Mass Massing: Let’s Go Calendar Shopping

Let’s Go on an adventure to the current borders of time, where we can get off the chronic cycle of doing things the way we currently do them. The calendar constrains us to looking at today as the beginning day of another droll winter work week. The cadence of five on, two off, five on two off, masks the fact that in reality, Monday is the day to recover from the weekend binge and no actual work gets done, by most hu-man persons. Just tales of phantom conquests …

Thyme has tossed the conventional means of looking at time. The calendar in current daily use is the Treei calendar based on the limbic system. Every cycle of 64 days is a tree-day – 64 tree-days to a tree-year.  Now at 59 chronic years old, this reborn young soul is just at his 5.25th tree–year. By projected count of eight by eight, we should get 512 tree days or there about. Today is the start of 337, beginning with mass massing.

The Julien calendar is an arbitrage of confusion, marked by a propensity to defy prediction. The Mayans did much better on the calendar, today is a cosmic white wizard. We are what we are, astrologically, chronologically, numerically and by whatever waveform we can calibrate upon. Getting away from entrained thought means stepping beyond the known, into the realm of the mystic. (Van’s Into the Mystic now queued).

The base foundation of matter is thought to be time and space. However, time works differently at each fractal — a fractal being a size of scale. On a human scale, we know that we can reach an economy of scale at some point where the energy input and the energy output switch positions. For instance, a four pound box of grape nuts cereal in an industrial purchase is cheaper than a single ten ounce box off the retail shelf at the high end grocery stores.

Money is a construct that we need to get beyond. The Treei concept has no cash value associated with any of the terms. The path is an ordered construct that becomes a calendar because it fits the need for a repetitive cyclic pattern on a human scale that is completely different than the current calendar. The Mayan Tzolkin is good – but it brings a pair of theologies that are counter to the idea of suspending forceful belief. Understand, there is a conscious difference in the manifestations of the terms power and force.

So, back to rhythm, to a cyclic flowform that creates waves of consciousness different from 60 cycles per second. No power grid necessary to manifest power. Yet we get ahead of ourselves – the game has to begin at mass. Mass is matter, despite the Catholic hijack of the term. When mass masses, it is the very beginning of something new. As an individual point of enlightenment, I like to specify my goals of action for the next 64 days, until the next mass massing.

So, in my notes i wrote three goals – now to forget them and get to doing the work, spending hours developing a discipline of doing what need be done, while observing the process of watching me do the things, through the eyes of the receivers. On this scale, it is a baseball term foul out (fowl howdt !), i feed the birds.

Goose Watching

So, today the mass masses, and tomorrow the mass forms. Once formed, the cycle takes the formed mass into flow motion – and this generates motive power from the point source. Directing this wealth of ability with love allows me to sound forth, in this blog and through the positive news network. Cations are positive chemistry units – the lemme mind works in terms of chemical mechanism, where there is an atom, there are dozens of water molecules. Then the void takes shape and we rest our brains and watch as the Form begins to mass. Then form forms, so that ten days into the cycle, you get the handle on both what you are doing and what can be done within the scope of the boundaries.

The boundaries are no longer time and space, but imagination and knowledge. Ah, there’s the rub. Knowledge – what we know, what we think we know, what we are told, or what we measure for ourselves? To discipline oneself is to take a leap of faith and trust in your own natural innate ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. The trick is to count hours invested, without really paying attention to the passage of those hours.

Hu-mans hate to be measured because they are convinced they wouldn’t stand up to excellence. They are more focused on self esteem than self value and do not love themselves first, then love all hu-mans as they love themself, though they profess to that. As the new hue-mans, we get to discover love as a focus of our own priorities, as they grow from one to one to two to three to five to eight to thirteen to twentyone to …

Sports does measure performance, advanced metrics now define capability in a different form. The score on the field reflects the winners and losers; the stats describe the value relative to other similar performances. Self measurement allows honesty, look inward to decide what it is that you can actually believe, based on what criteria. The sheeple have their ewe-tube to tell them what to think. Our criteria must come from our foundations, built from hue-man scale.

That starts with you, joining me, off the calendar that the masters suggest that we must keep. The eight hour workday was a construct of Henry Ford to monitize his labor force into a cash commodity. We have to un-cash ourselves, un-school ourselves and define the boundaries of the religion we call science and the science of conscious spirituality. Thyme to get wet, as the key is water.

Namaste’ … lemme


Void Voiding: Empty Songs

Last day of the current cycle … current is energy flow. The ultimate performance of panic is taking place as the illusion delusion goes from worse to unreal. Nothing is real, all is reel — Hollyweed has it written up as a spoof of itself. The more i hear of ant arc tikka, the more i believe it to be the plot of the forthcoming Indiana Jones film.

Anyweigh, it snowed, then it warmed up and the snow melted, then it snowed again. I’d love to be under the sea in an octopusses garden right now, except that undersea n the Pacific got Fuku’d over. Fade away and radiate….

The plan is to plan for the Flintstones, hope for the Jetsons and figger that Tigger and Bugs will meet us in the muddle in the middle. If cartoon physics is the new real, may I have Jessica Rabbit as a squeeze. And Black Coffee in Bed

And so, we go inside and find peace, deep within our own whirled. Allow the chaos to mitigate into order as time and space give weigh to nature, where space is never in a vacuum and something new is always being learned. If we pay too much attention to anyone else, we might distort the things that are important in grokking the true nature of the Gaia being that nurtures our present presence.

