Power Massing: Changing Scale

Deep into the calendar, this 64 day treei day is rolling along. Before i delve deep into current topics, the universe tells me to lighten up and appreciate being. I might become a binge movie-goer – tho i have no love loss for the current hollywood fare. In fact, watching gets in the way of being. To observe without interacting harms the learning process; roll up your sleeves and get into whatever you are doing.

I enjoy being a hermit, and as such, i have been tracking my interactions with the outside whirled. Last week, my adventure to the city left me with one very full day where i must have seen and talked to maybe 20 people. I went to a workshop of thirteen with Michelle Marie Angel and The Alchemy of Light Project on personal empowerment: Passion, Power and Purpose. It clarified that my pop psychology radar is weigh off base. I cannot grok what other people see when they have descended down their own personal rabiit holes and compartmentalized their lives for convenience.

Since then, i went deeper into Treei space, with Armando the creator of the concept. Armando is one of the few people that i know that has shed personal contact more than i have. We collect eclectics – people who think for themselves and contribute another unique perspective to the composite picture. In Armando’s microscosm, we surround ourselves with things we like – like likes like is a prodound wisdom. Armando and I smoked enough marijuana to keep elevated continuously and watch a continuous stream of integrated comedy. We delved into Silicon Valley – binging three seasons in five days.

As I choose models to work with, Hollywood does provide some interesting spins on routine thought. Since time is a function that we don’t quite grok properly, i enjoy watching movies that alter my time perspective. Inception fits the bill and i went deeper into the dream world, time coordinated as a fractal of current reality. The movie Primer also gives time a wrinkle in a weigh that only Terry Pritchett would love … or is that Terry Gilliam?

We live in a place where instant gratification is possible – anyone can be distracted by anything. The picture of what we are ‘supposed to’ do has fallen apart. As a hermit, I can choose how i spend my time. I walk outside in nature and watch plants grow – something that i never had really taken the time to do. Oh, I grew plants, but never connected on the level that i currently have. It involves senses beneath those that are required at the individual level when dealing with people.

There has only been one human in my current world tis past week … the land owner on the 36 acres that i call home. The land owns us, we do not own the land. Gaia is having some real significant challenges with the notions of men – the game is changing as we perceive that there is a whole lot more going on than what we as people have been made aware of.

We are attached to our electronic devices, such that the input from those devices becomes our current reality. The clock ticks, the stuff goes on, and nothing is real. It is an illusion of reality set for us to believe in mass consciousness. The inputs we take are fabricated for us : it is so hard to let go of the common ‘news’. Every morning, i see what they say, to support my disillusionment. If i have something to get me going, it becomes an excuse to not do something else. It’s always something – Roseanna Roseannadanna … oh, never mind.

I can personally check out to my current ground state – just me and my white shadow, spending the day observing spring, planting seeds prematurely because the weather is not quite warm enough and another freeze will come, a month from now. Looking at the various fungi growing in different places and recalibrating without electricity. Sun goes down, no light.

I do reserve a sports interest. I am a statistician from way back when and the numbers of the game intrigue me. I do not watch the games themselves. I check how performance is measured in numbers and how individual numbers combine to form winning teams. I grew up rolling dice using the simulation Strat-o-matic baseball and surrounding myself with ratios of small numbers. Today, that translates into a unique perspective.

I did an experiment in one of my current fantasy basketball leagues and changed strategy specifically midway during the season. I could tell that I was not going to win on waivers – there was no flux dynamics in the league and other players were not open to trades. So I looked at my roster and the remaining games and started specifically avoiding bad match-ups and unlikely settings. I was roughly 50 games over the limit of use – from swapping out players and trying to keep up with the joneses, the rabbits that use up their games early and then hang it all out at the end, to see if anyone else can catch them.

You get 820 games. One rabbit has 18 games left, with 2 weeks to go and 10 players active. I have about 75 games – and several targetting columns that could catch up. Basically, my four top players never missed a played game, and then all games against top five defenses were off limits for all other players. I saw where I could catch all players in front of me in steals and i added an assist provider to jump the close competition. I also stopped using low percentage shooters, unless the match-up was super favorable.

In the past month, i have gained about half the ground on first. These last two weeks show me another two thirds of the ground can be moved by moving past three players in shooting percentage and steals, as they no longer accumulate for others because key positions have their games used up. I get to go all the way to the end; and as long as my players actually play, i sould be fine. The strategy is sorta like using chess, looking at the future a few yards down the road.

I will use the lessons learned, to make the best class that you ever wish to take – in non-material science. I wish to question every dogma and challenge most belief in all science fields. It becomes a question of scale of sacred geometry, the embeddedness that we all feel when we are part of a larger whole. Our current measurement of scale is skewed … I want to start counting on a different clock, a different calendar, a different numeracy.

Level the playing field and allow access to the compost. Let’s take learning and digest it through the rigor of what we think we know and come up with weighs of measuring things to confirm. Time to be an onery scientist, and Thyme to be an ONRRE scientist.

namaste’ … lemme

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