Form Forming: Mist Conceptions

Day after day, alone on a hill, the man with a foolish grin watches the whirled and laughs at the serious intensity over things that hardly matter. Meanwhile, things that should be in focus are dissipating in the air of effervescence … march idiocy begins tomorrow – to Duke or not to Duke.

The distractions allow the wool to be pulled over the eyes of the sheeple, who are watching ewe tube for the media that tells them how to think. The alternative media tells you to think for yourself and follow their leads down rabbit holes that allow you to become aware that the media is less than truthful. We alrady know that – you are doing good work, but begging for support lowers your impact – economics is death culture. At least, the current discussion of all forms of economics is based on faulty towers.

John Cleese was a government official – the minister of silly walks. Governance based on economics has become kleptocracy. Since everything we know is based on piling up the facts in a different manner, where is the flow headed but around and around in the same circles. Did scrooge really say Baa Humbug – or did he follow the yellow brick road.

Look deeper at the allegory of the Wizard of Oz. Each of us is every character, from innocent Dorothy to the Wicked Witch of the West. The yellow brick road is the path to fame and fortune – already preparing the illusion, that Justin is Destroying. But – no buts – just butts, smoked and tossed on the ground.

Information is only valid if confirmed by another independent source. The means of flow requires intuition, the idea that you are going somewhere, even though you don’t currently know where that place is. There is another there out there, and you can get to it only if you give up the pretense of being here now.

OOH – did I violate a cardinal sin and impeach the drug induced wisdom of Ram Dass? Yes and no. And the third option – something else, perhaps more advanced than the simple concept of your being. You can be here now and there now too, according to the remote coupling dynamics of quantum mechanics.

Mechanics have a tool kit – think about the analogy of how mechanics work on cars; or used to until they smartened the car and took control and mastery away from the driver. Cars are old technology anyway. Beam us up, Scotty.

Your tool kit is what you know for sure. On expansion, your tool kit also includes the people that you talk to that know in such a way that they can explain to you in terms that you can understand. I hate that word, under stand means to believe something below what you know based on somebody else’s rationalization. I like comprehend better, but semantics are lost on most of the sheeple, and currently, we all have egos amongst the sheeple.

Turn on, tune in, drop out – Tim Leary – is another piece of wisdom that i have based philosophy upon, that i can now dispute beyond yes and know terms. Sometimes, we leave this plane of Existence for an inner reality far deeper than the current state of presence requires. When we get alone time, we can be in that altered state without having people pull us back into the current consensus illusion.

So, opposite themes are not the context of duality. This basic misconception is universal and thwarts the comprehension of nature. Doc has been asked to endeavor down a path of science that has no prior conviction – and then was asked for a curricula. Baa, Baa, Blacksheep … curricula is a mind nummer.

If you want to be educated, question all curricula. The student has to be able to drive the educational vehicle to satisfy personal insight. The only way to do that is by spending individual time, alone, thinking about the topic before prejudicing oneself with alternate views. The place you begin is not at the ground state. The place to begin is in the excited state where you are.

That is why children are sponges when it comes to knowledge. To educate, we must break this analogy – a child is not a sponge for the current knowledge disconnect – that is cognitive dissonance. To get from here to the ground state and begin to learn from below is like expecting to know everything before you start and begining with full information from above. Like babies have, before we teach it out of them after they are born.

Imagine a world where a child didn’t get stuck in one two three four five before he learned the fibonacci sequence that nature uses to count is one one two three five. It sure looks the same and gets to the same place after five steps. Now if comprehension of nature begins with natural mathematics, then the prerequisite of all science that you be able to handle mathematics is already setting off on the wrong foot.

In chaos theory, the starting conditions matter immensely. So, if we don’t like the start, let’s quit and try something else, until we get to a place that works for each of us. First. Each of us first. If we have to start over several times, that is okay, because the time spent is the crucial factor in learning. Tracking time is the most difficult thing you will ever do. Especially if you toss all the current tools of time away – no clock, no watch, no calendar, no synchopation of level based on this illusion of time.

In fact, the series will be called Science Illusions of Thyme.

namaste’ … lemme

PS – Shout to Pentatonix for their release of the cover of Lennon’s Imagine! I like the signs, but nobody held one up as an old fogey. Superb concept – mebbe a forth grammy? Never know.

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