Flow Sounding: Salt

There is so much information available on the internet today, that we have to take it with a grain of salt. Sodium Chloride is the common chemical known as table salt, which we add to our food to change the taste of the meal. How this actually works is a mystery shouded in secrecy – essentially, we ionize our tongues.

Ionize is a strange word. It means to separate charge. Charge has to do with EMF – electromotive frequency. When we plug a cord into an outlet, we are accessing flowing charge. This consists of electrons being passed down a wire. The electrons flow in proportion to the draw on the current. The world of electricity is a means of powering society – imagine if lights out literally meant lights out.

It used to, and it will again. The whole infrastructure that we, the people, have creates is a myth, entangled with a belief, enshouded in packing material and comfortably set aside where nobody can notice. Our scientific explanation of life has accrued solely in the last 100 years – after the characters of the play changed the story and the sequence of what individuals believe.

Would I lie to you?
Would I lie to you honey?
Now would I say something that wasn’t true?
I’m asking you sugar
Would I lie to you?

They would and they do. To know truth, one must relate to experience. We each go through many transitions where we learn more than was previously revealed. Sometimes, it enlightens us to a higher truth; other times it just creates more muck within the muddle in the middle. The mean of the normal is the average composition of all of everything.

So, we divide into smaller groups, in order to make sense of this nuance. Some of us go deep into a finite knowledge base and look at the realm of the picture through the rose colored glasses of a single perspective. Shifting the wavelength slightly changes the view … but when you are deep enough down the rabbit hole, only significant alterations become noticable.

Our physical world has been compartmentalized to the point where individuals have different pictures based on world view and skew. Skew is an individual slant on a common perspective, where one changes the model slightly after the realization that the prior model does not fit. A model is a belief that explains a system – everything models everything else. They say that history never repeats itself, it just rhymes with the times.

History is a story made up by the people in charge at the time. The entire game was rewritten post wwii in the last century – the artificial overlay that was created cannot hold because enough people no longer believe that narrative. The common delusion, as provided by the lame stream media, is no longer is the narrative. Are we global or are we local or are we both or are we neither? Is that enough choice?

We do not have freedom of choice – you must experience this same bad movie as i am experiencing. We have wars created by words, people misaligned because of lines drawn in the sand far above our pay grade. The game is ultimate, you either play or lose, but lose and they still pretend you are playing. We are all actors playing the role of human in a planetary drama of galactic proportion. When do we receive the new script?

Doc is downloading a whole buncha stuff onto his computer to tell people what they may be able to do. The real question though is the holography, is this time and space that we are in unique or common? What is the scale compared to all other scales? How much can we see and how much will be revealed? What do we really know? What is just made up?

Let’s get back to salt chemistry, sodium chloride. We understand this material because we have people who can analyze the structure. I learned how to construct machines to investigate nuances of chemistry during my graduate study at Oregon State University. This knowledge is widespread through out the university system, based on the common themes taught to us in high school chemistry.

I didn’t get chemistry when i learned about it in high school. It was the one subject that didn’t make sense in the context of the other subjects. I think it was because my hormones were flying, life was exciting and girls were, well, girls. I played chess. Seems that a second grade student has more ability to grasp basic chemistry than a chemically induced 16 year old junior who has a lot more on her mind. It was the only field that didn’t make sense, so i studied it.

Each field of interest has the same caveates, works the same way, on a similar knowledge basis set, with different definitions of the same words, just to add confusion to the context. When you hear scientists talk, realize thay all have their compartments of understanding where they grok their world, as long as you allow them to set the definitions for the words they use. And that is the rub.

We need renaissance men and women to be phoenix rising through the ashes and making common sense of the whole wash. As above, so below is embedded in fractal scale, where self-similarity is only required on adjacent levels. This means that we create our own mind sets as reflections of other mind sets and never actually sit down to find out what is real. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about.

Therefore, Doc is going deep into non-physical science to determine what is beneath the concept of chemistry. The mind is consciousness, beyond the physical realm of the time/space Einstein created for us. Setting in single space allows a separation of time into several components – to tease these out from each other is important now, because we have some aspects of time which lock us into this current artificial reality created as a matrix, just for us, humans, on this Gaia, on this timeline. The Mayans suggest that a new timeline has started as of December 21, 2012 … let’s explore this and see if they were right.

Namaste’ … lemme

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