Mass Flowing

Collecting sentiences, as beings flock to be part of the crew. This quarter has two weeks until culmination, if we can collectively make it that far. If not, this residence will partake of bird, on the wing, with orange sauce. Served with sauteed vegetables over fried rice, Daffy never understood what Fudd was really after was dinner.

Yesterday dealt two inches of snow, tday was mid 60s with no need for even a jacket. We are being HAARPed. The way that waves work penetrates the fields of other waves. If the frequencies are harmonic, the wave amplifies. The interaction of waves with matter generates heat. Heat is metabolic work, as reflected by temperature density. This falls off rapidly with the square of the distance.

The medium matters. The waves travelling through water take longer to get through the thicker matrix than waves travelling through air. The waves are emitted in all directions from each point source; frequency is dependant on wavelength, which is a function of fractal scale.

So, as chaos dances with herself because order is vapid, please dissolve yourself into whatever task will take your mind away from the social media landscape. Your tweeter is twitted and the G-spot is fixing the al-gore-rhythm to make all fake news real and all real news fake. Global cooling warming is cause by chemtrails. And then there is proctology and gamblegate thriving – P&G. Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. SFF

May you resonate with higher frequency!

Namaste’ … lemme

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