Mass Sounding: Doc sez high

Amassing the resources to make the next chess move in the personal game. The full moon energy last night was so great that i had to turn off the power to my parlor, the waves at 60 cycles per second were keeping me awake. The vibration sensitivity has increased to the point where i can physically feel the signals amplify.

I switched from coffee to tea. Caffeine serves as a resonance amplifier and two pots per day were allowing me to bounce off the no walls. Being onery, i live outside when i live and inside when i read and write – the pattern is part of the Aspbergerishness from early, early vaccines. Sensitivity is a perception and i like most of the vibratory assertion of nature – it really throws me off to have to be in an electric field.

The universe is an electric field. And the multiverse and the omniverse and however many more verses they wish to add to the same old fractal song. This song ain’t black or white and as far as i know, don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright so ….  I enjoy the philosophy of the great Harrison.

I wish to give a shout to Pentatonix for their cover of Imagine. I enjoy being on human scale, where every human is a total being. People who care to imagine will take the song to note again, as when it was written by John Lennon. I hope that Vault seven has information on the assassinations of americans from all walks of life. The game has never been fair, but the appearance of fairness must be preserved at all costs.

So, i heard my story, once again. I find it strange that my thoughts get captured and spun out by others if i do not take the direct action upon the action. I guess that is how the light works, a point here emits a new piece of knowledge, baed on the information that it receives as spun by their personal consciousness and the person involved goes Aha.

Take on me.  The blue meth was a 2005 dicussion about how one could flag the extent of a business. So when breaking bad broke well, the story line was way too close to the weigh it was set to be. Looking back from the revelation of vault 7 tells me to be cool, for cats are difficult to herd. One of my all time favorite blogs was To herd or be herd – is there a Hall-of-fame for blogging?

If you wish to become a member of the scribe guild, continue logging your life, using the depth and breadth of your work to serve as an example. None of the information that you receive is true unless you believe it to be true. However, untruth bites, especially when you are blindsided by a real truth that has been hidden behind the curtain. Or would you prefer door number one, let’s make a deal.

So here is the deal. Turn on, tune in, drop howdt. Or drop acid. Or explore the realms of consciousness by turning off the cacaphony of the machine. The game evolves and in four days, Caesar arrives at the ides of march. To plant seeds in the ground, to steal eggs from the birds, because if they don’t sit on them, then they go bad and the stench of death remains.

A bird serious about nesting remains with her eggs – not with her homies. But then, these birds watch us humans and see how we treat our dogs and want some of that favored treatment. Cats too. As we grow this spring, i have three good seasons of documentation to fall back upon. The writing phase has to finish soon, because the outside working phase is when it warms up. It hit 60 F yesterday.

It is not warm enough to plant. Yet, i felt compelled to put some greens seeds into my cold frame beds. I am going to garden, and regarden and permaculture garden, all in different manners with the same seeds to see which things make a difference. I have documentation of things from my prior farm, 1992-2007, before the banksters took everything and i left the identity of the straw man. So natcherly, that’s my role here in the land of Az.

And so it is. Turn in frequently, because until you start your own existence, my point of light shines in solitary effort. I know of several other efforts, and i believe that the next fractal reset at eight might be ready to start counting on metrics like a group of one. If true, then i have a whole new field of data to collect with new metric capabilities. Thus, tomorrow lemme takes back the blog and doc goes into heavy composition mode.

Namaste’ … doc

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