as wet as half past humanville. Doc shares clif’s orneryness – from a different perspective. Shouts to Clif – been a few years since the Ure daze of my life – which changes every moment and keep constant markers. HPH seems to have made it thru, too.

Review – time changes are based on fractal embededness and we are not in communications with the intelligence of smaller beings who do not have the legitimate range of humanity, but function in similar microworlds under common holographic illusion. Science was fine when we believed it, but since so much of it is hidden, our belief systems have to figure out where to exclude data that was false and include material that was purged for wrongful reasons.

Lemme thinks Doc is quite clear on the subject. Schizophrenia is a mechanism for Asberger’s to cope with cognitive dissonace – personality can change at a moments notice – trust yourself and cross new information into your own belief before you judge true or false. Advanced nutters is a badge of pride in the Icke world of reality.

When you get to the point of a major fact that is wrong, like Pollack’s description of how water works, then everything theorized needs to be worked through with the new theory from different perspectives of scale. Only after we have groups of five or more can we make impacts, which is why a group of four is when ‘first contact’ needs to be made.

Lemme has another sub-personality functions as (like?) data or spock from treks I and II – he can track groups and relate group theory as a fractal measure. Chemistry group theory depends on geometry to develop point groups. Molecules fit into point groups based on shape. Matrix algebra provides a tool for numerical interpretation – Hari Seldon would be pleased by such a tool.

Woah – exceeded my personal word limit for readability. Guess we felt like there was something to say on a Sound Sounding day. Bee well.

Namaste’ … lemme   @LennyThyme