Power Massing: Changing Scale

Deep into the calendar, this 64 day treei day is rolling along. Before i delve deep into current topics, the universe tells me to lighten up and appreciate being. I might become a binge movie-goer – tho i have no love loss for the current hollywood fare. In fact, watching gets in the way of being. To observe without interacting harms the learning process; roll up your sleeves and get into whatever you are doing.

I enjoy being a hermit, and as such, i have been tracking my interactions with the outside whirled. Last week, my adventure to the city left me with one very full day where i must have seen and talked to maybe 20 people. I went to a workshop of thirteen with Michelle Marie Angel and The Alchemy of Light Project on personal empowerment: Passion, Power and Purpose. It clarified that my pop psychology radar is weigh off base. I cannot grok what other people see when they have descended down their own personal rabiit holes and compartmentalized their lives for convenience.

Since then, i went deeper into Treei space, with Armando the creator of the concept. Armando is one of the few people that i know that has shed personal contact more than i have. We collect eclectics – people who think for themselves and contribute another unique perspective to the composite picture. In Armando’s microscosm, we surround ourselves with things we like – like likes like is a prodound wisdom. Armando and I smoked enough marijuana to keep elevated continuously and watch a continuous stream of integrated comedy. We delved into Silicon Valley – binging three seasons in five days.

As I choose models to work with, Hollywood does provide some interesting spins on routine thought. Since time is a function that we don’t quite grok properly, i enjoy watching movies that alter my time perspective. Inception fits the bill and i went deeper into the dream world, time coordinated as a fractal of current reality. The movie Primer also gives time a wrinkle in a weigh that only Terry Pritchett would love … or is that Terry Gilliam?

We live in a place where instant gratification is possible – anyone can be distracted by anything. The picture of what we are ‘supposed to’ do has fallen apart. As a hermit, I can choose how i spend my time. I walk outside in nature and watch plants grow – something that i never had really taken the time to do. Oh, I grew plants, but never connected on the level that i currently have. It involves senses beneath those that are required at the individual level when dealing with people.

There has only been one human in my current world tis past week … the land owner on the 36 acres that i call home. The land owns us, we do not own the land. Gaia is having some real significant challenges with the notions of men – the game is changing as we perceive that there is a whole lot more going on than what we as people have been made aware of.

We are attached to our electronic devices, such that the input from those devices becomes our current reality. The clock ticks, the stuff goes on, and nothing is real. It is an illusion of reality set for us to believe in mass consciousness. The inputs we take are fabricated for us : it is so hard to let go of the common ‘news’. Every morning, i see what they say, to support my disillusionment. If i have something to get me going, it becomes an excuse to not do something else. It’s always something – Roseanna Roseannadanna … oh, never mind.

I can personally check out to my current ground state – just me and my white shadow, spending the day observing spring, planting seeds prematurely because the weather is not quite warm enough and another freeze will come, a month from now. Looking at the various fungi growing in different places and recalibrating without electricity. Sun goes down, no light.

I do reserve a sports interest. I am a statistician from way back when and the numbers of the game intrigue me. I do not watch the games themselves. I check how performance is measured in numbers and how individual numbers combine to form winning teams. I grew up rolling dice using the simulation Strat-o-matic baseball and surrounding myself with ratios of small numbers. Today, that translates into a unique perspective.

I did an experiment in one of my current fantasy basketball leagues and changed strategy specifically midway during the season. I could tell that I was not going to win on waivers – there was no flux dynamics in the league and other players were not open to trades. So I looked at my roster and the remaining games and started specifically avoiding bad match-ups and unlikely settings. I was roughly 50 games over the limit of use – from swapping out players and trying to keep up with the joneses, the rabbits that use up their games early and then hang it all out at the end, to see if anyone else can catch them.

You get 820 games. One rabbit has 18 games left, with 2 weeks to go and 10 players active. I have about 75 games – and several targetting columns that could catch up. Basically, my four top players never missed a played game, and then all games against top five defenses were off limits for all other players. I saw where I could catch all players in front of me in steals and i added an assist provider to jump the close competition. I also stopped using low percentage shooters, unless the match-up was super favorable.

