Super Hype LI: Love Flowing and a poem

Ignoring such at full volume. In addition, ignoring Brittany’s nipple slip and all Federal judge rulings on immegration absurdity. Please let me know when the executive order to overturn Citizen’s United happens (geez – these media types and their constucted names – citizen really do need to be united, but it is now an untouchable meme.)

What is a meme? Well, it is a media idea of what you should think about. Yaknow what I think about? Of course not, cause then you would be me and would not be entertained by the timber of this blog. I do tell what i think, no holds barred – except maybe we can raise the bar. Allow me to introduce a news construct. Thyme to talk about the Positive News Network – +NN . I have been vlogging to my phone – but have not had the editing capabilities to put the info on the net yet. However, it is being logged.

I need help. The Beatles Help is a fairly good substitute. Not just any body. I need the next Ringo Starr. Of all the beatles, ringo was the supporting cast to play to the madness. Growing up as a pre-teen in the early Beatle era, lemme was like a sixteen year old girl on her first band crush – I had every LP and wore them out on my record player. Remember those – before turntables became more posh.

Anyweigh, Ringo was always smiling and looking goofy and then he was with Barbara Bach. Sorry, she was an early wet dream figure, with Racquel Welsh and later, Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry. Sexuality oozed in the sixties and severties, but as a naive kid – i missed out entirely. Too busy discovering knowledge, chess and sports. I never quite picked up on girls, my little sister was a nuisance rather than a friend. Too bad for me.

Back on topic though,  I was led to believe that being popular was important. I was never told why. It comes to me later, that i can explain a number of the quarks in an alternative reality, but at that time, it never occurred to me that they were lying to me when they taught me in the public school. The social compartmentalization was amazing – i was ‘fast-tracked’ before the concept became an education meme.

Every individual needs to be fast-tracked into the new reality. It is going to take an enormous amount of work, but humanity is up for the task. At least some of us. But my mathematical instinct of projection and observation for verification, there should be about 17% of the people who have accepted change and 17% that have anchored themselves to the old system come what may. That makes the old playing field the other 67%. Look at this as the yin/yang symbol, with the inner circles being those outer two sixths – the interesting space outside the limits of the muddle in the middle.

Okay, next set up the checkerboard, with red pieces and black pieces – a dozen each. You now have the mental image for the initial existence. The checkerboard and the yin/yang symbol are both references – the places where there are no pieces is the muddle in the middle and your side – red or black – is full of holes. Half your information is missing, a quarter of it is scattered in your own playing field – mixed in cognitive dissonance.

There are two polar opposite land bases – red and black – that are essentially equivalent and spin paired. That means there is an entanglement – but the sides are separate and the rules of the game are diagonal movement only. Also – you may not jump your own piece. The second rule here means – during the game : bite your tongue. After the event, analysis is allowed, but never during the event under observation – the checker game in this case – it ruins the atmosphere.

Speaking of which – can we please stop the chemtrail spraying. It is so over-bearing death culture that we have to agree to personally stop as many emissions as possible. However, you are allowed to fart.

Animals never foul their nests. My chicken are fowl, they do foul their nests – so we need to design a perch – and a better way for them to lay. Since i stopped collecting eggs last monday – the egg nest has seven fertile eggs and soon, the chickens will get the idea of creating other nests. When i arrived here last june – there were already six goslings and a dozen ducklings, so i know these fowl know what to do. It doesn’t involve poster images of naked chickens, nor of Barbara Bach. Chickens allow chickens to be chickens, – mebbe people should get the hint.

Anyweigh – the scribe guild could use an editor and the animal resources guild can use a maintenance and construction assistant. We also have greenhouses to set up and pre-spring cleanings and getting stuff ordered from the chaos, and chaosed from the disorder, and stirred up a bit besides.

If you are ready to let go – find howdt where i am and come by. You start with yourself, yet i have the world to teach and new knowledge arising from the ashes of the old. Plus – there is compost … grounded to earth. Key tho – ya gotta be willing to let go of the old game – immersion is not for the feint of heart. As i said – one of six may be right – statistically.

Nuff said – if you noticed yesterday’s blog, your current comment here is likely being deluged under the thousand spam a day that is clogging the comment section, so other channels are required for real contact. Currently, everything we know is reel, so there’s nothing to be hung about. SFF. One bed planted here. Need more starts.

namaste’ … lemme

The Two Stages

World Transformation

One individual at a time

Will never ever happen

The wave of the scale

Has Breath – influx and outflow

    each time achieving

    a different altitude

    moderated sine waves

    irregular as a heartbeat …

Beat goes on and the beet

Radiates redness in dye-namic fashion

Bulls eye view of the fury

So many different connotations of color


World Transformation

One individual at a thyme

Is the only weigh it can happen

The scale of the wave

Has depth – flux in and howdt

    consciousness resonating

    demonstrable aptitude

    logarithmic wave cycles

    set to a golden mean …

Mean people deviate from the mean

Upsetting platters radiating cognitive dissonance

Creative cause of the fury

Change via rainbows; light induced color.

2013 lemme howdt – © creative commons

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