Void Forming : Are we really a Clusterf*cked Nation?

Monday, monday … just had to comment at CFN – Kunstler’s week opener. Glad he added a week closer on Friday – please do visit his site and read the comments – they are almost as good as archdruid comments. Not like the comments here, which seem to be mostly spam. I really do like Monty Python : spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam (450 overnight today – AI repeating and harassing, par for the course).

Anyweigh : my comment to JHK :

good work again. What are your thoughts on Ubuntu – the contibutionism plan spelled out by MIchael Tellinger? Certainly not Dem or Rep . To me, the current system failure is a chance to look at things in a ‘knew weigh’ – to measure everything we know because the school systems have been controlled by the elite throughout everyone living’s entire lifetime.

Perhaps we can try different economic systems when we start out again as point sources of information and energy in your world made by hand. Today, it’s a whirled created by mind, drifting. In fact the cognitive dissonace rings louder than truth, at most other sites. Perhaps questioning the basic tenets of every field of study is in order.

Currently chaos rules the day … we can enjoy the maelstrom and start making tangible things that make our daily lives easier? Anyone got a one person walking combine for harvesting grain? A good oil press? A means of making pellets for animal feed?

Before we can get ahead, we have to remove some of the disinformation from our individual minds. We also have to become a point source – each one of us on our own, the entire population of Gaia as one – the two ones of the fibonacci sequence – at opposite ends of the human scale equations (ref K. Sale).

If you need a change from ordinary perspective, take a thymehowdt. It’s much better than standing alone in a corner. Namaste … doc

PS – thought game – water is sentient, Gaia is sentient – (ref Pollack, Lovelock). These are our new borders, not space and time. Now, what? enjoy!

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