In the past month, i have gained about half the ground on first. These last two weeks show me another two thirds of the ground can be moved by moving past three players in shooting percentage and steals, as they no longer accumulate for others because key positions have their games used up. I get to go all the way to the end; and as long as my players actually play, i sould be fine. The strategy is sorta like using chess, looking at the future a few yards down the road.

I will use the lessons learned, to make the best class that you ever wish to take – in non-material science. I wish to question every dogma and challenge most belief in all science fields. It becomes a question of scale of sacred geometry, the embeddedness that we all feel when we are part of a larger whole. Our current measurement of scale is skewed … I want to start counting on a different clock, a different calendar, a different numeracy.

Level the playing field and allow access to the compost. Let’s take learning and digest it through the rigor of what we think we know and come up with weighs of measuring things to confirm. Time to be an onery scientist, and Thyme to be an ONRRE scientist.

namaste’ … lemme

Flow Sounding: Salt

There is so much information available on the internet today, that we have to take it with a grain of salt. Sodium Chloride is the common chemical known as table salt, which we add to our food to change the taste of the meal. How this actually works is a mystery shouded in secrecy – essentially, we ionize our tongues.

Ionize is a strange word. It means to separate charge. Charge has to do with EMF – electromotive frequency. When we plug a cord into an outlet, we are accessing flowing charge. This consists of electrons being passed down a wire. The electrons flow in proportion to the draw on the current. The world of electricity is a means of powering society – imagine if lights out literally meant lights out.

It used to, and it will again. The whole infrastructure that we, the people, have creates is a myth, entangled with a belief, enshouded in packing material and comfortably set aside where nobody can notice. Our scientific explanation of life has accrued solely in the last 100 years – after the characters of the play changed the story and the sequence of what individuals believe.

Would I lie to you?
Would I lie to you honey?
Now would I say something that wasn’t true?
I’m asking you sugar
Would I lie to you?

They would and they do. To know truth, one must relate to experience. We each go through many transitions where we learn more than was previously revealed. Sometimes, it enlightens us to a higher truth; other times it just creates more muck within the muddle in the middle. The mean of the normal is the average composition of all of everything.

So, we divide into smaller groups, in order to make sense of this nuance. Some of us go deep into a finite knowledge base and look at the realm of the picture through the rose colored glasses of a single perspective. Shifting the wavelength slightly changes the view … but when you are deep enough down the rabbit hole, only significant alterations become noticable.

Our physical world has been compartmentalized to the point where individuals have different pictures based on world view and skew. Skew is an individual slant on a common perspective, where one changes the model slightly after the realization that the prior model does not fit. A model is a belief that explains a system – everything models everything else. They say that history never repeats itself, it just rhymes with the times.

History is a story made up by the people in charge at the time. The entire game was rewritten post wwii in the last century – the artificial overlay that was created cannot hold because enough people no longer believe that narrative. The common delusion, as provided by the lame stream media, is no longer is the narrative. Are we global or are we local or are we both or are we neither? Is that enough choice?

We do not have freedom of choice – you must experience this same bad movie as i am experiencing. We have wars created by words, people misaligned because of lines drawn in the sand far above our pay grade. The game is ultimate, you either play or lose, but lose and they still pretend you are playing. We are all actors playing the role of human in a planetary drama of galactic proportion. When do we receive the new script?

Doc is downloading a whole buncha stuff onto his computer to tell people what they may be able to do. The real question though is the holography, is this time and space that we are in unique or common? What is the scale compared to all other scales? How much can we see and how much will be revealed? What do we really know? What is just made up?

Let’s get back to salt chemistry, sodium chloride. We understand this material because we have people who can analyze the structure. I learned how to construct machines to investigate nuances of chemistry during my graduate study at Oregon State University. This knowledge is widespread through out the university system, based on the common themes taught to us in high school chemistry.

I didn’t get chemistry when i learned about it in high school. It was the one subject that didn’t make sense in the context of the other subjects. I think it was because my hormones were flying, life was exciting and girls were, well, girls. I played chess. Seems that a second grade student has more ability to grasp basic chemistry than a chemically induced 16 year old junior who has a lot more on her mind. It was the only field that didn’t make sense, so i studied it.

