Sound Voiding : Game Rev Zero

I like to run controlled experiments – people hate being experimented upon. I protect my personal time as thyme – people like to play games. I am a person, i like to play games. I used to play online chess, up until i stopped using system assets to sustain my straw persona. However, i still enjoy games. I also super enjoy statistics from games. Hence – games can be used as experiments done under controlled conditions that people buy into.

I like to design games, to see what happens. If i have a game in mind, i design it for a single individual and play it by myself. When I went full hermit and completely quit the internet, i still logged in with an occaisional blog. A new form of media is coming – and it is an urgent necessity. Biding thyme is never fun. Doc is writing in handwriting cursive and that means an extra level of translation is involved in the process.

He is also inventing, and that is a process all in and of itself. If you have knowledge of eutectic salts, send doc an invite as Lenny Thyme on linkt din – cept spell it right. Use eutectic in your invite unless i recognize you from a prior meeting. I am currently attracting spam from trolls and dont wanna play that game. In fact, i’ll ask doc for a chart of february spam – insanity driven by bots and greed. Nothing worth spending thyme on, yet to get this blog to you is worth the cost of thyme time, for the moment.

Deep in the chakras of the body, Gaia is triggering human scale effects. The sacred geometry of life is resonant, based on water carrying embedded resonance. Information is available on the internet; the deeper into the rabbit hole you travel, the more games the bots will play. Spirit in a literal sense wishes to give you everything you think about – it rewards you where your mind dwells. So if you dwell in your own imagination … well Einstein said ‘ Imagination is more important than knowledge ‘. He then proceeded to make up quantum mechanics.

They playing field of the internet rewards those people who step howdt and take a chance. I watch and see how things are done – i cannot monetize this blog and compromize on this set of ideals. I am a chemist and my life basis is elementals. The air elemental is being haarped and battered by climate kontrols and chemtrails. It saddens me that there is no mechanism in place to stop contributing to the damage.

Here at home, i have a stressful quandry. For the past 20 years, the silver butte mine has been leaching acid mine drainage into the south umpqua river, due to a judgement error by Dogami – Oregon department of geology and mineral industries. In my last conversation with Rep Peter DeFazio, he informed me that congress has not refunded Superfund from the EPA. So what happens to the mine clean-up locally? Enquiring minds want to know.

On the other hand – Oroville Dam. Yikes. Makes me look at FEMA and FEMA camps again – look at how many boatloads of refugees were created in northern california instantly, for two days. Eight miles up the creek is Galesville Dam. Hmm. Mebbe I should look into the current state of disrepair. Might be a nice trip in my kayak, only now the oregano in salem want me to pay them a fee to operate my kayak on ‘their’ waterway. Plus they want a 100 foot buffer in each direction onto our land. Ahem, by what jurisdiction are bureaucrats entitled to make rules for my land use of land that i own.

The current criminality built into the system makes it entirely invalid. We are all free agent sovereigns for our individual allehiance. For now, i will pretend that I AM and that i can play the role that i am assigned as my strawman under duress – yet i do have a brain and disavow the entire system. I am governed as the peasant that talks to Arthur in python’s grail. How do you know he’s king? He hasn’t got shit all over him.

A narco-syndicate commune – they grew dope! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate of the masses. What if all the masses en masse don’t play their game any longer. Where you been lately? There’s a new game in town. Eagles soar!

Tune in. Turn on. Drop howdt.

If you wish to be on lemme’s team of virtual experts, prepare a one page introduction of yourself, your interest area and your base requirements. Hang onto it until further directed – i need to set up the game to intake the information, such that when we start – the starting conditions meet the criteria of chaos theory. This is one strange attractor – cosmic surfboards ready for the next good wave …

Namaste’ … lemme

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