Flow Forming: Group Theory

I learned quite a bit through my latest trip into the whirled that I left behind when I immersed in nature. The current belief system of most Americans is crumbling in cognitive dissonance – the message is clear that there is no real message there. Read more about how life resembles 1984.

So everything that we are told is hogwash. We can only believe our first hand experience – so who wants to come visit my holodeck? The dis-information is excessive, so we head internal, back into the recesses of our own minds …

What is that voice? Is that me speaking to me? Or is it a targetted ELF weapon, an extremely low frequency vibration that sets us off. The tinnitus ringing in your ears is real, a function of most electronics emitting sound just below audible. There is a concerted effort being made to scramble your thinking. So go back to what you know.

Frame of reference … what is your perspective? Go deep and find your point source – are you light or dark, sun based, moon based? Do you reflect or emit? How do you go along to get along? What things are expected and what must you work for? How does the system build, for you in your life only? Take stock and see what you need to count on.

Of course, counting is a problem – we are messed up from the very beginning of our formal education by the concept of counting. The trap of one two three four five six seven eight nine ten is logic – once you get the idea of increments being equal, the game of counting makes sense. Only it is not natural and the whole image is warped.

Nature counts based on the phi ratio. The Fibonacci sequence starts at the void and adds one. This one is you – your thinking cognitive you. You are a large sack of water, every piece of life on earth is made of water and organic scaffolding. The field of bio-chemistry describes scaffolding in magnificent detail, based on techniques like x-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry.  The ability to separate and weigh components is the basis of chemistry. How atoms come together is really structural geometry.

So after you realize that you are you, the next number in the sequence is one, the sum of void plus you. This second one is the upper limit of your conception. The world of humans here tells you that we are all the organic life in the universe here. Okay – that makes our upper limit earth sized, or Gaia. We are setting up scale here, so if you want to include the entire universe, you may. However, I am trying to explain a topic that requires a tangible upper limit and most folks can hold the concept of earth as the limit of world. We can set this as human scale. (concept: KS)

Now one plus one is two, so you can expand your personal scale to include your best friend. You trust this person and they trust you, until other people and concepts get in the way of the relationship. A lot of people prefer to be alone and stay at one. Responsibility for two should be shared between the two, in whatever manner gets agreed upon. From two you can reduce back to two ones and go your own ways, and reconnect later to be a pair. Two people working together get more done that either individual on their own.

Then you take one and add it to two to get three. A third person chages the dynamic of the small group. Working as three creates a synergy where a person who needs alone time to think does not have to stop the group work of the other two, and the added perspective reveals multiple new dimensions. A group of three working together can produce exceptional work when the individuals work to the maximum extent of their ability – we motivate each other. Adding another person to this group adds scope for scale but not any tangible advantage. A group of three or four people can be seen as equivalent.

So two plus three make five and the dynamic really changes significantly. Margaret Mead said that five dedicated people can change the world. And we can. Yet it is very difficult to hold cohesion with five people. In fact, a group of five generally functions at the same ability level as the group of two. There is good balance for making key decisions in five and the perspectives are covered from more boundaries, but the quality of work diminishes as we involve more people beyond five.

Three plus five equal eight – now we are on a different scale of projectable ability that what you as the one was conceiving. If you are working well in a group of eight, this can be reset to one with a change of fractal scale. Every scale change create a new universe, with new rules. But really this is a microcosm universe – a sub-group of humans that by working together are more effective as a function of scale. Different settings, but with a requirement of self-similarity to our human scale because it is adjacent.

Let’s recap, we counted 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 . Conventional counting is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 . Now look at these two number lines. After six steps to get to the number five, both are at the same place. Indistinguishable from each other, if you weren’t paying attention. When you get beyond there, well see how nature takes off in complexity (13, 21, 34) whereas counting by numbers gives us (7, 8, 9). We are a logarythmic function masquerading as a linear equation. Thank you mathematicians for the mess you have made.

Namaste’ … doc

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