Each field of interest has the same caveates, works the same way, on a similar knowledge basis set, with different definitions of the same words, just to add confusion to the context. When you hear scientists talk, realize thay all have their compartments of understanding where they grok their world, as long as you allow them to set the definitions for the words they use. And that is the rub.

We need renaissance men and women to be phoenix rising through the ashes and making common sense of the whole wash. As above, so below is embedded in fractal scale, where self-similarity is only required on adjacent levels. This means that we create our own mind sets as reflections of other mind sets and never actually sit down to find out what is real. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about.

Therefore, Doc is going deep into non-physical science to determine what is beneath the concept of chemistry. The mind is consciousness, beyond the physical realm of the time/space Einstein created for us. Setting in single space allows a separation of time into several components – to tease these out from each other is important now, because we have some aspects of time which lock us into this current artificial reality created as a matrix, just for us, humans, on this Gaia, on this timeline. The Mayans suggest that a new timeline has started as of December 21, 2012 … let’s explore this and see if they were right.

Namaste’ … lemme

Flow Powering: Music Science

Rarefied air was one of those old scientific concepts that didn’t pass muster with the process of discovery. However, we have recently learned that that entire process of logic was corrupted from the very beginning of the system, from the weighs (ways) that we were taught. The aether exists, but science today is little more than a successfully applied religion.

If everything that governs us is currently based on a massive fraud, then aren’t we all free agents in the world of being? We have to take it upon ourselves to decide what form of governance we, the people, get to have since there is no legitimacy to the current scheme. Sure, we can be american citizens – what does that really mean?

Is this country the republic or the corporation? Did you have any choice in whether to be included or not? In fact – did you sign up for this ever, or did your parents send you to school with a social slavery number given at birth? Where are the nazis? Here, there and everywhere. The kleptocracy is illegitimate, what can we do?

Breathe. There is nothing that is real, there is nothing to get hung about. What you believe creates your life sphere and things fit because you allow them. I am you and you are me and we are all together … see how they run like pigs from a gun, the illusion provided just for you because that is what you expect to see. Yet, day after day alone on the hill, the man with the foolish grin is watching, ready to alter your reality in a heartbeat, if necessary.

Step back and ask questions. If all you need is love and happiness is a warm gun, then how do we get away across the universe? When i get to the bottom, i go back to the top of the slide, with number nine ringing, number nine, number nine…

The game is money – it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie. What if the game does not require money – the control and manipulation is then over. How we deal with money – G. Edward Griffin and the creature from Jekkyl Island – is so artificial that it erases our ability to do things. Nature does not give the plants and animals a credit card to get what they need.

All you need is love. And food. And water. The material that makes our mass is one of the things we know the least about. We are not educated, we are indoctrinated. Got brass in pocket. Gonna make you make you make you notice, what is is really not at all what we were told is is.

So, step aside with me from this delusion of reality and let’s explore some things deeper, without using the old weighs of the whirled. The food operation is working and i am building my second tiny structure – the first will be camp home when the rain stops (if the reign stops, then movement). No one knows what it’s like to be a madman …

The target is anyone who speaks truth, the game is whack a mole. The pedogate scandal is rumored to consume a third of congress – one mass resignation, one regime change. The only question is – who is the pedophile and who is the accuser? If they can plant any incriminating information anywhere they want, then how do we know any crimes are legitimately perpetrated or whether those currently jailed were just set up.

When i watch ewe tube videos, the human media of people to people connection begins to work. I hear a story and listen with empathy. I relate the story to what i know, personally and then guage whether i believe it to be true or false. Sadly, i cannot tell truth, except relative to my own personal experiences and form of study. People are too good as actors, they believe themselves and lie to themselves both – and we can’t really tell the difference.