Water is the key. Watch the play on the resource. One mole of water is 18 grams, less than an ounce. How many moles of water make you? Hmmm. Maybe how we treat our water is really what is important. Maybe the elements, like silver and gold and mercury are not quite what they portend to be. Have a holly, jolly, moly B denum, blue jeans lady married a music man type day.

Namaste’ … lemme , and izzy the wonder dawg

Void Sounding : Howdt on Thyme

The void is a place where we have the time to sit back and reflect. During the busyness of the current system, all of our reflection time tends to be multi-tasked and not true to the aim of being restful. The schedule that doc keeps is set in a different form – it is Thyme time and steps away from the boundaries of conventional time.

There are three forms of time that are unique and totally distinguishable from each other, yet fall into the grouping of time. The easy one is clock time and we have ourselves set in our weighs based on the hands running about the face. The schedule for the day commonly lists the time of key meetings and appointments, the week has goals for each project, etc. Our time is planned for by the structure of our work through calendar time operating on clock time.

Do we get to choose our work? I would have to say, no. The field that we have chosen for our work for the most part is based upon our interests interacting with our abilities as children. Those abilities were mis-evaluated (mis-appropriated ?) by a system that looked to compartmentalize every piece of the multi-billion piece human jigsaw puzzle for personal elite societal use. Globalization has erupted in full wrath and anyone not on-board is obviously an enemy.

Let’s try this again. Do we get to choose our work? Yes, if we step away from their belief system. We get what we believe and our minds are very, very powerful. By buying into the system on the coordinated clock and calendar, we get entrained in a rhythm that is an awkward pattern. The work week is generally accepted as 40 hours with five eight hour days, more for ‘professionals’. To get to that level of ability requires dedication to your field, where you have spent thousands of hours of focus and thought, to be that good and that deep. Think of the NBA – how many hours has LeBron spent of a basketball court, relative to the rest of his life?

So, clock time is 60 minutes to an hour, 24 hours to a day, 7 days to a week, work five off two except for three off every six weeks or so. Cognitive dissonance for how many days in a month, leap years and eventually light years. Calendars are important for seeing cycles – the one that we used starts us scwewy and goes full wascawy wabbit from there. At least MJ got to act on film with Bugs, eh, What’s UP , doc?

The third form of time is that cyclic long form, as demonstrated by the Mayan Calendars. The completion of three tuns of 25,900 years apiece leads to a golden age that begins on December 21, 2012. The age of Aquarius – on a cycle to get to the next age of aquarius in another 25,900 years. In 2000 year cycles, 13 at a time – 260 days per year. With a second moon based calendar that has 13 moon cycles of 28 days each, plus a day out of time. There is a lot more depth here – i hope this short paragraph does the topic justice.

A fourth form of time comes when you become entrained in your own thought. The sense of going deeper inward reaches a point where the passage of time is under your personal control. The concept is like Bugs Bunny’s portable hole, where he could reach inside his lapel, take out the hole and pop it on a wall or the ground, climb in and then reach out and pull the hole in, just before Fudd arrives. Bugs, Daffy, Fudd, Marvin Martian : these characters have a different life that has been totally whitewashed in the current portable memory hole. Old cartoons were highly political, distributing information to all those who could read handwriting off the walls.

There are some interesting different concepts of time presented in the movies. I like the rip in time in the movie Dogma, where the skaters can observe without interplay. Deep – movies present truths as fiction to be able to say they told us in a fictional form that belied what is real. But then, nothing is real. This morning, this puncture in the current space/time reality. Yes – the peer review system gatekeepers used the system to manipulate what we believe as truth. Go figger. So – we each know our own beliefs. Inception also made me think, about the embeddedness of time.

The models that we use for time need to be questioned. To get of clock time is impossible for most people who work and have families. IT is the most important thing you can possibly do. Oh – make appointments and meet obligations, but plan less and observe more, until you can see the pattern behind the pattern that takes shape. Once you get off common Calendar time, you can make appearances based on clock time. Cartoon physics is allowed outside of structured time. The concept of rate depends on time, and is an entrainment that keeps the structure within the borders of what school has taught.

We have to lose time as a concept and reinvent science in every field with a different explanation that makes sense without the superimposition of values that aren’t real. Integrity has been lost to the point where, we have to become free radicals. A free radical is a source of light energy. Chemistry says that a free radical is an unpaired electron. Electrons would rather be paired than single, just like people. A single free radical can start a chain reaction – like ozone in a lightening strike. Or is that a Lucky Strike? 2 points for the first millenial or younger who can tell me what a Lucky Strike was.

There are other embedded concepts worth exploring. Water is not what Nestle’s owns — yet corporations are dictating horrid water policy. Chemystery needs to be integrated into many other forms – to become a universal language of this form in space. The shape of things to come, so to speak. The PG form of chemistry has yet to be invented – children are capable of knowing molecules, but adults cannot grasp this foreign subject. It can become a universal language of currency – the flow of electrons is an integral part of the weigh things work, which we can learn by good measurement. No money – plant growth as value.

Everybody is my peer – let’s have a good real round of peer review and create a few renaissance people, that can take a holistic view of everything and recover the whole from the hole … the memory hole that is driving the current Mandela Effect. The real truth is that time is not what we think time is. Water is not what we think water is; we are what water thinks we are, as beings of water on a water planet. Aquarius is the water bearer – April showers, coming soon …

Namaste’ … lemme