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Rarefied air was one of those old scientific concepts that didn’t pass muster with the process of discovery. However, we have recently learned that that entire process of logic was corrupted from the very beginning of the system, from the weighs (ways) that we were taught. The aether exists, but science today is little more than a successfully applied religion.

If everything that governs us is currently based on a massive fraud, then aren’t we all free agents in the world of being? We have to take it upon ourselves to decide what form of governance we, the people, get to have since there is no legitimacy to the current scheme. Sure, we can be american citizens – what does that really mean?

Is this country the republic or the corporation? Did you have any choice in whether to be included or not? In fact – did you sign up for this ever, or did your parents send you to school with a social slavery number given at birth? Where are the nazis? Here, there and everywhere. The kleptocracy is illegitimate, what can we do?

Breathe. There is nothing that is real, there is nothing to get hung about. What you believe creates your life sphere and things fit because you allow them. I am you and you are me and we are all together … see how they run like pigs from a gun, the illusion provided just for you because that is what you expect to see. Yet, day after day alone on the hill, the man with the foolish grin is watching, ready to alter your reality in a heartbeat, if necessary.

Step back and ask questions. If all you need is love and happiness is a warm gun, then how do we get away across the universe? When i get to the bottom, i go back to the top of the slide, with number nine ringing, number nine, number nine…

The game is money – it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie. What if the game does not require money – the control and manipulation is then over. How we deal with money – G. Edward Griffin and the creature from Jekkyl Island – is so artificial that it erases our ability to do things. Nature does not give the plants and animals a credit card to get what they need.

All you need is love. And food. And water. The material that makes our mass is one of the things we know the least about. We are not educated, we are indoctrinated. Got brass in pocket. Gonna make you make you make you notice, what is is really not at all what we were told is is.

So, step aside with me from this delusion of reality and let’s explore some things deeper, without using the old weighs of the whirled. The food operation is working and i am building my second tiny structure – the first will be camp home when the rain stops (if the reign stops, then movement). No one knows what it’s like to be a madman …

The target is anyone who speaks truth, the game is whack a mole. The pedogate scandal is rumored to consume a third of congress – one mass resignation, one regime change. The only question is – who is the pedophile and who is the accuser? If they can plant any incriminating information anywhere they want, then how do we know any crimes are legitimately perpetrated or whether those currently jailed were just set up.

When i watch ewe tube videos, the human media of people to people connection begins to work. I hear a story and listen with empathy. I relate the story to what i know, personally and then guage whether i believe it to be true or false. Sadly, i cannot tell truth, except relative to my own personal experiences and form of study. People are too good as actors, they believe themselves and lie to themselves both – and we can’t really tell the difference.

So … nothing is real. Chemistry is mass minding – a fictional explanation that relates how things come together, over me. I have spent ten thousand hours thinking about the spacial geometry, imagine that molecules of water are like people. If we alter our perception of water – imagine there’s no countries in the water world. How water interacts with everything could be described as land of the giants. Yet, we know very little and trolls attack new thought on the topic. Sad

Doc is going off the deep end and putting together a thought experiment – developing non-material physical science in the image of water. We will begin in the middle and work our way in both directions – because the twists and turns on every path are unique. The curricula depends on the collection of all molecules involved – people represent one water each – but combinations of people have multiplicative amplitude – the scale will be functionally fractal.

If you are curious – get Pollack’s The Fourth Phase of Water. If you are curious – get Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contibutionism. These will serve as reference texts – my basis is drawn from Pauling’s General Chemistry from 1961, plus original thought from howdtside da baax. Timing depends on technology, but more will flow through this bat channel.

One more quick note – still over 200 spam comments per day – replies to this blog are lost in the swamp – doc will develop an interactive surface before we get going – it just takes thyme time, and he’s busy.

namaste’ … lemme

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