So … nothing is real. Chemistry is mass minding – a fictional explanation that relates how things come together, over me. I have spent ten thousand hours thinking about the spacial geometry, imagine that molecules of water are like people. If we alter our perception of water – imagine there’s no countries in the water world. How water interacts with everything could be described as land of the giants. Yet, we know very little and trolls attack new thought on the topic. Sad

Doc is going off the deep end and putting together a thought experiment – developing non-material physical science in the image of water. We will begin in the middle and work our way in both directions – because the twists and turns on every path are unique. The curricula depends on the collection of all molecules involved – people represent one water each – but combinations of people have multiplicative amplitude – the scale will be functionally fractal.

If you are curious – get Pollack’s The Fourth Phase of Water. If you are curious – get Tellinger’s Ubuntu Contibutionism. These will serve as reference texts – my basis is drawn from Pauling’s General Chemistry from 1961, plus original thought from howdtside da baax. Timing depends on technology, but more will flow through this bat channel.

One more quick note – still over 200 spam comments per day – replies to this blog are lost in the swamp – doc will develop an interactive surface before we get going – it just takes thyme time, and he’s busy.

namaste’ … lemme

Flow Forming: Group Theory

I learned quite a bit through my latest trip into the whirled that I left behind when I immersed in nature. The current belief system of most Americans is crumbling in cognitive dissonance – the message is clear that there is no real message there. Read more about how life resembles 1984.

So everything that we are told is hogwash. We can only believe our first hand experience – so who wants to come visit my holodeck? The dis-information is excessive, so we head internal, back into the recesses of our own minds …

What is that voice? Is that me speaking to me? Or is it a targetted ELF weapon, an extremely low frequency vibration that sets us off. The tinnitus ringing in your ears is real, a function of most electronics emitting sound just below audible. There is a concerted effort being made to scramble your thinking. So go back to what you know.

Frame of reference … what is your perspective? Go deep and find your point source – are you light or dark, sun based, moon based? Do you reflect or emit? How do you go along to get along? What things are expected and what must you work for? How does the system build, for you in your life only? Take stock and see what you need to count on.

Of course, counting is a problem – we are messed up from the very beginning of our formal education by the concept of counting. The trap of one two three four five six seven eight nine ten is logic – once you get the idea of increments being equal, the game of counting makes sense. Only it is not natural and the whole image is warped.

Nature counts based on the phi ratio. The Fibonacci sequence starts at the void and adds one. This one is you – your thinking cognitive you. You are a large sack of water, every piece of life on earth is made of water and organic scaffolding. The field of bio-chemistry describes scaffolding in magnificent detail, based on techniques like x-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry.  The ability to separate and weigh components is the basis of chemistry. How atoms come together is really structural geometry.

So after you realize that you are you, the next number in the sequence is one, the sum of void plus you. This second one is the upper limit of your conception. The world of humans here tells you that we are all the organic life in the universe here. Okay – that makes our upper limit earth sized, or Gaia. We are setting up scale here, so if you want to include the entire universe, you may. However, I am trying to explain a topic that requires a tangible upper limit and most folks can hold the concept of earth as the limit of world. We can set this as human scale. (concept: KS)

Now one plus one is two, so you can expand your personal scale to include your best friend. You trust this person and they trust you, until other people and concepts get in the way of the relationship. A lot of people prefer to be alone and stay at one. Responsibility for two should be shared between the two, in whatever manner gets agreed upon. From two you can reduce back to two ones and go your own ways, and reconnect later to be a pair. Two people working together get more done that either individual on their own.

Then you take one and add it to two to get three. A third person chages the dynamic of the small group. Working as three creates a synergy where a person who needs alone time to think does not have to stop the group work of the other two, and the added perspective reveals multiple new dimensions. A group of three working together can produce exceptional work when the individuals work to the maximum extent of their ability – we motivate each other. Adding another person to this group adds scope for scale but not any tangible advantage. A group of three or four people can be seen as equivalent.

So two plus three make five and the dynamic really changes significantly. Margaret Mead said that five dedicated people can change the world. And we can. Yet it is very difficult to hold cohesion with five people. In fact, a group of five generally functions at the same ability level as the group of two. There is good balance for making key decisions in five and the perspectives are covered from more boundaries, but the quality of work diminishes as we involve more people beyond five.

