Mass Minding: Freud and the Beatles

Thyme Change Day – perhaps we will call doc Herb. He has an ego as large as the entire whirled – and thanks to people like Uncle Albert and his buddy Siggy Freud, we have an ego problem that is howdt of control. Since as above, so below; we find ourselves under the Donald in collective insanity. As Bugs says, Eh, What’s Up, Doc?

Or what is doc up to? By stepping away from everything in the three dimensional world and visiting nature, in all its glory, for the entire winter of writing, hermitidy and soul searching, we have found enough Sybils to fill a room with one person. So that is where we start.

How many people are your one person?  The ego likes to project itself onto everyone that we encounter, so each of our conversations is a reflection of ourselves. So, in essence, we talk to ourselves more than the other person we are talking to. When we hear words that come out of our mouths that create a commitment, the next step is most telling.

Do you panic or do you forget? Or do you roll up your sleeves and get working? People are all different and we each have a different weigh of approaching how we deal with situations, be they under control or random acts of destruction. To be who you are, always, whatever happens is a function of you. As you read, you have a grip on what is real.

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. Having said that, all of our individual reality is totally real to the person living through it. As MJ says, I’m looking at the man in the mirror. The person I see has merits and demerits, fame and foibels, and yet still puts on his pants one leg at a time and feeds the birds daily.

Watching birds congregate and have a social order has taught us quite a bit about people. Merit to animals has a totally different scheme – they are brutal to each other when somebody steps out of line. To watch them interact, with them not playing to your human presence, is a function of your human ego – they can read your emotions very well.

Animals have that ability, to sense when people have intention toward them. You have to be at peace with yourself, and they have to allow their hive mind to accept that you have no intention against them at all. When you train a dog to interact with birds, the birds have to trust the dog – everybody is okay with the physical being that is a member of the larger group.

The flock of birds accepts individuals that are not birds, warily at first. Actions speak louder than words because nobody communicates with spoke word, except the human. Only the dog responds, the birds understand frequency of vibration – the speed of my walk or the tone of the morning hello. Today is different, because the humans lost an hour and the birds didn’t notice, they will be here to eat at nine which is eight their time. Why does the human ego complecate things.

The keyboard is having eitch problem – the key is missing, so if a word looks really strange, try to sub in an h. Here are a few extras, just in case , hhhhhhh.

The problem americans have with their egos is based on the fear and control mindsets. The only weigh to play the game is to change the rules – nobody in control positions in the game follows any of the accepted rules. Heck – we can’t even get the male female thing right any longer and that one is very simple.

All you need is love!

Thank you George, Ringo, Paul and John for the wit and wisdom of good acid – to take the control reigns and pitch them into a melting pot that festered for 50 years until the strange brew concocted for today. Beware the ides of March, they say.

To begin a real meritocracy, we must first define merit. You are a group of one – define merit on any terms that you wish. Here’s the rub, as your ego defines merit, be honest and apply that weighing process to everyone else in the same manner that you apply it to yourself. Better work on your P’s and Q’s first, because your personal definition of merit will be effervescent – it will change as you learn the weighs of the world and how to measure real merit.

Can your ego handle somebody else having more merit than you by your own definition of merit? If so, you’re welcome.

Namaste’ … lemme

PS : Herb Thyme is awesome in the kitchen, use him frequently, with Basil and cilantro (Celo – forget you).

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