Mass Forming

Things change in the immediate moment. The process of accepting the unexpected with grace and geniality is something hue-mans will all have to work on, individually. My day altered itelf with an incidental walk, to see what the geese were doing in the people-space.

Animals know something that hue-mans don’t know and humans don’t even think about. The goose was there to signal my interest to another hue-man who was in her own state of morning grog. Coffee is a god-send, stock-piling a reserve is a primal necessity.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Watch what is going on and be aware of the change from space/time to time/space. The physics of human scale is not developed at this point, because the physics beneath human scale is not on human scale. So until we can reconceive physics into human scale things, we are stuck with matter and energy and no real relationship between the two.

Uncle Albert said E equals M times C squared where C is the speed of light. If time is not a constant length, then rate makes no sense in our perception of what is. Time is based on the vibration of a cesium atom ( a fact to look up, it makes no human scale sense at all ). Uncle Albert also said imagination is more important than knowledge. When asked what it feels like to be the smartest man in the world, he suggested to go ask Tesla.

A phone call changed the space again. The scale we choose to work on has to be integrated with the daily context of our individual lives. Ospensky talked about three lines; to paraphrase, the global, the individual and the work scale. At any time, an individual can hold two of these lines together mentally, but the third scale is adrift and left on trust. Most single people identify with self-interest as a primary to how they like their life. Adding a second person to form a group of two is the natural form of pairing. Electrons works that way, analageous to humans on a vastly different region of the entire physical scale. As above, so below … electron distribution can work as an excellent model of groups, using group theory.

So – the hydrogen atoms pairs with a second hydrogen atom to make a couple where the two hydrogen atoms are completely happy with each other. They are inseparable, as good human pairings should be. The ground state of the hydrogen atom has been worked out via the Schroedinger equation to exactly fit the waveform in space … a Cray unreality.

When I say unreality – i mean that on human scale, there is no analogy. Drift into the mind’s eye and realize that our thoughts represent our reality and by limiting ourselves to human scale – where human is the smallest one allowable – we can grow up but not down in scale. To use knowledge derived from down on the scale means to accept beliefs that have been taught to us as concepts by our schooling. It all deals with mirage – but we accept that mirage as the baseline … or at least we did. Until we move to human scale and start redefining what we know from the human perspective, we may not take knowledge forward without personal vetting. Discernment. Perspective from the individual human scale.

You are a source of light. I am a different source of light. On human scale, we may choose to coincide beliefs, or we may choose not to. I can explain the weigh that i believe, because i take measurements on the individual human scale to verify my belief. If i get data that does not conform to expectation, i design a deeper experiment to look into the effect.

I have several hypotheses about hue-man behavior that will only resolve themselves as fact or fiction based upon how humans and hue-mans differ in their approach to reality. I wish to listen to older souls that are younger than I AM, yet to exchange perspective without the need to change belief. If you break somebody else’s belief without giving them a viable replacement, then you do harm.

Please stop doing harm, to yourself first and to other people. We are all projections of each other, working to stretch them limit of our current morphic field. For this belief to work, keep track of your references in principal, and keep track of your principles in reference. Thus, my ideas today stem from Sheldrake and Pollack, Sale and Lovelock with Margulis. As a scribe, I will diligently allow you the learner to look up these ieas for yourself. Feel free to question – use CAPS to signal a non-spam response.

Namaste’ … lemme

PS – a new game of Existence begins at the Spring Equinox – if you would like to play, kindly request the first survey via a letter of intent to … drlenny at . Please, no spam. DLT



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