Three plus five equal eight – now we are on a different scale of projectable ability that what you as the one was conceiving. If you are working well in a group of eight, this can be reset to one with a change of fractal scale. Every scale change create a new universe, with new rules. But really this is a microcosm universe – a sub-group of humans that by working together are more effective as a function of scale. Different settings, but with a requirement of self-similarity to our human scale because it is adjacent.

Let’s recap, we counted 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 . Conventional counting is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 . Now look at these two number lines. After six steps to get to the number five, both are at the same place. Indistinguishable from each other, if you weren’t paying attention. When you get beyond there, well see how nature takes off in complexity (13, 21, 34) whereas counting by numbers gives us (7, 8, 9). We are a logarythmic function masquerading as a linear equation. Thank you mathematicians for the mess you have made.

Namaste’ … doc

Form Forming: Mist Conceptions

Day after day, alone on a hill, the man with a foolish grin watches the whirled and laughs at the serious intensity over things that hardly matter. Meanwhile, things that should be in focus are dissipating in the air of effervescence … march idiocy begins tomorrow – to Duke or not to Duke.

The distractions allow the wool to be pulled over the eyes of the sheeple, who are watching ewe tube for the media that tells them how to think. The alternative media tells you to think for yourself and follow their leads down rabbit holes that allow you to become aware that the media is less than truthful. We alrady know that – you are doing good work, but begging for support lowers your impact – economics is death culture. At least, the current discussion of all forms of economics is based on faulty towers.

John Cleese was a government official – the minister of silly walks. Governance based on economics has become kleptocracy. Since everything we know is based on piling up the facts in a different manner, where is the flow headed but around and around in the same circles. Did scrooge really say Baa Humbug – or did he follow the yellow brick road.

Look deeper at the allegory of the Wizard of Oz. Each of us is every character, from innocent Dorothy to the Wicked Witch of the West. The yellow brick road is the path to fame and fortune – already preparing the illusion, that Justin is Destroying. But – no buts – just butts, smoked and tossed on the ground.

Information is only valid if confirmed by another independent source. The means of flow requires intuition, the idea that you are going somewhere, even though you don’t currently know where that place is. There is another there out there, and you can get to it only if you give up the pretense of being here now.

OOH – did I violate a cardinal sin and impeach the drug induced wisdom of Ram Dass? Yes and no. And the third option – something else, perhaps more advanced than the simple concept of your being. You can be here now and there now too, according to the remote coupling dynamics of quantum mechanics.

Mechanics have a tool kit – think about the analogy of how mechanics work on cars; or used to until they smartened the car and took control and mastery away from the driver. Cars are old technology anyway. Beam us up, Scotty.

Your tool kit is what you know for sure. On expansion, your tool kit also includes the people that you talk to that know in such a way that they can explain to you in terms that you can understand. I hate that word, under stand means to believe something below what you know based on somebody else’s rationalization. I like comprehend better, but semantics are lost on most of the sheeple, and currently, we all have egos amongst the sheeple.

Turn on, tune in, drop out – Tim Leary – is another piece of wisdom that i have based philosophy upon, that i can now dispute beyond yes and know terms. Sometimes, we leave this plane of Existence for an inner reality far deeper than the current state of presence requires. When we get alone time, we can be in that altered state without having people pull us back into the current consensus illusion.

So, opposite themes are not the context of duality. This basic misconception is universal and thwarts the comprehension of nature. Doc has been asked to endeavor down a path of science that has no prior conviction – and then was asked for a curricula. Baa, Baa, Blacksheep … curricula is a mind nummer.

If you want to be educated, question all curricula. The student has to be able to drive the educational vehicle to satisfy personal insight. The only way to do that is by spending individual time, alone, thinking about the topic before prejudicing oneself with alternate views. The place you begin is not at the ground state. The place to begin is in the excited state where you are.

That is why children are sponges when it comes to knowledge. To educate, we must break this analogy – a child is not a sponge for the current knowledge disconnect – that is cognitive dissonance. To get from here to the ground state and begin to learn from below is like expecting to know everything before you start and begining with full information from above. Like babies have, before we teach it out of them after they are born.

Imagine a world where a child didn’t get stuck in one two three four five before he learned the fibonacci sequence that nature uses to count is one one two three five. It sure looks the same and gets to the same place after five steps. Now if comprehension of nature begins with natural mathematics, then the prerequisite of all science that you be able to handle mathematics is already setting off on the wrong foot.

In chaos theory, the starting conditions matter immensely. So, if we don’t like the start, let’s quit and try something else, until we get to a place that works for each of us. First. Each of us first. If we have to start over several times, that is okay, because the time spent is the crucial factor in learning. Tracking time is the most difficult thing you will ever do. Especially if you toss all the current tools of time away – no clock, no watch, no calendar, no synchopation of level based on this illusion of time.

In fact, the series will be called Science Illusions of Thyme.

namaste’ … lemme

PS – Shout to Pentatonix for their release of the cover of Lennon’s Imagine! I like the signs, but nobody held one up as an old fogey. Superb concept – mebbe a forth grammy? Never know.

Mass Minding: Freud and the Beatles

Thyme Change Day – perhaps we will call doc Herb. He has an ego as large as the entire whirled – and thanks to people like Uncle Albert and his buddy Siggy Freud, we have an ego problem that is howdt of control. Since as above, so below; we find ourselves under the Donald in collective insanity. As Bugs says, Eh, What’s Up, Doc?

Or what is doc up to? By stepping away from everything in the three dimensional world and visiting nature, in all its glory, for the entire winter of writing, hermitidy and soul searching, we have found enough Sybils to fill a room with one person. So that is where we start.

How many people are your one person?  The ego likes to project itself onto everyone that we encounter, so each of our conversations is a reflection of ourselves. So, in essence, we talk to ourselves more than the other person we are talking to. When we hear words that come out of our mouths that create a commitment, the next step is most telling.

Do you panic or do you forget? Or do you roll up your sleeves and get working? People are all different and we each have a different weigh of approaching how we deal with situations, be they under control or random acts of destruction. To be who you are, always, whatever happens is a function of you. As you read, you have a grip on what is real.

Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about. Having said that, all of our individual reality is totally real to the person living through it. As MJ says, I’m looking at the man in the mirror. The person I see has merits and demerits, fame and foibels, and yet still puts on his pants one leg at a time and feeds the birds daily.

Watching birds congregate and have a social order has taught us quite a bit about people. Merit to animals has a totally different scheme – they are brutal to each other when somebody steps out of line. To watch them interact, with them not playing to your human presence, is a function of your human ego – they can read your emotions very well.

Animals have that ability, to sense when people have intention toward them. You have to be at peace with yourself, and they have to allow their hive mind to accept that you have no intention against them at all. When you train a dog to interact with birds, the birds have to trust the dog – everybody is okay with the physical being that is a member of the larger group.

The flock of birds accepts individuals that are not birds, warily at first. Actions speak louder than words because nobody communicates with spoke word, except the human. Only the dog responds, the birds understand frequency of vibration – the speed of my walk or the tone of the morning hello. Today is different, because the humans lost an hour and the birds didn’t notice, they will be here to eat at nine which is eight their time. Why does the human ego complecate things.

The keyboard is having eitch problem – the key is missing, so if a word looks really strange, try to sub in an h. Here are a few extras, just in case , hhhhhhh.

The problem americans have with their egos is based on the fear and control mindsets. The only weigh to play the game is to change the rules – nobody in control positions in the game follows any of the accepted rules. Heck – we can’t even get the male female thing right any longer and that one is very simple.

All you need is love!

Thank you George, Ringo, Paul and John for the wit and wisdom of good acid – to take the control reigns and pitch them into a melting pot that festered for 50 years until the strange brew concocted for today. Beware the ides of March, they say.

To begin a real meritocracy, we must first define merit. You are a group of one – define merit on any terms that you wish. Here’s the rub, as your ego defines merit, be honest and apply that weighing process to everyone else in the same manner that you apply it to yourself. Better work on your P’s and Q’s first, because your personal definition of merit will be effervescent – it will change as you learn the weighs of the world and how to measure real merit.

Can your ego handle somebody else having more merit than you by your own definition of merit? If so, you’re welcome.

Namaste’ … lemme

PS : Herb Thyme is awesome in the kitchen, use him frequently, with Basil and cilantro (Celo – forget you).

Mass Sounding: Doc sez high

Amassing the resources to make the next chess move in the personal game. The full moon energy last night was so great that i had to turn off the power to my parlor, the waves at 60 cycles per second were keeping me awake. The vibration sensitivity has increased to the point where i can physically feel the signals amplify.

I switched from coffee to tea. Caffeine serves as a resonance amplifier and two pots per day were allowing me to bounce off the no walls. Being onery, i live outside when i live and inside when i read and write – the pattern is part of the Aspbergerishness from early, early vaccines. Sensitivity is a perception and i like most of the vibratory assertion of nature – it really throws me off to have to be in an electric field.

The universe is an electric field. And the multiverse and the omniverse and however many more verses they wish to add to the same old fractal song. This song ain’t black or white and as far as i know, don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright so ….  I enjoy the philosophy of the great Harrison.

I wish to give a shout to Pentatonix for their cover of Imagine. I enjoy being on human scale, where every human is a total being. People who care to imagine will take the song to note again, as when it was written by John Lennon. I hope that Vault seven has information on the assassinations of americans from all walks of life. The game has never been fair, but the appearance of fairness must be preserved at all costs.

So, i heard my story, once again. I find it strange that my thoughts get captured and spun out by others if i do not take the direct action upon the action. I guess that is how the light works, a point here emits a new piece of knowledge, baed on the information that it receives as spun by their personal consciousness and the person involved goes Aha.

Take on me.  The blue meth was a 2005 dicussion about how one could flag the extent of a business. So when breaking bad broke well, the story line was way too close to the weigh it was set to be. Looking back from the revelation of vault 7 tells me to be cool, for cats are difficult to herd. One of my all time favorite blogs was To herd or be herd – is there a Hall-of-fame for blogging?

If you wish to become a member of the scribe guild, continue logging your life, using the depth and breadth of your work to serve as an example. None of the information that you receive is true unless you believe it to be true. However, untruth bites, especially when you are blindsided by a real truth that has been hidden behind the curtain. Or would you prefer door number one, let’s make a deal.

So here is the deal. Turn on, tune in, drop howdt. Or drop acid. Or explore the realms of consciousness by turning off the cacaphony of the machine. The game evolves and in four days, Caesar arrives at the ides of march. To plant seeds in the ground, to steal eggs from the birds, because if they don’t sit on them, then they go bad and the stench of death remains.

A bird serious about nesting remains with her eggs – not with her homies. But then, these birds watch us humans and see how we treat our dogs and want some of that favored treatment. Cats too. As we grow this spring, i have three good seasons of documentation to fall back upon. The writing phase has to finish soon, because the outside working phase is when it warms up. It hit 60 F yesterday.

It is not warm enough to plant. Yet, i felt compelled to put some greens seeds into my cold frame beds. I am going to garden, and regarden and permaculture garden, all in different manners with the same seeds to see which things make a difference. I have documentation of things from my prior farm, 1992-2007, before the banksters took everything and i left the identity of the straw man. So natcherly, that’s my role here in the land of Az.

And so it is. Turn in frequently, because until you start your own existence, my point of light shines in solitary effort. I know of several other efforts, and i believe that the next fractal reset at eight might be ready to start counting on metrics like a group of one. If true, then i have a whole new field of data to collect with new metric capabilities. Thus, tomorrow lemme takes back the blog and doc goes into heavy composition mode.

Namaste’ … doc

Mass Flowing

Collecting sentiences, as beings flock to be part of the crew. This quarter has two weeks until culmination, if we can collectively make it that far. If not, this residence will partake of bird, on the wing, with orange sauce. Served with sauteed vegetables over fried rice, Daffy never understood what Fudd was really after was dinner.

Yesterday dealt two inches of snow, tday was mid 60s with no need for even a jacket. We are being HAARPed. The way that waves work penetrates the fields of other waves. If the frequencies are harmonic, the wave amplifies. The interaction of waves with matter generates heat. Heat is metabolic work, as reflected by temperature density. This falls off rapidly with the square of the distance.

The medium matters. The waves travelling through water take longer to get through the thicker matrix than waves travelling through air. The waves are emitted in all directions from each point source; frequency is dependant on wavelength, which is a function of fractal scale.

So, as chaos dances with herself because order is vapid, please dissolve yourself into whatever task will take your mind away from the social media landscape. Your tweeter is twitted and the G-spot is fixing the al-gore-rhythm to make all fake news real and all real news fake. Global cooling warming is cause by chemtrails. And then there is proctology and gamblegate thriving – P&G. Nothing is real, so there’s nothing to get hung about. SFF

May you resonate with higher frequency!

Namaste’ … lemme

Mass Forming

Things change in the immediate moment. The process of accepting the unexpected with grace and geniality is something hue-mans will all have to work on, individually. My day altered itelf with an incidental walk, to see what the geese were doing in the people-space.

Animals know something that hue-mans don’t know and humans don’t even think about. The goose was there to signal my interest to another hue-man who was in her own state of morning grog. Coffee is a god-send, stock-piling a reserve is a primal necessity.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Watch what is going on and be aware of the change from space/time to time/space. The physics of human scale is not developed at this point, because the physics beneath human scale is not on human scale. So until we can reconceive physics into human scale things, we are stuck with matter and energy and no real relationship between the two.

Uncle Albert said E equals M times C squared where C is the speed of light. If time is not a constant length, then rate makes no sense in our perception of what is. Time is based on the vibration of a cesium atom ( a fact to look up, it makes no human scale sense at all ). Uncle Albert also said imagination is more important than knowledge. When asked what it feels like to be the smartest man in the world, he suggested to go ask Tesla.

A phone call changed the space again. The scale we choose to work on has to be integrated with the daily context of our individual lives. Ospensky talked about three lines; to paraphrase, the global, the individual and the work scale. At any time, an individual can hold two of these lines together mentally, but the third scale is adrift and left on trust. Most single people identify with self-interest as a primary to how they like their life. Adding a second person to form a group of two is the natural form of pairing. Electrons works that way, analageous to humans on a vastly different region of the entire physical scale. As above, so below … electron distribution can work as an excellent model of groups, using group theory.

So – the hydrogen atoms pairs with a second hydrogen atom to make a couple where the two hydrogen atoms are completely happy with each other. They are inseparable, as good human pairings should be. The ground state of the hydrogen atom has been worked out via the Schroedinger equation to exactly fit the waveform in space … a Cray unreality.

When I say unreality – i mean that on human scale, there is no analogy. Drift into the mind’s eye and realize that our thoughts represent our reality and by limiting ourselves to human scale – where human is the smallest one allowable – we can grow up but not down in scale. To use knowledge derived from down on the scale means to accept beliefs that have been taught to us as concepts by our schooling. It all deals with mirage – but we accept that mirage as the baseline … or at least we did. Until we move to human scale and start redefining what we know from the human perspective, we may not take knowledge forward without personal vetting. Discernment. Perspective from the individual human scale.

You are a source of light. I am a different source of light. On human scale, we may choose to coincide beliefs, or we may choose not to. I can explain the weigh that i believe, because i take measurements on the individual human scale to verify my belief. If i get data that does not conform to expectation, i design a deeper experiment to look into the effect.

I have several hypotheses about hue-man behavior that will only resolve themselves as fact or fiction based upon how humans and hue-mans differ in their approach to reality. I wish to listen to older souls that are younger than I AM, yet to exchange perspective without the need to change belief. If you break somebody else’s belief without giving them a viable replacement, then you do harm.

Please stop doing harm, to yourself first and to other people. We are all projections of each other, working to stretch them limit of our current morphic field. For this belief to work, keep track of your references in principal, and keep track of your principles in reference. Thus, my ideas today stem from Sheldrake and Pollack, Sale and Lovelock with Margulis. As a scribe, I will diligently allow you the learner to look up these ieas for yourself. Feel free to question – use CAPS to signal a non-spam response.

Namaste’ … lemme

PS – a new game of Existence begins at the Spring Equinox – if you would like to play, kindly request the first survey via a letter of intent to … drlenny at thymehowdt.com . Please, no spam. DLT